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  • na_v_in_writes 133w

    Don't lie to anyone
    You no longer can
    Hide the truth
    It just results in the
    emotional distress...

  • na_v_in_writes 133w

    Do it for someone

    Firstly it is 'do it for yourself'
    Now it has changed to
    'do it for someone'
    I'm not sacrificing anything
    This life is given by that 'Someone'...
    Who has sacrificed everything for me.
    So doing something for that man
    Will make me self satisfied and little proud.

  • na_v_in_writes 137w

    My sister
    Princess in heart
    Angel from heaven


  • na_v_in_writes 137w

    My sister

    Is it true?
    If I had any nightmare, it wouldn't be this much worst that the truth I witnessed today.

    Seriously I love my India and I said everytime since my school like many "all Indians are my brothers and sisters " but today I'm not proud of it.

    Because my sister was raped, not in a secret place, or a hidden place, it's a holy place, a Hindu temple.

    I don't know how to react even.
    Even this is not the first incident happened or won't be the last even.

    In few hours it will be my mother birthday but I'm not feeling happy inside. Because I lost one of my innocent sisters.

    Everyone across this world are hoping for justice, praying for God, praying for her soul. I don't believe much on those prayings.

    But If a God or humanity exists I pray for not to take away any lives of my sisters in this world abruptly.

    By the way my sister name is Asifa, little princess in heart and smile....

    Goodbye sister
    May be you would be somewhere watching this sinful world...

  • na_v_in_writes 139w

    Why do you write?

    Yes.. A foolish question, it might be. Still I'm eager to know...

  • na_v_in_writes 154w

    "True love will come back as it has in its nature.”

  • na_v_in_writes 170w

    When I look into her eyes

    I lost myself in a world
    Where I can find myself, my true self


  • na_v_in_writes 172w

    There are only two things
    that still I'm loving
    from bottom of my heart

    My Mother and
    My Motherland...


  • na_v_in_writes 173w

    To My Sister

    Dear ShivaPriya,

    Many thoughts run through my mind today, when I sit before my desk seeing a paper, just an empty paper and a pen in between my teeth concerning something to write.
    Whenever I think about you I feel like different and something new that maybe because of your smile you have every time on your beautiful face whenever I glimpse you.
    I really don’t know how you are gonna feel, whether you like or dislike, but I can surely say this one thing down right from my heart, you deserve this and you deserve a lot more than this. Beginning I thought you are only one special thing, but as the days are changing my thoughts too.
    You are just a few million special things. Might be too poetic but I can feel it as true.
    When I thought of writing a letter to you, a beautiful one, I came through this one.

    There are so many things I want to say about our relationship that I quite don’t know how to put into words. I see you every day, much than that; I see your twinkling smile, a heartfelt and heartwarming smile. For few seconds I get nothing to speak and remained just watching your beautiful smile.

    I wish you will never give up on your dreams no matter how big they are. If you wish to become president, I will be right there beside you being your biggest cheerleader because you can accomplish anything.
    If your wish is to be a princess, I can exclaim that you are more than a Cinderella. I do think sometimes, if there is going to be another life, I just want to meet you again a bit early where we can play together like children and make everything awesome and much amazing.

    Whatever the odds you are getting ready to face in your life, you will overcome them and make your smile unvarnished forever and please never settle, you have the most beautiful soul and deserve nothing but the absolute best.

    And finally the fascination on your face, life in your smile and glow in your eyes will be with you always. As your brother I wish you would do the best. This letter is only a droplet from the thick clouds of my love, where it is hiding a lot than this.

    If you or anyone gonna ask me why I write this letter, seriously I’m gonna say I don’t have any answer for it, since I don’t have any reason at all.
    It is not me writing to you today, it is from my heart and everything she writes you so.
    I don’t know where to wrap this up, if this continues, I guess, I will write a book upon you.

    After writing down this letter for you on one sleepless night and later reading that, I feel like it as love letter. I stopped for a moment and thought. A love letter, yes it is. A Sweet, I guess so, love letter, to my sweet sister from her loving brother wishing her everything good and successful.

    ----To the Princess In heart and smile…

    With love ©na_v_in_writes

  • na_v_in_writes 176w

    Everyone will fall in love twice
    One, when they open their eyes
    for the first time and see their Mother
    Second, When they close their eyes
    and see their mother in Her...