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  • myworldinwords 3w


    If you feel trapped,
    Just breathe.
    Don't let the darkness in your mind
    To control you.

    It's hard...I know.
    But the power that comes
    from overcoming that darkness
    is priceless.


  • myworldinwords 7w


    "Life is only one. So live it.
    No more losing time
    caring and crying for
    useless things and people.

    Life is one. Please,
    Have the courage to live it
    As it fullest"


  • myworldinwords 10w

    The perfect moment

    It was us
    And no one else.
    Ane nothing else.

    Your arms were around me
    And I was touching your face.

    It was the perfect moment,
    And I wish I could have frozen time
    To be in that moment
    With you...forever.

    The room was dark,
    No lights and no sounds.
    Just you and me.


  • myworldinwords 11w

    Ese perfecto "no se que" de tu amor

    No es la perfección de tu sonrisa o la transparencia de tu mirada.

    Es la manera en que me abrazas fuerte diciendome sin decir, que todo estará bien.

    No es tu atrapante aroma que me hace suspirar apenas tu cuerpo roza el mío.

    Es la manera en que me haces reír cuando lo necesito y cuando no.

    Es tu manera de protejerme y motivarme; es tu manera de mostrarme que crees en mí.

    Es tu amor que me completa y genera en mi ese "no se que" que me hace sentir viva y me hace creer que un mejor mañana es posible.


  • myworldinwords 13w

    To every writer

    “Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly." Franz Kafka

  • myworldinwords 14w


    "I love everything about you
    and nothing less.

    Your smile, your eyes
    and the way you hold my hands.

    You are my muse and my symphony,
    my forever happy and my paradise"


  • myworldinwords 17w


    Everything was fine. We were having the time of our lives. We laughed, danced and loved. It was the perfect trip in the amazing New York City. So bright, so glamorous.

    Everything was fine...until she came. She appeared to remember you how much you miss her.

    I know you love me and I couldn't love you more. But she is your first big love and I can't fight that. Not anymore. The shadows of your story together were always present between us.

    We both tried and I will forever be grateful, but I need to leave. I am tired of trying and we both deserve to be truly happy.


  • myworldinwords 17w

    Who is ready to love?

    Who is ready to love?
    Who feels that being vulnerable is what they want?

    But love comes to our life without permission.
    Doesn't matter if we are ready or not.
    But if we are open to it,
    The experience can be magical.

    The first kiss. The first hug.
    Talking all day.

    Fearful and insecure souls
    For not knowing if the other one would love them for who they are.

    The hesitation to share and being an open book fades over time if it's the one.
    Vulnerability doesn't scare anymore (or not that much)

    Who is ready for love? No one.
    Who wants to love and be loved? Everyone.


  • myworldinwords 18w


    without missing one single
    part of my body.

    you touch and kiss
    all of me.

    The pleasure increase
    every time I feel your touch.

    Paradise I call it
    every time we meet.

    My breathing and beats
    start to accelerate.

    I'm yours.


  • myworldinwords 18w


    "You are paradise.

    You are the precious flower
    that captivates me with its beauty.

    You are my happily ever after"