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  • najuju 11w


    The original copy of the ticket that brought Efya to naija is in #EPE, that is why she missed the Nigerian #JOLLOF ON THE JET with Rema and Vanny back to Tanzania.
    Wyclef brought #WALE to the party to #FEEL GOOD with fireboy while in his cruise. While Darkoo the #COLD HEART KILLER ran back to naija after she murdered the track and again the original copy of the crime sheet was wrapped and hidden in the #INTERLUDE.
    #KARMA is a bitch, stonebouy was a #LITTY LIT to Makanaki. Teni's sugar daddy Sir Shina took Julian Marley to #54 countries to meet with all the Marlians around.
    Nonso pleaded to a #GUILTY PLEASURE saying "cause e dey sweet me, I dunno what to do" and I guess Ycee wasn't wrong to have asked for a #PIECE OF YOU Ms Banks. And if for a day I can be your muse Seyi Shay, I'd ask you sing me a #LABALABA lullaby.

    And when the sunsets tomorrow I shall break fast with you Ifeoluwa


  • najuju 11w

    Love is an emotional blackmail

  • najuju 13w


    Her eyebrow is like an opening flower

    playing softly, in a green bower; 

    as water-birds splash out and in,

    long lakes laugh... season's shower,

    whispering birds will commune

    dreamily flying without, within

    so softly they warble this tune.


  • najuju 13w


    Black was there with you

    when you took too many shots

    and passed out at 4am

    Black was what you imagined

    before you fell asleep at night

    Black stayed with you

    until the sun came up

    Black was empty and full of ideas

    Memories created from Black

    Black acted the sweet dreams you had

    Black is full of life

    Black its invincible light 

    Black is me

  • najuju 13w

    "A Smile"

    A smile is a cheer to you and me

    It comforts the weary, gladdens the sad

    consoles those in trouble, good or bad.

    To rich and poor, beggar or thief,

    it’s free to all of any belief.

    A natural gesture of young and old

    cheers on the faint, disarms the bold.

    Unlike most blessings for which we pray,

    it’s one thing we keep when we give it away.

    Smile while you still have teeth's

  • najuju 13w


    Lock eyes with me so I can see into your soul, 

    Press your lips against mine so I know your taste, 

    Lay naked with me so I know your insecurities, 

    Sing a song to me so I know the tune of your heart, 

    Dance in the rain with me so I know your every move, 

    Marry me, so I know you're all mine

  • najuju 14w

    Last Revolutionary

    I bring poems of the enemy, 

    respect from my history, 

    I bring roots of my family tree, 

    I bring trophies of my victory 

    I bring the pain from the revolutionary

    I bring the memory of the fallen warriors

    General Fela Kuti leader of the Afro Army

    I bring the pain of the revolutionary

    I bring the struggle of my people 

    O! Yes i am Kwame Nkruma, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, I am Marcus Garvey, I am Shaka Zulu, I am Dedan Kimathi, I am Fela Kuti I am Africa.

    Rise Africa and end the struggle Ngugi Wathiongo didn't die for nothing, Amilcar Cabral didn't fight for nothing, Martin Luther didn't speak for nothing, my tribesman J.S Tarkaa didn't die for nothing, Sultan Bello fought for something, Steven Biko died a fighter...

    Remember the ones who died,

    Remember the ones who fought 

    Remember the ones who spoke for me

    Now I must rise and fight, speak and stand for my people, for every lost one their is a new one. They will never see the last revolutionary, the soldiers of justice. 

  • najuju 14w

    Love? No. Fate? I Think So

    I knew the day we met

    That we were meant to be

    I knew our fate was set

    That you were the one for me

    I didn't even know you

    I only knew your name

    I wasn't sure what to do

    I didn't know who to blame

    I knew I thought you attractive

    I could tell that you were nice

    The butterflies were so active

    That I couldn't think twice

    Everything I did that day

    Didn't show you who I am

    Every time you came my way

    My heart began to ram

    My actions weren't natural

    My reactions weren't real

    I felt so very terrible

    But my heart I did not wield

    And when I finally met you

    My eyes were fixed on you

    I knew I was trying to see

    If you felt the same way too

    I liked you when I saw your face

    But maybe it was the touch

    My heart had begun to race

    I already liked you too much

    I knew the day we met

    That we were meant to be

    I knew our fate was set

    As friends, as lovers, as enemies

  • najuju 14w

    And we saw the need to sing our own juju

    Stringing beats of love people wondered we used juju

    The young, the old, danced, fell in love, unscarred of the Ojuju

    Hit me up on Instagram at Tripz Najuju

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