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  • naazfatima_khan 5d

    You will know what it teaches,
    when you heal a body and heart while having a high sore pain and deep wounded cut.
    You will know what patience it gives,
    when you think otherwise and be silent while wanting to scream in a chaos around.
    You will know what a life lesson it is,
    when you care, act and be gentle while being in the trauma to the extreme.

    You will know, you're chosen!

  • naazfatima_khan 4w

    नज़रों में तलाश, दिल में सवाल लाया है,
    लगता है ज़िन्दगी में नया मोड़ आया है।
    शामिल हुई है बड़ी हलचल किसी वक़्त की,
    थोड़ी ख़ुशियों के घुँघरू, थोड़े ग़मों की ताल लाया है
    लगता है ज़िन्दगी में नया मोड़ आया है।


  • naazfatima_khan 5w

    तक़लीफ़ की तस्वीर उतनी ही अच्छी, कि ज़हन को ग़ुलाम ना बनाए।
    इन्सान रास्ते निकालने के क़ाबिल रहना चाहिए!!


  • naazfatima_khan 6w

    डरना नहीं, कि जितनी बूँदें तुममें मौजूद हैं,
    बस उतना ही डूबना होगा तुम्हारा।
    डरना नहीं,कि मिट्टी के जितने ज़र्रों से तुम बने हो,
    बस उतना ही टूटना होगा तुम्हारा।


  • naazfatima_khan 6w

    आओ, दो चार दिन गै़रों में बसर करें,
    हर ‌मोड़़ पर हमदम की ज़रूरत होनी नहीं चाहिए।


  • naazfatima_khan 6w

    Everyone has different proportion of sensitivity and mechanism of reaction to situations and times. 

    It would be unfair to expect from anyone to have exact fraction as you do.

  • naazfatima_khan 11w

    We learn!

    We do that almost every day. With or without realization, we do it surely.

    But learning is not the only thing we need to have. It should be functional as well.

    If the learning is not helping you to evolve, its evaluation is nothing.

    It says true, you don’t learn for words. Learning can move you from one space to the other. 

    It helps you to fight with between darkness and fake light when you are seeking the true form of illumination. It gives you the power of healing. It gives you the ways to step back from the space of destruction; to draw the line between our rage and necessary peace. Between your powers to create and destroy. Learning’s somewhere are the forms of training, to conquer your fears. When people transform, learning’s used to be one of the most elementary parts.

  • naazfatima_khan 12w

    She realized… it’s more powerful when you seek someone to control your energies, but you find none who could do that.

    It’s a healing process in itself when you cure someone and you get a cut.

    It’s even self motivating when you show the most transparent side of your soul and no one is able to see through it.

    When you try to lean on people whom you saved from a fall, back in times but now you feel slipping everyone from the picture, it’s heartbreaking though but a rising moment.

    It may break your false expectation for the right reason when you stretch your hand to your people and ask them to hold, but it is you who is going to shrink them back to yourself.

    But it’s good if no one can control the energy reflecting from you…it says you only are the Master of it.

    It’s good if no one holds you when you need it most and provides you an assurance for being there… it says you contain the bigger space in Your heart.

    It’s good if you do your best to the people.  It’s better if they don’t do the similar.

    But you choose the power to be the Same and Grow.

    Realize, you don’t say or do anything for Exchange!

  • naazfatima_khan 12w

    Despite the fact that family is the first integral thing given by destiny and we don't get to choose that; but like any other relation in outer world this also needs to be build up through years, ages and time.
    Somehow it's blessed to have care, love and concern already enabled when you have a family but every virtue and emotion needs to be guarded initially to make it grow. Growing a bond with your family is beyond personal ecstacy.

  • naazfatima_khan 12w

    माना दुनिया फ़रेबी है।
    मगर अपने सच्चे ईमान पर
    यूँ भरोसा हो, कि दुनिया ख़ूबसूरत
    लगने लगे।