A person who never exist in this world✌ keep smiling because its only way you can keep explanations away��

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  • nagmaa 1w

    The worst thing I did to myself was giving someone countless chances. When I knew that it was the time for me to let go.

  • nagmaa 2w

    It's really tiring battle Getting your heart broken Shattering into pieces Then trying to collect those all the pieces And mend it by yourself And then expecting the other person who walked in Won't break it again.

  • nagmaa 3w

    I never got someone who will listen to me, Believe in me and most of all always be there for me.
    So I became one!
    One that will make someone feel heard
    And always be there for them

  • nagmaa 4w

    I was hoping that maybe you will be different from others. Little believing, little cheering, helping me to bloom. But I was hoping that maybe you will be.

  • nagmaa 4w

    I regretted
    Opening up to someone
    Telling them what's actually
    I am going through
    Only to be left ignored and not heard.

  • nagmaa 4w

    Somedays all that ended for me
    Brings back to life in the middle of the night
    Only to cause more pain and tears all alone

  • nagmaa 5w

    The way you wept and soak your pillow at night over something or someone. I pray that you will find solitude.

  • nagmaa 5w

    This love I do with myself
    I have earned it
    Over all those hearts
    And over the appreciation
    I did for others
    While not being appreciated


  • nagmaa 6w

    Over the years I have been wishing upon stars to grant me someone, who is willing to listen to me, make me feel heard instead of showing me their perception and suggestions. Where I make peace with their words when they needs me.

  • nagmaa 7w

    Sometimes the kind of exhaustion I feel. It is nothing to do with the time nor the place but the people around me.