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  • myinkyfingers 2d

    Those moments..

    Those moments, where you just sit and hear your heart beat.
    When you want to say nothing and don't even feel the need.
    When it's raining and you just watch it
    with a tune in your head on repeat.

    Those are the moments for you to keep.
    The ones to feel, live and breathe.
    When no one but you are with yourself.
    The pain you bare
    that people think, is hardly there
    You survived, you are brave
    Nobody will come, you are yours to save.


  • myinkyfingers 2w


    Inside the blanket, these cold feet
    The sound of traffic, on this busy street
    The shadow on window, of the huge tree
    Wide awake in my bed at three,
    I am thinking of you.

    Ticking of the clock
    People and their late night walks
    I wonder what do they talk
    They look happy with the dog
    But something seems odd
    And I ,
    Am thinking of you.

    Streetlights shining in the rain
    But I am watching moon again
    Sitting on a bench
    I am thinking of you.

  • myinkyfingers 2w


    Out of the many beautiful dreams I had then,
    I am gonna have to pick some that make no sense.
    And I will do it I am certain,
    I will crush those, flush it and forget about them.

  • myinkyfingers 4w

    I know what love isn't

    I am not saying
    I know what love is,
    Some try to manipulate it
    Some like to calculate it
    Some will say love is enough
    I say I know what love isn't.

    When you give and want it back,
    If you love to complete what you lack,
    That's when I say
    I know what love isn't.

    If they have to ask whether you love,
    If it's not evident from the way you say their name
    That's when I say
    I know what love isn't.

    If you don't wanna break all the barriers
    And don't know all your answers
    When they have to ask you questions
    That's when I say
    I know what love isn't.


  • myinkyfingers 4w

    Baby steps

    Still learning
    Taking baby steps,
    It's not too late
    to love myself

    Still learning
    Taking baby steps
    Trying to forgive myself
    For all of the mistakes

    One day at a time
    Trying to remind
    A beautiful life
    Still lies to be unwind

    What is life anyway
    We aren't here to stay,
    There's no button to rewind
    So why not be loving and kind

  • myinkyfingers 4w

    The answer

    Took decades but finally I got,
    The answer I was looking for.

    Turns out it was me
    Who was in need of me
    I looked back to see
    Who came this far with me,
    Turns out, only me.

    I ignored the pure soul
    Waiting inside me to be loved
    I left her alone
    Went out looking for love

    I'd have never thought
    The peace this has brought
    To love and not wait
    Just give and not expect

    Living with this 'me'
    Now it is so easy,
    'me' won't break my heart
    'me' won't leave,
    If I don't have anything
    I will have me.

  • myinkyfingers 4w

    Color me white

    Color me white!
    So I feel I am pure,
    You know I am scarred,
    Beauty of being clean,
    let me also endure.

    Color me white..
    I want to hide the patches,
    The ugly torn ones,
    At least for a day
    Let me look happy
    til the white is washed away.

    Color me white..
    Cz isn't it a color of the bride?
    Paint me bright white
    Let me see
    How white looks on me
    Let me get it right
    Does happy mean white?
    Then let me see
    How 'happy' looks on me
    Before I change my mind.


  • myinkyfingers 8w

    Your name

    Calling every other guy by your name
    Is it normal or I am going insane
    Your name is as stubborn as you
    I said leave, I wanna call someone new
    But my lips say your name still the same
    Is it you that I am running from or is it myself.

  • myinkyfingers 12w

    I was ready to build with you
    A thing called life
    I was thinking one day
    You will call me your wife
    I was gonna protect you
    Not just in the bad time
    I was gonna hold hands
    through your darkest nights.


  • myinkyfingers 12w

    On your behalf

    Sad it was always what I was able to give
    And never what you were ready to receive
    Sad you never showed you cared at all
    I was even ready to love on your behalf.