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  • mystifier 2w

    The last time I cried

    What happened to you?
    You promised you'd never make me cry,
    That every tear that comes down my cheek
    Sets the depths of your soul ablaze;
    That you could never bear to see me weak.
    What happened?

    You always told me am strong
    In ways more than one,
    You kept on reminding me of where we have come from,
    Whenever I just felt like giving up and being done,
    You were my hero, and I was the only one that knew your secret identity.
    I knew every booth you ran into,
    I knew every alley, every hidden room,
    How you donned your superhero costume,
    I knew your favorite cape
    And how you flew in the skies
    Flew straight to me
    Saved me at my weakest.

    Your cape now lies in the closet of broken promises,
    Your costume dirty and forgotten,
    You want to give up on that life,
    Being a hero is too much, you said
    Who saves the hero, you asked?
    Without thinking about me, without caring how it affects the people around you.
    Who is gonna save me now?
    Who will help me pick up these pieces of my broken heart,
    Scattered all over the ice cold floor of despair?
    When am whirled in storms of depression?
    When I drown in this sea of self-pity and regret?

    Or maybe am just being too selfish,
    Maybe you also need a hero, wish
    That someone can also save you.
    Am no hero, am the damsel in distress,
    But I know there is no greater feeling
    Than when you take me under your wing,
    And save me, and we fly off in your arms,
    Together, we are this unstoppable force,
    A fairy tale come true,
    A love story with a happy ending.

    So no. Darling, know this,
    When you save me, you also save yourself
    If you give up on yourself,
    If I give up on you,
    What's to become of me?
    I'll be selfish till the end
    Force you to wear your costume, your cape,
    Dont just save me,
    Save others as well. Let their smiles and joy echo in your soul
    Let my smile echo in your soul
    Let my happy face be one of your dearest memories.
    Hold on to it as tightly as I hold on to you,
    Because am sure,
    You do not want to see me like last time,
    The last time I cried,
    Because of you.


  • mystifier 3w

    We never stood a chance
    Since the beginning
    The stars were never on our side,
    Yet we fought on
    How foolish we were!
    Thinking we could have a love that would shine brighter than them:
    A love as graceful as the radiance of the moon,
    As gentle as the fall breeze.
    Star-crossed lovers
    till the end.

    Was the fight ever worth it?
    And yes I know all stars burn out
    We wanted ours to be the sun,
    But in the end it was nothing more
    Than a shooting star,
    What we wished to be,
    A meteor
    That glowed in our fantasies,
    But burned out in reality.

    We used to think our love was built on this solid ground,
    Truth be told darling,
    It was just quick sand,
    Yet we never wanted to succumb to the reality
    That we were sinking,
    Clutching on desperately to false promises,
    False hope
    Our heavy hearts did not help either
    We sank deeper

    And our tears, you ask?
    Our tears told a story,
    The ones our mouths never could
    A story of two lovers
    Whose paths crossed and fate made them think
    That they shared a destiny forever.


  • mystifier 3w


    A myth, a fantasy,
    A reality?
    What is forever?
    Forever is the sound of my heartbeat
    When you lie on my chest.


  • mystifier 26w

    To you, I never meant as much.


  • mystifier 26w

    Where are you?��

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    The leaves dried up
    Changing to an orange hue,
    Falling slowly from our tree.
    As I brace myself,
    For the cold that is to be.
    The air is still,
    The clouds hang low,
    Its slowly getting dark.
    I have no idea what to do,
    Yet amidst this chaos of my confusion,
    Amidst the waves of thoughts
    This question keeps coming back to me,
    Relentless like a tide,
    Coming to the shore of my mind,
    And I wonder,

    "Where are you?"

  • mystifier 27w

    Dont scar
    The very heart
    That beats for you.


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  • mystifier 29w

    And from your heart,
    Comes forth springs of love;
    That water the garden in mine,
    Such that my roses never wilt
    And I ever confess my undying love for you,
    The beauty of what you planted in me;
    Love, and we will forever be.

  • mystifier 29w

    "You know how much effort it takes to make someone who really loves you give up on you?" he asked

    "A lot, if they love you very much," she said

    "It seemed so effortless for you."

  • mystifier 29w

    I thrive in the dreams of tomorrow,
    The smell of mud after rain,
    Fantasies of fairy tales,
    I thrive in my tears washing away the pain.
    I am in love with the stars in the sky,
    And the sunset always sweeps me off my feet,
    I love to walk in light showers and under dark clouds,
    And I am always a fan of the cold breeze.
    I rise with the morning sun,
    And at night, I smile at the moon
    Who caresses me with her moonlight,
    A lunar hug.
    I hate to comb my hair
    Especially when its long,
    I always fancy myself complaining,
    When I find it overgrown.
    Am addicted to the sweetness of hot chocolate,
    With every sip I feel alive,
    I sleep late and wake up even later,
    And leaving my bed in the mornings is always quite a battle.
    I hate to lose,
    But am also aware I can never win each day,
    It never stops me though,
    If it did,
    I would have never won my girl over.
    Oh, and speaking of love,
    I believe in fairy tales and fantasies,
    That happily ever after does exist,
    That forever is just but commitment and love,
    And not what people love to call a myth.
    But I know there is no love without hurt,
    I have felt the emptiness of being broken,
    Left looking at the pieces of your heart,
    Yet somehow in the loneliness,
    You always piece yourself back together,
    As you learn and discover yourself all over.
    You learn how to write,
    How to speak all the words that refuse to come out of the mouth,
    And pen them on paper,
    You make an art out of your emotions,
    Your pen becomes the brush.
    You learn how to do poems as these,
    You learn how much passed you by,
    How much you enjoy your own company,
    How much time you never spent with others.
    You learn to let go, to forgive,
    You grow and learn to wait.
    Wait for that person,
    Who will light that fire once more in you
    And will never leave you cold.
    That person, who is a milion miles away,
    But always in your heart and mind.
    That person who makes you smile and laugh,
    Who ever finds you funny,
    Or maybe she doesn't,
    But it doesnt matter,
    Because to her,
    You are the one.

    And yes,
    I believe in true love.

  • mystifier 30w

    And when you sip
    From my cup of poetry,
    You will see all the world has to offer
    A blend of metaphors and imagery,
    All in one beautiful taste.