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  • myra_jk 9h

    윤기 -‐---- The one who shines

    You are indeed one of the most beautiful and precious star in my galaxy, someone who taught me to pursue, run and chase after my dreams & sometimes it's okay to rest a while too, living life passionately but finding happiness through it . A soul whose heart beats for music, I'm thankful for the way you inspire through your words . All those little Kkul FM sessions that taught me the values of life, I'm grateful to your existence. You have always worked hard & I LOVE YOU.


  • myra_jk 1d

    Made of stardust

    The stars in your eyes that glow and burn
    Sparkle with a child's curiosity
    Containing the ancient light that's been radiating since ages
    Just the way your soul is

    Dedicated to one of the most important person in my life whom I adore and admire, Jeon Jungkook ♡

  • myra_jk 9w

    I had penned this in the morning and I wish this brings some comfort or you find it relatable. On a personal level I fought with my tears and found some hope that made me smile .......

    Like a whiff of air it might seem the year is coming to an end, we are already in 31st This year has been a tough one on so many levels, even though these kind of messages may seem like a rehearsed script, but this is how it is. I hope you all found Some happiness, the reasons to stay sane this year and for me, someone who finds solace in solitude , BTS played a huge role in it.....
    I love you guys. All of you are so brave and let's wish the future is kinder ♡

    P.S. I hope you guys spend these last few hours left by doing what you love and even though life is a cycle we can always find new ways to make us feel alive!


  • myra_jk 10w


    Thank you for being born, for coming into our lives, Thank you for your healing words and all those heart to heart interactions with ARMYs, for being a soul with optimism and for turning the blue & grey into something I'll cherish forever. You are such an inspiration, I'll find myself lacking, as always, however I wish all your wishes come true and I Purple you!!! The balloon you left in our dreams is always there to guide me, Have an amazing b'day angel !......Keep smiling like this

  • myra_jk 12w

    I Wish nothing but the best for you in everything.

    The way you see life, your own perspective & outlook, the way you've been always YOU. I admire you for always challenging yourself, introspection & being such a beautiful soul.
    I hope you know that u do more than enough love, your existence itself is the most precious blessing.


  • myra_jk 12w

    31 on 13!!!

    I wish you have another great year where you find happiness and all that u wish for comes true, Every year on this day, I am thankful to your existence, for the music u make & for being the person you are...... THE YOU.
    It's past the zero hour in my time & before in yours, somewhere still it's 13th, so it's your birthday!!! ^^


  • myra_jk 13w

    Okay here we go

    To my comfy cardigans and blankie, thank you for keeping me warm and let my 2 AM thoughts comfort me......

  • myra_jk 13w

    SO, Today is Seokjinnie's birthday! After getting such a beautiful present from you 1st, I dont think any words will do justice to your precious & compassionate soul. I will still put a few words that i can spare, thank you for being an inspiration, for telling us to love ourselves 1st, for reminding us to take it easy & we all have our own pace. For being such a positive person. For being so strong. For being a source of comfort & The earth loves her moon a normal amount!✨

  • myra_jk 14w

    By unknown writer

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    Life goes on

    Yeah, life goes on
    Like an arrow in the blue sky
    Another day flying by
    On my pillow, on my table
    Yeah, life goes on
    Like this again

    Thank you for everything.
    For always giving me the reason & strength to be strong & carry on ♡

  • myra_jk 14w

    Your “legit family” (laughs) each put their own songs on BE and came up with units spontaneously. What was it like making the album that way?

     We talked with the company over the outline of the album and organized our ideas together. That was our process for making songs. Then we’d listen to them together, and if we thought they weren’t great, we’d go back and work on them some more. The members would get together and say, “Hey, how about so and so do a unit song this time?” or, “What should it be about?” and share a lot of ideas that way
    ~Jungkook ♡

    He will never fail to amaze me ! The way he said how the album process was so fluid and it was all of them coming together and creating BE