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  • naaaatsuke 1h

    healing inspite of...

    "after a massive downpour comes the sun"
    yet why am I always soaked and wet,
    freezing and desolated,
    running and panting elsewhere yet cannot find my destination?

    the pain lingers and chases me even in my dreams,
    the regrets and mistakes I did that overwhelms me,
    the fear of failing all over again while looking back knowing I am the same person I used to hate.

    the anonymity and dilemma of life
    that frustrates and gives me a hard time,
    always asking myself...
    will I ever be saved?

    each day I wake up with constant
    struggles and living in empty hopes,
    yet each day I long for happiness,
    genuine joy that overwhelms everything that wraps me in chaos and despair.

    the time is ticking,
    the world is fast-paced,
    the demands and expectations of life that
    weighs us down,
    the people that betrayed us, gave us void inside our heart and just look out our shortcomings and imperfections,
    the people that inflicted pain in our life who aren't even remorseful and refretful thus only satisfy them.

    everything is dark when you choose to love the darkness yet at the corners of your heart and at the back of your mind always gives you a glimpse of hope that you will soon be fine that everything will all be worth the pain that you will reap what you truly deserve.

    isn't it kind of peaceful to look at the brighter side of things? to hope for a better future? it makes you smile a bit yet darkness tries to consumes you again, however you always try your best to stay optimistic and contented of what the universe is giving you.

    life is a journey of finding your purpose,
    it may be hard, you may fall, you may feel
    disappointed and struggle a lot yet know
    that we all are, you are not alone, we all feel
    the same, because we are all human.

    that's why we keep on living in our own ways,
    rowing our boat and going with our own flow,
    finding the true meaning of life,
    and searching for happiness that doesn't depends
    on secular things but on intangible things that
    we will carry on our next life.

  • naaaatsuke 2d

    we are all being tested,
    and our mind is our companion
    these trying days, that is why
    taking care of our mental health
    should be our utmost priority.
    #mentalhealth #tryingtimes #weallfeelasone
    #selfcare #selflove #holduntohope

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    there's been a lot going on right now
    that resulted to a sudden pause in our life
    everything happened so instantly,
    unpredictably and unexpectedly,

    some say the world is crumbling down,
    some say the world is healing,
    no matter what it is,
    we are all affected,
    we are all mourning,
    we are all struggling,

    just never let your feet slip down,
    never let the darkness consumes you,
    never let go of hope that everything will
    fall in its right place because everything
    happens for the best reason;
    to gain wisdom, re-evaluate ourself,
    to be compassionate and be more
    redirected to what is right and wholesome.

  • naaaatsuke 2w

    unending crusade
    prolonging wars inside my mind
    grudges, mistakes and failures
    I hold unto so much

    sailing into the depths
    of a vast and deep ocean of my
    pain, doubts and fears,

    I keep going, hoping and pursuing
    yet still stuck in the same place,
    am I lost or is this where I just belong?

    woes and cries,
    blood and sweat,
    I do not know if I am still living yet,
    is this what I truly deserve?

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    /sadness crippling in/

    endless battle
    patience; I wait for ages
    when will I get happy?
    when will I get what I deserve?
    when will I get justice?

    walking, stumbling
    swimming, drowning
    hoping, doubting
    fighting, losing
    forgiving, hurting

    until when?

  • naaaatsuke 3w

    some people only think and cares about themselves,
    not even taking consideration on how their love ones would feel about.
    some people chooses their own desires despite knowing their love ones can suffer or hurt by their impulsive act.
    some people are just too egoistic and boastful that they think everything they do is right and wholesome while jeopardizing the life of their loved ones.

    regardless of how people act nowadays,
    I hope you continue to show and give mercy, humility and patience despite your pain and suffering,
    nevertheless the inequity and injustice of the world we live in; these are all fleeting.
    What matters most is what's inside of your heart, what radiates your soul and how yoy became a legend in the eyes of the people you have shown benevolence.
    Your sacrifices are all valid and seen.
    In time, everything will be paid off, everything will work out for the best of you, everything will get better and be healed, you will prosper and be joyful.
    All great things takes time, even the most beautiful flower takes time to bloom...
    and so are you.

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    let your heart speak kindness
    despite the cruel world,

    let your mind speak peacefully
    while waiting for your valuable time.

  • naaaatsuke 4w

    7 wonderful and amazing people
    7 talented and inspiring young men
    7 days in a week
    in order to complete a memorable year

    the creative and heartfelt music
    the upbeat dance crazes
    the visual, fashion and trend

    yet my heart was taken
    by their sincere humility, love,
    mission, purpose,
    smile, laughter,
    and the way they connect to people

    there is something soothing
    there is something that heals
    my heart as I listen to their music

    the melody, the choreography,
    the lyrics, the message,
    it is something worth
    keeping and treasuring for,

    though miles apart,
    though only know by heart,
    yet from the imense love
    they showered me,

    is enough to heal
    the darkness that
    engulf me every single day
    of my life,

    an antidote,
    a confidante,
    a best friend,
    a family
    that I call,

    there is no one like
    방탄 소연단
    and it is by far the
    best decision I have ever made,

    to be an Army,
    to share their undeniable
    wisdom and talent,
    that gives life to my purple galaxy.

    forever and always
    to infinity and beyond
    to the depths of the deep ocean
    to the immeasurable vast universe

    I will love you over and over again
    I will choose you over and over again
    you were all able to light the torch
    that leads us to a meaningful way of living.
    감사합니다, 나는 당신을 사랑해요
    #bts #happybirthdayarmy #btsarmy #borahae #bangtansonyeondan

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  • naaaatsuke 5w

    the flow of life is
    extremely unpredictable
    and fearsome yet each of
    us are born with strength,
    hope and faith to go
    on with life despite of it all,
    we may fall multiple times
    yet we always see ourselves
    carrying our own cross
    and going onwards despite
    the pain from the baggages
    we carry along,
    by experiences and challenges
    we are able to gain wisdom
    that we will carry on
    throughout our journey
    as we fulfill the desires of
    our heart and lead us to
    a fate that we all along
    deserves to be.

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    frequency of waves

    swim along with the current
    despite the fear and uncertainties,
    the obstacles and challenges,
    there will be stillness and peace
    at every pace of your journey,
    there will be seasons of
    hope and a season of despair,
    a wave of joy and a wave of
    just hold on to your raft
    and sail along into an
    adventure of a lifetime
    worth sharing, treasuring
    reminiscing and inspiring for.

  • naaaatsuke 5w

    come on tell me again,
    repeatedly and constantly
    haughtily and egocentrically

    tell me how tall you are
    tell me how much you accomplished
    tell me the things you have achieved
    tell me how far you have gone
    tell me how high you have gone through
    tell me how smart and knowledgeable you are
    tell me your luxury and wealth

    but I know the things that you will never tell me
    on how weak your foundation is
    on how you brag things up like you did it by yourself
    on how pretentious you are on the things that you do
    on how you belittle and treat other people badly like you are the superior
    on how you backstab people just to gain attention and destroy others relationship
    on how proud you are on the things that I already quite know before you ever know
    on how you do things in a bribe and corruptible way

    just to be as tall as you are like a skyscraper
    yet you do not know that the tallest building is the one which falls first.

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    the effete skyscraper

    "talk no more exceedingly proudly,
    let no arrogance come out your mouth."

  • naaaatsuke 6w

    midnight thoughts
    takes me into prison.

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    frustrated, confused,
    bewildered, flabbergasted,
    lost, missing,
    lonely, isolated,
    finding thy purpose,
    recovering from imminent death,
    searching for light,
    tamed in the vague darkness,
    screaming, shouting,
    crying, bawling,





    despite the turmoil,
    catastrophes, disasters,
    that crashed me into
    pieces of regrets
    and failures

    I'm still hoping and praying
    to live and carry on,
    to conquer thy fear
    of the unknown,
    horrific past and misty
    future as I summon
    all my courage and strength
    to keep going as I
    take my first step....

  • naaaatsuke 7w

    I hope every father
    always value and instill good
    principles to his children,
    no matter how imperfect
    and faulty we are as humanbeings,
    father's must pursue
    what's best for their children
    and their future,
    with that being said
    you are not only
    just a good father
    but a great role model
    to other people.

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    a child's cry to his father

    they say a father should
    be a great role model
    to his children,

    leaving a sentimental
    and great legacy for them,

    but when father's do not
    put this at heart, disobey
    and take it for granted,

    it will turn out eventually that
    children do not want
    to be like their father,

    leaving them a legacy
    that inflicted pain, torment,
    and trauma for them that
    they will forever carry
    throughout their life.

  • naaaatsuke 7w

    no matter what's going on right now into your life,
    despite the anxiety, frustration and fear of the unknown,
    the pain you are suppressing,
    the chaos inside your mind,
    the falling pieces of your heart,

    someone out there believes in you,
    someone out there is proud of you,
    someone out there considers you as an inspiration,
    someone out there loves you behind the
    darkness engulfing you,
    someone out there wants to tell you to keep going,

    you may be experiencing like a coal for now,
    that needs to put under pressure, to be burned
    and heated until it becomes refined and
    makes a fine gem,

    stay shining,
    stay grinding,
    ©Photo from Google
    #bts #btsarmy #bangtan #staygold

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