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  • n_logn 10w

    The Color of Her Tornadoes

    I was banished by the wind,
    I was admitted by obscurity.
    These tragedies begin with me,
    but they end with her.
    Now she can’t stand me.
    Is she obnoxious but not angry?

    I’ve seen the color of her smile,
    I’ve seen the color of her nails beneath the paint.
    I wish I could escape the color of her tornadoes,
    that won’t let me near her again.

    I am not at war,
    I am a prisoner of her turmoil.
    All her recollections of me
    are tainted by the discomfort of my presence.
    We were breathing and betraying,
    and if it was love why did we never furnish
    those pages,
    the only place where we ever grazed our lips.

    She saw the color of my ghost,
    when I was hiding in her sweater.
    She was latched to my skin
    so that I could fight my battles.
    Now I cannot escape the color of her tornadoes,
    that will consume me before they scatter.


  • n_logn 15w

    I Followed

    I followed the tip of her toes,
    to the glacier on which she rests.
    I followed the command of her hands
    which guided me to her waist,
    for sensations her body understands.

    I followed the tip of her tongue,
    which led me to her lips.
    And they sheltered the sound of her heart,
    before she welcomed me with a kiss.

    I followed the sound of her voice,
    which echoed as I caressed her hosts.
    And I became an expression of her desires,
    as she pulled me under her attire.

    I followed the perfume of her channel
    and I filled her with my ghosts.
    I bit her at every instance,
    she called my name and lost resistance.

    She followed the tunes of my lies,
    and swallowed my tongue
    which was a knife in disguise.
    I sat there watching her choke,
    on the soul which reeked from her throat.


  • n_logn 15w

    Lovemaking at a distance

    I am an obvious host of her love,
    I feast on the leftovers of what she has left of her lover.
    Her body rattles when I kiss her neck,
    her soul shivers as her flesh turns wet.

    She didn’t let me hold her
    but she caressed my lips with the tip of her tongue.
    I couldn’t resist so I fed on the warm air from her lungs.
    I removed each thread that covered her skin
    and she diluted herself on the ground to let me in.

    Her timid toes curled when I kissed them
    but her chest unfurled like a flower.
    I tasted her legs like a wanderer,
    my tongue slowly moved ahead
    and stopped at the junction where they met.

    She slapped her feet on the ground,
    the room was filled with the sound of her anklets.
    I drank from her river
    and we sank ourselves into each other,
    making love until her lover called her.

  • n_logn 22w

    The Status

    Turn towards me and
    face me before you preach me rationality.
    Look in my eyes and surprise me
    tell me do you see?

    This selfless desire to admire
    you endlessly.
    If it were tearing my heart
    I would depart.

    I am not struggling
    my faith is like the wind
    if you try to contain it, you'll never win.
    I am not a beginner
    I am the remainder of all the years that led me here.

    So we can celebrate what we have
    and stop craving for things that wouldn't last.
    Because I know I belong
    so I'll be here long after you're gone.
    I will keep with me these memories
    and live with your songs that will help me breathe.

    So please don't set me free now
    I'll be lost in this crowd.
    I am not aiming for the gold
    I am happy with the stones.
    Let me be proud
    and your friend without a doubt.


  • n_logn 24w

    The Curtain

    How did your eyes which were vast as an ocean
    surrender to deception,
    when I slipped my defeated body under the sheets drenched in your words.
    I often wonder whether I’ve lost you,
    but here I am writing about the ghosts you’ve left behind.

    Your silence nourished me with insults from your frostbitten lips,
    your fingertips like damp walls to keep me aloof.
    And now I’ve to fight again,
    not to show up in your life again.
    I know you’re trembling as I recite these words again.

    You mean nothing to me,
    you’re just poetry that won’t rhyme
    and it gets complex as we read.
    I am greedy, I am greedy, I want to keep you
    but I know I’ll never seep through the muscle of your heart.

    I know you cherish as you watch me embarrass
    But I’ll write another lame poem to let you know that I’m there,
    hanging like a curtain, unnoticed, dusted twice a month.


  • n_logn 29w


    She’s a revision of heaven,
    Of all the good times and an expression
    of grace.
    And I’m her disciple but she’ll never find out
    it's her I’m nuts about.

    I can’t feel her lips,
    I can’t tell her the truth
    But when I write about it
    Everything feels so true.

    You’ve been constantly behind my mind
    You show up in my dreams
    So constantly like those constellations.
    And everything that you say
    Makes me reinterpret those dreams.

    So I’ll make loving her easier,
    Look away and shatter like a meteor.
    I’ll be the soil of her garden,
    And be forever ready,
    to blot her tears.


  • n_logn 47w

    I bought your favorite biscuits

    I bought your favorite biscuits,
    but I couldn't eat them.
    I made myself a cup of tea,
    I thought that it would comfort me.

    I was tearing off the pages from the book
    that you couldn't complete,
    when I found a strand of your hair
    which reminded me that you were here.

    I'm sorry I wasn't there,
    when the aroma of your blood filled the air.
    I couldn't have saved you,
    but I could have cried with you.

    I have gotten a little strange,
    ever since you stopped breathing.
    I am an unconscious beam of light,
    ever since you died.


  • n_logn 47w

    I miss the paper cuts on her fingers

    I walk in parallel with pain,
    like a matchstick I can't extinguish
    -the fire eating my head.

    There's no relief from this agitation
    I borrowed from the light in your eyes.
    I don't know what its like to eat glass,
    but I know what it was like to see you turn to dust.

    I miss the paper cuts on her fingers,
    fingers that were set on fire,
    because they no longer moved.
    They said the ground beneath her
    sucked all her blood.

    Am I a drop of oil,
    floating over frozen water?
    Or am I just a broken coin,
    waiting to be melted?
    I miss the paper cuts on her fingers,
    fingers that were set on fire,
    because they no longer moved.


  • n_logn 57w

    The Pendulum

    My attention is a pendulum
    I am a disgrace to myself.
    I am the color of illusion and lie
    painted on my sky of denial.
    The impossible stirred with my ghost
    as so low I think of me.
    These thoughts cut in when I imagine
    hitchhiking me to fatalities.

    Breathe a little life in me
    and divide my patience.
    Urge to go humble on my existence
    Urge to go humble on the lifespan.
    Throw a noose up in the air and show no resistance.
    The pale and the pretty face fade as I will lose the pace.
    It will not matter now
    another coward down.

    I see mirrors of hypocrisy
    that sleep, kill, die and breed.
    I can't mould these thoughts to being
    so slow me down till I stop breathing.
    Trade for someone living for a reason.
    I wanted to reach out a few but it narrowed down to you
    So breathe a little life in me
    and multiply my patience.
    Will it matter now
    Or am I another coward down?


  • n_logn 59w


    How I have seen,
    how you have observed,
    this life obscene,
    changes to which we succumb.

    Every breath wasted,
    every trickery deserved.
    Consequence unheard,
    while you walk this earth.

    Erasing you from these pages,
    abandoned in time.
    Every wish declined,
    secluded in every mind.

    If only we could speak backwards,
    and walk forward in time,
    and ignore the enigmatic rivalry of emotions. Promoting our desire,
    instead of impeding them to satire,
    the sphere will be worthier to respire