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  • naadan_parinda 6h

    Believe me !
    Accepting is a far better option,
    if continuous arguing is also not gonna give you any outcome.


  • naadan_parinda 1w

    If you are unknown till now,
    let urself be lost in the crowd.


  • naadan_parinda 2w

    Hey, do me a favour.

    If u can't add,
    atleast don't take away.


  • naadan_parinda 4w


    Life is always happy, but with certain Terms and Conditions only.


  • naadan_parinda 6w

    These days,

    I guess I'm smiling a bit more.
    I guess I'm laughing a bit more.
    I guess i have started blushing a bit more.
    I guess I'm waiting for somebody a bit more.
    I guess I'm listening to somebody a bit more.
    I guess I'm enjoying my days a bit more.
    I think I'm healing...❣️


  • naadan_parinda 6w

    How can i be well today,
    I have committed a lot of sins in my life yesterday.

    Past is not just a thing, it's a determining factor or ur today.


  • naadan_parinda 7w


    Some pain's
    Almost drains.

  • naadan_parinda 12w

    Seeking for importance is far better than running behind priority in someone's life.


  • naadan_parinda 14w

    I always had a beautiful heart,
    it broke but it recovered too..


  • naadan_parinda 18w

    Having everything in life doesn't makes you complete ,
    what matters the most is INTERNAL PEACE.☮️