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  • mystyksaje 3w

    The Journey...

    Another breath...
    Another day...,
    Another year...


  • mystyksaje 17w

    The Rhythm Of Rain

    Dark cloudy weather-
    The voices of strangers,
    Echoing thunder.

    The rhythm of raindrops
    Dancing on my roof,
    Two buckets full of tears.


  • mystyksaje 17w


    Poets are not supposed to be self people . We live near the river of inspiration, relaxing in shades of many fruitful trees on top of a mountain called motivation.
    Therefore, must tend to the wounds of the mentally and physically challenged. Because we’re healers.
    We must feed and quench the thirst of the weary travelers. Because we’re gifted.
    Most of all, we must give thanks. Because we have something to share.

  • mystyksaje 18w

    I’m in love with you,
    Although I’ve never given thought to it.

  • mystyksaje 19w

    For the first time

    For the first time,
    My mind sees what the eyes are looking at, but my silent thoughts no longer react like wild horses inside my head.
    For the first time,
    My heart knows what my hands are touching, but observes without judging. It no longer feels like a caged bird inside my chest.
    For the first time,
    I pick up the pieces from off the floor: mind, body and soul. The enemy is no longer within me. Because I’m at peace with myself.


  • mystyksaje 19w


    We stand
    On each other
    For support.
    We are the ladder
    That reach the unreachable.

  • mystyksaje 20w

    What can I say?
    Tomorrow, a promise never kept.
    So I’m thankful for Today.

  • mystyksaje 21w

    The Journey-
    The light that will lead you
    To your destiny is
    Within you.


  • mystyksaje 22w

    Thinking out loud,
    Expressing my emotional pain,
    And people say that I’m insane.
    And I’m trying to silence the rhythm of time,
    And they say that I’m a man of unsound mind.

  • mystyksaje 31w

    the Canvas of your Heart

    With the ink of my mind
    And the brush of my thoughts
    A concept evoke,
    And with each creative stroke,
    I paint with words
    On the canvas of your heart
    Where it will forever be on exhibition......