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  • mysocalledthoughts 5h

    My heart tightens at the very memory of your face
    I'm yet to utter your name; I'm too afriad
    of the path that it would lead.
    - corneredmemories

  • mysocalledthoughts 1d

    It's a never ending cycle of trying to get better
    then retreating back into that same space
    - finding comfort in pain

  • mysocalledthoughts 2d

    She's fighting a
    losing battle and
    all that is seen is smiles
    behind stained doors.

  • mysocalledthoughts 2d

    All I have is silence
    to keep me company;
    when my mind recalls
    nothing but ache.

  • mysocalledthoughts 3d

    Bring me back my happiness
    I crave her more with every step I take
    I want to feel her caressing touch
    bidding me a good life
    Yet further away my thoughts take me
    from the mission that has
    since commenced from inside

    Bring me back my happiness
    I didn't get a chance to say goodbye
    Know that I miss you more than ever
    And your contantly on my mind

    Bring me back my happiness
    I called for you late last night
    After awakening so suddenly
    My heart tightens everytime I wake
    without you nearby.

    Bring me back my happiness
    I'm aching to feel you one more time
    I'm forgetting how brightly you shine
    when the depressive clouds lurk in thy mind.

    Bring me back my happiness
    I just want to feel her radiate within
    me one last time
    If you wish to keep her forever
    At least let me say goodbye.

  • mysocalledthoughts 3d

    There's only so much I can do
    For the broken and the dead
    Words can reach the heart
    But can choose to reject them instead.

  • mysocalledthoughts 4d

    All I can do to run away is sleep
    And leave yesterday's pain to today's me.

  • mysocalledthoughts 5d

    She's fighting a losing battle; and all
    that is seen is death behind closed doors.

  • mysocalledthoughts 1w

    In the mirror I see my fears
    The one reflection of myself that often surprises me
    I'm critical, hateful and bashful indeed
    For the girl in the mirror is nothing close to what I seek
    I dread to see myself everyday yet I still peak
    No matter what I do there's nothing capable
    Of fixing the ugly reflection that is me.

  • mysocalledthoughts 1w

    I can't see past my pain
    It's my past, present and future
    Till I ultimately decay.