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  • namia28 1w


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    Saviour Complex

    Oh, so you care ?
    You want to give me my share?
    A whole, or a part, pray tell me
    Or the leftover from what you've already splurged in glee
    You're not my saviour, sit down please
    I'm not here to give you the salvation you seek
    For your inhumanity
    And your barbarism
    Which led to my people being reduced to lesser beings
    Your sympathy reeks of privilege
    Your helping hand an imagery of oppression
    You, who led to this savagery
    Now want to save me from the inevitable?
    You, the genocide enabler
    the champagne liberal casually discussing socialism
    You talk about giving me a life of dignity?
    Irony dies a thousand deaths in your throat
    I don't need your scraps of pity
    I'd rather be slaughtered in peace.

  • namia28 1w

    So you aren't perfect
    So you have flaws
    Is that why you restrict yourself
    Live the life of outlaws?

    You've waited and waited all life long
    For that moment in time
    When your turn to shine would arrive
    And you'd finally be worth a dime

    You dream of an achievement
    To give yourself some love
    You keep yourself in shadows
    And if that isn't unhealthy enough

    You punish yourself for wrongdoings
    That aren't your fault
    You inflict scars on your innocent soul
    Putting it's flight on a halt

    You're meant to love yourself regardless
    Of what you are or aren't
    A tiny milestone of this transient world
    Ain't a measure of your current

    You're a spark, a flame, a goddamn fire
    You deserve the light you spread
    There are countless souls just waiting for you
    To rescue them from the dread.

  • namia28 5w

    My Empty Cup

    I need a little something
    Just a bit of it, not much
    I have been deficient for a long time now
    And the symptoms are beginning to show
    It's not like my body didn't try
    to live without it
    It's possible, albeit hard.
    you feel a little odd, but you can survive
    for a decent amount of time
    but seems like there does exist a threshold
    beyond which it is not plausible
    to hold on to lack of an essential element
    The element so basic, so primal
    you'd be surprised to know that I've lived without it
    in my 26 years of existence.

    I speak of love
    Self love
    I browse from Bukowski to Shire to Sagan to Stoicism
    And still look upon my reflection with skepticism
    Wondering when will I accept the person staring back at me
    When will I set the part of me covered in chains of self hatred,


  • namia28 5w

    For how long
    Will your lips have a seal
    How much more will it take
    For you to feel
    Your bubble is a suffocating cocoon
    Could burst any moment
    And it'll be too late to lament
    Look around you
    The dead and the dying
    the emperor is lying
    All is not well, please wake up
    It'll take a storm, for them to shake up
    They wanna keep you blindfolded
    Reality is carefully molded
    They are taking away your dignity
    serving you scraps of nationalistic pride
    The ground is shifting beneath your feet
    While you carry on unnoticed
    Drunk on propaganda
    High on hate
    While they move their chess pieces
    And decide your fate.

  • namia28 5w

    And he tried didn't he
    he worked really hard
    With one goal in mind
    Leaving failures behind
    Searching through heaps of information
    The best way of self destruction
    Jumping off the cliff
    putting himself in the path of cannibals
    stabbing himself in the chest
    blood pouring out like a fulfilled prophecy
    used every trick in the book to rid his body of his soul
    walking barefoot on the bed of burning coal
    He ached and hurt and felt it all
    His soul though was as stubborn as him
    It refused to leave the body that was it's safe space
    And she told him "I'm yours whether you like it or not
    what you seek to destruct is your own pure heart
    a heart alive, full of blood and passion
    I'm here to protect your inherent goodness
    I'm here and I don't seek your approval
    Just your acceptance. That I'm right here
    That you're a survivor
    And this Godforsaken world needs you".


  • namia28 7w

    Hear me out
    We have not learnt our lesson
    We have not learnt our lesson
    We are not mending our ways
    All so different
    Yet still the same
    We can't hear them
    We can't see them
    Even if they died in front of us
    We will refuse to acknowledge them
    Or find a way to blame them for their own misery
    We love lording it over
    Race religion caste colour
    Rampant bigots on the streets
    I see no change
    I see no signs
    All puppets at the hands of the few
    We are directed from the ivory tower
    When to act, when to wait
    When to kill, when to maim
    We've failed each other tremendously
    We lost our reasoning long ago
    And our humanity to our ego
    We're all dead souls
    Inside living bodies
    Devils spit on us.


  • namia28 7w

    Legacy To My Daughter - part 2

    Today I want to apologise
    For what I'm going to do to you
    A few years from now
    And I have to do it
    Before someone else does much worse

    I'm going to uproot you
    From your land, your ancestors
    From your safe haven
    I'm going to take you away
    Believe me, I have a good reason to

    This place is not ours anymore
    These people don't see us anymore
    Or If they do see, it's a fleeting glance cast on a bored sunday evening walk
    We could be lying dead on that sidewalk for all we know
    They couldn't care less

    It is all for the best
    We'll go out to a world where we can build our own heaven from scratch
    That I promise you
    But we will have to wait, darling

    We will go their one day
    Just not today
    Not for many long years
    Because I'm someone else's daughter too, you see
    Albeit flawed
    And they need me
    So long as they do
    We stay
    And when they leave for their heavenly abode,
    We fly away.

  • namia28 10w

    legacy to my daughter- part 1

    These rules are different for us
    Our realities set out starkly
    Against the same background
    In which our contemporaries thrive
    You were born on the other side

    You must learn at a tender age
    What your name means
    What implications it carries
    A slip of tongue
    could lead to slitting of tongues

    You must learn to appreciate the unspoken words
    Those looks that derive
    from the centuries old hatred of your clan
    You must watch out for signs of betrayal
    In skins of friends

    You were born with the double burden
    Of your gender and culture
    And a significant part of your existence will be spent amongst the volley of abuses
    you endure for virtue of being both

    Be not afraid
    But be afraid
    Our lives are a delicate balance
    Between surviving and living
    And you must choose both.


  • namia28 14w

    things that make hearts break

    pretty smiles
    deceiving laughs
    and people who dream with their eyes open
    lonely children
    unanswered cries
    and souls who have given up hoping
    The other thing that breaks hearts
    R fairy tales that never come true
    and selfish people who lie 2 me
    selfish people just like u

    -Tupac Shakur

  • namia28 14w

    Trauma is multifaceted
    It comes in the form of people
    Systematic oppression
    It is a manifestation of your birth
    Privilege, if you have it, protects
    And over time I've realised
    Why I can never resonate with any motivational speaker
    Or spiritual guru
    Or a life expert
    On how to heal and move on
    Because inner peace aligns with outer world a fair number of times
    And unless the systems that got us
    Into that position
    Are tackled
    We can't move on
    Healing is undeniably political.