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  • myles_mayer 95w


    In a dream I heard your name,
    You were mine, mine alone.
    I was grief-stricken and felt the blame
    Because I couldn't give you a home.

    All I knew was that my love,
    Was bigger than the love I hold myself.
    I love you child, where ever you are.
    My heart will be your shelter.

    For in that brief moment you shook my world,
    I'm shaking now that your gone.
    You were the proof of love above
    All other but now it's done and I'm alone.


  • myles_mayer 95w

    I have searched

    I have searched for you,
    In every corner, pub and dream.
    And though I know where you are,
    I haven't been able to find you


  • myles_mayer 96w


    You are utterly worthless,
    You cannot keep a promise you have pledged.
    Therefore you are incapable of loving.
    Because those who love for real know and you will never.

    I will shout so all of your kind may hear.
    You are undeserving and I am not afraid
    To throw this stone, and bear the thousand darts of anger.
    Yet no amount of arrows will justify what you have done.

    You will go your own way, your face is grey and blurred.
    No identity, no face and no name but a black heart.
    A cold heart that does not care what love endured.
    There is nothing good I will say about you.

    You and your kind are all equally worthless in my eyes.
    My mind is bewildered and shocked.
    My soul takes pity on yours
    And my heart you will never see, for yours is forever unworthy.

    So is our battle cry
    So is our victory through our pain.
    That we may find love in our comrades.
    The ones who through the hell of battle stayed true, unrelenting and faithful.

    Search your soul
    I hope you will be unmoved by my words.


  • myles_mayer 97w


    Stereotypes are nothing worth to be taken seriously. It is even more of a tremendous frustration when this kind of thinking happens in relationships. There is nothing a man can do better than a woman and vice versa. I cannot explain to myself why someone would even suggest that boys or girls are two categories which behave differently because of their sex, and I wouldn't even dream of suggesting it in the words I write. There are only people, single entities which behave according to their beliefs, fears and what not. We can't condemn or justify actions because of sex or any other reason that would contemplate putting someone in a large group. You are what you do regardless of your sex, ethnicity or whatever. There are no better categories just better people, and we can achieve our betterment only through our actions. If anyone suggests something else, they are completely full of shit, especially those who deem themselves artists. I pity those people.


  • myles_mayer 97w

    Damn Long Time

    Should we never see each other again, I thank you.
    As of now, though you may not know it,
    I've felt curiosity the likes of which I haven't felt
    in a damn long time.

    Should all our words be forgotten one day,
    This moment is bigger than anything else
    One night, one conversation is all I needed.
    I've been waiting a damn long time.

    All I needed to feel the desire I had to possess you,
    One hour, one minute, one second.
    And that thought is good enough
    For it had been a damn long time.

    When you leave, I may weep.
    And I am terrified of letting you go.
    I must confess that I am amazed.
    It's been a damn long time.

    Since I've been shook so strongly.
    Since I've been afraid of losing.
    Since I knew what I wanted.
    It's been a damn long time.


  • myles_mayer 101w

    Building Blocks

    True love starts with integrity.
    The building block of all that is true,real and honest.
    True love starts with self improvement.
    So that you may find your soul mate no matter the adversity.
    True love starts with loving yourself.
    No one can love you more and it will keep you clear headed.
    Be true to what you are, you don't need to hide.
    Be under the spotlight with your inner peace when your kindred spirit will come searching for you.


  • myles_mayer 102w

    Jack of all traits

    I am the jack if all traits
    Master of none
    I am a work in progress
    That will never be done

    I'm the voice of simplicity
    That echoes within you
    I am your strength and inability
    To cure what ails you

    I am the jack of all traits
    Master of none
    That which I seek and given by fate
    That which I have and that which is gone

  • myles_mayer 102w

    Much Love

    As I scavange for inspiration I constantly see work from other well intentioned writers who develop quotes and poems based on heart break. I find that relatable as any, we've all done it in our own way.
    What I don't understand is the extra baggage that tends to be put out in the works. You'll find love, success, your path if you're willing to work for it and along that same road you will find heartbreak, failure, a fuck ton of mistakes and what not. All I'm saying is, poetry and art are a great way to cope and discover yourself but aren't objective truths yet mere but beautiful interpretations. The truths we seek come from our own determination not from some relatable sentence we read or write on the Internet. Be the change, be better, learn who you are and what you want to become. You are your own master. And if you relate to this, don't take my word for it, experience it for yourself. There is no such thing as "I can't".
    Much Love

  • myles_mayer 104w


    I will forgive your actions
    For I don't believe your blow was meant to kill.
    And although I've seen my heart fall ill,
    I forgive you and I always will.

    I will forgive you
    To save myself from the darkness
    That lingering resentment bears
    I hope you will too.


  • myles_mayer 104w


    We are all artists
    And you are no exception.
    For you too create.

    You cannot deny
    That creations have risen
    From ashes inside.

    You are an artist
    the hate, the love you nurture
    Has been created