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  • mydarkness 3d


    What was my fault,
    Do I was a liar.
    or i was weak,
    Why I only always fall down,
    Why always I am destroyed from inside,
    Why me.
    Please tell me,
    Please why me?,
    I am tired of everything now,
    Everything is blaming me,
    Why,what I have done?,
    Tell me what I have done,
    Did I broke you,that was my mistake?
    Please tell me,don't run away,
    Don't left me alone with these all blames,
    I can't handle them,
    I am tired,help me,please,please.

  • mydarkness 3d


    How weak I am that I call everything weak a liar,
    Always hiding this from myself that I was weak and the liar
    Now what everything is hiding inside me and blaming this world for everything.
    But now everything is killing me from inside,I am tired now,
    I am tried of everything,
    Everything become a lie for me.
    I am tired,please understand me,please help me,
    I am tired,tired,help me,please,please.

  • mydarkness 3w


    Let's end up things with no reason,
    Like I destroyed everything with no reason.
    Let's make our on end,
    End with nothing left behind.
    Let's burn everything into ashes,
    To not let things to come again.
    Let's end it up.

  • mydarkness 6w


    When you feel that everything is bad,
    Everything is lie.
    Than believe me destroy yourself.
    Because you hateness will destroy everything.

  • mydarkness 7w


    I destroy everyone,
    Now let's destroy myself,
    Because I was the biggest liar,
    And always blame others.
    Now when I found that there are thousands lies inside me.
    So I want to end myself.
    Because those lies are killing me from inside.

  • mydarkness 7w

    I want to cry,with no reason.
    But there are thousands reasons inside me,
    But now I am afraid to believe them,
    I am afraid to believe the lies inside me,
    Everything was a lie,
    Why,tell me why?
    Why world always hide that from me,
    Do my world was afraid that I will broke it.
    But I also broke it with no reason,
    No not again,please not again.
    Every question is a lie inside me,
    I don't know why those questions are killing me from inside.
    I am tired now,let me go.
    I am tired,
    Please let me go out of everything.

  • mydarkness 7w


    We think imagination is not true,
    But in imagination we also cry,also break down.

  • mydarkness 7w


    Let's destroy ourselves,
    Before we destroy someone else.
    Because it is good to see tiers in our eyes,
    But can't see tiers in other person eyes.

  • mydarkness 7w

    What if we broke the walls between our lies and world lies.

  • mydarkness 7w


    To hide lies inside me,
    I always blame world.
    Now when all the lies came out,
    I start blaming my life,
    To hide them again.
    "Why I am liar?"
    "Why I was always afraid of letting lies to come out?"