paying the cost since 1965 I wish I could write poetry The best I can do is doodle with words

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  • mysticdog 46w

    Stephen Mitchell, in the forward to his book, A Book Of Psalms, Selected & Adapted From The Hebrew

    Picture Credit: Me, Silly!

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    Pure prayer begins at the threshold of silence.
    It says nothing, asks for nothing.
    It is a kind of listening.
    The deeper the listening,
    the less we listen for,
    until silence itself
    becomes the voice of God.

  • mysticdog 48w

    Ultimate Truth is beyond words. Just by trying to put it into words you've already watered it down.

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  • mysticdog 50w

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    There is no room for truth
    In a mind already full
    Of everything else

  • mysticdog 50w

    Jesus said:

     Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Matthew 7:9

    Thanks Pops. For all the rocks. Even Jesus couldn't imagine a father quite like you.

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    Fathers Day Rocks!

  • mysticdog 50w

    " Today means boundless and inexhaustible eternity. Periods of months and years and of time in general are ideas of men, who calculate by number; but the true name of Eternity is Today."


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  • mysticdog 51w

    It was the right move, but the wrong time.

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    Dr. John
    1941 - 2019

  • mysticdog 51w

    Image: The Mystic Dog At Sunset

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    Truth is not something
    you learn.

    Truth is something
    you remember.

    But before you can
    remember truth

    you must first forget
    all you've learned

    about truth.


  • mysticdog 51w

    The following is an excerpt from Stephen Mitchell's book The Gospel According To Jesus, page 144

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    Reality is simply the loss of the ego. Destroy the ego by seeking its identity. It will automatically vanish and reality will shine forth by itself. This is the direct method.

    There is no greater mystery than this, that we keep seeking reality though in fact we are reality. We think that there is something hiding reality and that this must be destroyed before reality is gained. How ridiculous! A day will dawn when you will laugh at all your past efforts. That which will be on the day you laugh is also here and now.

    -Ramana Maharshi

  • mysticdog 52w

    We All Grow More (dis)Honest

    As life goes on we all learn, we all grow.

    Some of us grow more honest.
    With those we love.
    With the world around us.
    And most importantly,
    With ourselves.

    We better understand ourselves.
    Our wants. Our needs.

    And we foolishly believe that everyone else
    Grows as we have grown
    And we treat them accordingly

    But not everybody grows in the direction
    Of self discovery, of honesty

    Some of us grow in the opposite direction
    They double down on the deceptions
    They've always told themselves

    They grow better at maintaining
    The illusion they project
    Of who they want others to see them as

    Sometimes it is hard to tell
    Who is who.
    Who has grown in which direction

    It is easy to mistake the two

    Those who grow towards honesty
    Are more free to admit their mistakes
    Are more likely to expose themselves
    Make themselves vulnerable

    While they are growing more honest
    They are also growing
    More easily labeled the opposite

    Those who grow towards deception
    Are better at faking those traits
    We admire in honest people

    They are often held up as examples
    Of honesty. Of enlightenment.
    Of everything we want to be.

    Which are you?
    Are you sure?

    Those who grow towards honesty
    Often doubt themselves.
    They see their shortcomings
    They see their areas of deception
    Where they fall short

    Those who grow towards deception
    Learn to deceive themselves
    Above all others

    Honest people thinking they're dishonest
    Having others think they're dishonest

    Dishonest people thinking they're honest
    Having everyone else think they're honest

    Don't be too quick to judge others
    Don't be too quick to condemn yourself

    And don't be too quick to believe in
    That wonderful new honest person you've met


  • mysticdog 52w

    #june image credit: me

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    It is the month of June


    Are you kidding me?

    Where the hell is my year going?