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  • mystic_aahana 5h

    The way humans have exploited every single thing...I was ashamed while writing this.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    A little poem for light

    Orbs, they are nothing, but
    Mere spheres of flesh.
    Without illumination somehow,
    This world is a lot less.

    They say you're quick,
    But maybe don't rush too much?
    Necessity might ruin a day or two,
    But at last wisdom would touch.

    Your spectrum reminds of
    Unity in diversity.
    So could you bring back,
    Lost old times of probity?
    (Were they even there?)

    You come and go,
    Following you, comes a shadow.
    Eating up virtuous preys,
    Quenching thirst of strays.

    But you'd still come,
    I won't be selfish though.
    Irradiating this world,
    Digging goodness, lying low...

  • mystic_aahana 1d

    Before you flee

    Look ahead,
    There's so much to see,
    So much to be.

    In a way we are intrigued by unknown matters,
    Because flabbergasting theories still lay buried inside craters.

    So much to see,
    So much to be.

    What if everything lasted forever?
    What if there was no such word as never?
    What if the shadows we've left behind,
    Force into our present, and come alive?

    So much to see,
    So much to..... be.

    In fact our brain doesn't separate reality and imagination,
    Just creates clusters of ideas, all for an innovation.

    Sanguine hues retire from your heart,
    Incarnadining a sinful canvas of criminal art.

    So much we see,
    But, do we be?

    Void shapes intertwine their souls with ours,
    That's when we see abstract, wreaths of flowers.

    Not much to see, not much to be,
    When as free souls we rise and flee..

  • mystic_aahana 2d

    Caliginuos nights are Jane's most cherished ones. And thunderstorms or mizzles are a great hindrance. That night too, lost in an imbroglio of her own speculations she was prearranging her stargazing apparatus. Telescopes and astronomy books have always been an escape from this obscure world because her selenophile heart chases the moon everywhere. An unforseen appearance of a shooting star confers her with a whole new world of fantasy. Oh! How long had these celestial bodies been her friends? And not just hers but of many other earthlings as well.
    Tonight, some dissenters have trespassed on her moment. The hideous clouds. She doesn't have any fancy for those cotton balls, which at night appear like ghostly wanderers. The lambent moon slowly started evanescing into tomorrow. And she had to draw out of her plan to tell her new friend, a constellation she recently discovered and named the crescendo because it had been crescenting since forever, about her self made love story of two stars. But nevertheless, the cotton balls can't put their oar in every night, right?
    Splintering her apparatus, she closes her window as the bellyacher clouds start sniveling frivolously....♡

    If you liked this, then I'm sure you'd love the book 'Starstruck' by Brenda Hiatt (:)...
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • mystic_aahana 3d

    The sudden shudder of a bush,
    And the veins get pulled
    Cracking sounds of nuts disturb,
    And the sight of a tail I catch.
    Behind the tree leaves,
    Eyes dance in mischief.
    They fear getting caught,
    But would run anyway.

  • mystic_aahana 4d

    Sorry this sounds very informal and not very poetic...more like a rap song. But I couldn't contain my love for these little things. : ))

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    Here's to the harmonizers of our body ♡♡

    *cringe alert *
    Drifting into the sea of this adolescent life,
    Had made friends with things that help me survive.

    And as inspiration lies within you know,
    Hormones told me to go with the flow.

    Thyroid, had denied my proposal for height,
    That cute butterfly gland is ever ready to fight!!

    And estrogen I'm really really thankful to you,
    But somehow your gifts for me attract the eyes of few.

    Melatonin is something I've had issues with since forever,
    Because I don't think my sleep cycle will be normal ever.

    And my sweet tooth triggers insulin I know,
    But cakes are something I can't let go.

    Smiles bring back the days spent with endorphins,
    That made me escape from traumas of sins.

    Cortisol had tested my nerves pretty much,
    Because I freak out on sudden human touch.

    Hunger has created a spiral of internity,
    So I think ghrelin probably has lost sanity.

    Dopamine doesn't get to work on my brain,
    Because my stimuli is quite insane.

    And oxytocin is what I look up to everyday,
    In case someone has something flirty to say!!

    Introversion is what serotonin had for me,
    And joy in little things is what it needed me to see.

    Norepinephrine has probably created this bookish obsession,
    And it doesn't truly work cuz I suck in concentration.

    And adrenaline my bestie I can't deny,
    Because all my moods in that gland lie.

    So here's to homeostasis and harmony,
    So from these learn to stay away from hate and agony.

  • mystic_aahana 1w

    As the lights of life start flickering,
    Another year knocks on your door.
    There's a lot to give and take from it,
    Less days but experiences more..

    A very happy birthday to @ukiyo_ . ��
    Have a wonderful day and stay safe.
    Here's some cofeee for ya..

    (   ¤_¤)
    /  <☕/

    (I feel like a grandma lol *-*).

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    Sometimes I wish, there was another birth..another chance to cherish life.
    So that I could experience those moments again, when mind was stuck between X and Y. And I chose the former. Anxiety fills me up when I think about what might have life gone through if I chose Y instead. Cause life's a bore in single choices....

  • mystic_aahana 1w

    Those were times of probity,
    Accoutered in endless elation of candies and balloons.
    The number of candles on the cake reckoned,
    The days of bliss in the later moons.

    The unscrewing of the balance wheels of a bicycle,
    Felt like sundering from infancy.
    But childhood still smiled upon the dainty figure,
    Unaware of time and urgency.

    Despondent was life with ten pages of homework,
    And little whimpers earned benevolence from some.
    Messing around in the monsoon poodles,
    Titters of which echoed in the days to come.

    There was a time of the serendipitous kingfisher,
    As they said,"Oh! That's the lucky blue bird."
    And a time of nasty competitions,
    Earning laurels limited till third.

    No teenage, it all went away in awe,
    Scarred arms fancied full sleeves.
    With time grew the days spent on teterhooks,
    And a collosal sea of endless grieves.

    Growing up felt like some sorcery,
    As struggle payed no heed to escape.
    As the child once frantic about spiders and lizards,
    Now pinned hopes on morphine and vape.

    No more tears, just smiles.


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  • mystic_aahana 1w

    Somedays, you end up bemoaning life,
    And some days you feel like you're the queen.
    These weeks too were transitions like these,
    Stealing glances, into a world unseen.

    It felt like anathema since we were out of normal,
    But deaths proliferated and that mattered more.
    "No, prayers won't help", said they,
    All we should do is stay inside the door.

    In ataraxy, spent some nights inside Shakespeare's plays,
    And other days elapsed with time.
    One, two and life was stable,
    And the curse of quarantine seemed fine.

    Several days, mind lost track of days,
    And some were drowned in poetic euphoria.
    But there was joy in solitude, after all,
    And there was joy in insomnia.

    This vacay would soon end, hopefully,
    And life would be accustomed once again.
    But we may crisscross paths with these times again,
    Just like a poem's refrain.

    Yeah...I copied the title from "100 years of solitude". That's a great read.
    I hope everyone had memorable experiences :))..

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    65 days of solitude..

  • mystic_aahana 1w

    The ripples started elevating soon, as the sprinkles continuously tried to smudge the ink on her notebook.
    "Can you please let me complete my homework?", agony rose in her shrill voice, impatient. Because she had been patient enough, waiting for her family to return along with every downpour since she was five. Yes.
    Since she was five, rain had always been a fidus Achates. She danced with the rippling music and laughed hysterically when her little feet slipped and the mud begrimed her clothes. But still she loved rain and would always anticipate black clouds in the firmament.
    // It was another day when the clouds bestrewed into a million raindrops. And once again, she flew out into the lea for challenging the orguluos thunder with her tiny voice. The downpour apaced, all at once, washing away their tiny cottage, and all of them.
    It went on for weeks, her impuissant figure sat on the edge of a barque amidst the newly created ocean of devastation. //

    Now too, rain comes, rain goes. Taking away virtuous lives and leaving behind an ocean of melancholy. But she is still quiet, listening to the drizzle which seemed so lachrymal. And she is doing her homework...

    Rains have arrived so guess it's that time again. When in some part, it washes away livelihoods and we just watch.... :"((

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  • mystic_aahana 1w

    Life had just beheld,
    The sight of the radiant horizon.
    Morning had just,
    Stepped on the doorway.
    Yet, the chaos rose, in seconds.

    The percussion of life,
    Which had taken a rhythmic beat.
    Had turned into a baffled racket.

    Just now,
    You stepped on,
    The feathery carpet of life.
    And in the blink of an eye,
    It had transformed into a morse desert,
    Where struggle is the currency,
    For mere possessions.

    And where does it take you?
    To discover your persona,
    Which goes hand in hand,
    With some readymade profession,
    To earn watermarked notes.

    But, there's a little sparkle,
    A chasm of iridescent light,
    How lively!! Once you find.

    Slowly, it absorbs your soul,
    Creating a waterfall of creativity,
    Flowing serenely inside your chaotic mind.
    Making rivers of artistic realms,
    Flowing through the hearts of many....

    In this ever busy world of "money oriented" businesses.....Art gives you hope. So keep your inner artist on the go ☆_☆.{And profession matters too, so work hard and earn money as well : )}
    I know this sucks... :"(

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