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  • naiveheartsclub 2w


    Love is many things but it is never deceitful.. Nothing toxic comes from genuine love remember that.

  • naiveheartsclub 4w

    Someone once said, "Be patient. Someone will give you the world without you asking for it"

    I waited. And you did just that ❤

  • naiveheartsclub 6w

    You saw unexplored black galaxies
    In my black hole eyes
    And pulled out the majesties
    Of my soul
    With the gravity of your love

  • naiveheartsclub 7w

    The greatest growth happens in discomfort

  • naiveheartsclub 8w


    Just because you got entangled with people who didn't know how to appreciate you in the past you now keep people at arm's length.
    You refuse to feel again because people have left you that way.
    You leave before anyone leaves you and YOU END UP ALONE.
    No one deserves to feel unloved.
    No one deserves to feel like they are better off alone.
    You deserve love
    You deserve happiness

    Heal yourself and allow yourself to fall again
    Fall for life
    Fall for life
    Most importantly,fall for yourself again
    There is no love until you love yourself
    Trust yourself
    Understand that trusting people was not in vain
    Understand that them hurting you is not a reflection of who you are
    Rather it being a reflection of how hurt they are
    It's a reflection of who they are
    It had nothing to do with you
    Never will
    Never did

    I hope you find your peace

  • naiveheartsclub 10w


    I still go through the texts
    I still hope for the the calls
    I remember them vividly
    We spoke from dusk till dawn
    I still yearn for your touch
    I still go on your social media
    Hoping to see you sad
    I still hope you are not happy
    I don't want you to be happy
    You can't be happy with her

    I know we were cursed from the start
    Cursed to never work
    But I still hope we did

    I always will

  • naiveheartsclub 11w

    Thank you

    Read so many love quotes
    Read so many love stories
    I wrote even more about it
    Oh how I yearned for a love so perfect
    And now you have shown me
    A love worthy of the fairytale books
    A love that is seen
    A glow so evident
    A smile so bright
    A laugh so pure
    A sparkle in the eyes
    You are the cause of all these
    Because of you I'm running out of reasons to cry
    My days are a lot brighter
    The world is more colorful
    This love has rendered me a slave to ecstasy
    Its a drug
    It's addictive
    It's never toxic
    It's never forced
    The love stories I read about finally make sense
    All thanks to you

  • naiveheartsclub 11w

    They hurt you
    It's harder to relax around them
    Harder to think of them as safe to love
    But it doesn't stop you from wanting them

  • naiveheartsclub 12w

    You were my biggest gamble
    And you have been my greatest reward

  • naiveheartsclub 12w

    I don't think you know my pain
    Do you know trusting blindly
    And everyone failing you
    Do you know breaking
    But not being able to show it
    Do you know being on your knees
    Begging it to stop
    Do you know the pain of self sabotage