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  • namita_pandey 13w

    The last page

    As you bid adieu to me I realised that this was the last page of the beautiful book that I was reading. I was so engrossed in reading this book that I completely escaped from the reality and nothing seemed more beautiful than this.Now that this book has come to an end I wake up to the reality again where I am all alone, living without you. This is like a nightmare for me, I am not ready to come out of that mesmerising aura of the book, I am not ready to live without you, I am too weak to acknowledge the ending of the last chapter of this book. I wish to cross paths with you someday to see how you are doing without me, but deep down in my heart I wish never to meet you again, because I don't want you to know how feeble I am without you, I don't want you to know how pathetic my life is without your presence. I really wish not to reopen this beautiful book again.

  • namita_pandey 13w

    A Girl with Dreams

    Her heart was throbbing,
    Was it her Ardor or fear?
    Ardor to pursue her ettle or fear to resettle?

    Her heart was throbbing,
    As she bid adieu to her native soil,
    And seeped into the city of her dreams to toil

    Her heart was throbbing,
    She was flimsy and fragile,
    But impersonated boastfulness with a sparkling smile.

    Her heart was throbbing,
    Until she met the solicitous and magnanimous hearts,
    Who helped her endure the new rendezvous

    Her heart was throbbing,
    The reason was explicit by then,
    It was her Ardor pounding in her bosom.

    Her heart was throbbing with Ardor,
    As she left her mark and painted the town red.

    Her heart was throbbing as she bid adieu this time to the city of her dreams, which was a fair crack of whip,
    And seeped back to her native soil.

  • namita_pandey 14w

    If I Had Known

    If I had known, this is the last time I am with you, I would have stayed a little longer,
    If I had known, this is the last time I am having a glance of your face, I would have stared at you a little longer,
    If I had known this is the last time I am hugging you, I would have hugged you a little longer and tighter,
    If I had known your lips are touching mine for the last time, I would have kissed you back a little longer and harder,
    If I had known this is the last time I am feeling your touch on my body,
    I would have cuddled a little longer,
    If I had known this is the last time I am smelling your fragrance, I would have smelled it a little longer to soak it in me,
    If I had known these are the last few minutes you are spending with me, I would have hidden the watch to make you stay a little longer,
    Only if I had known this is the last goodbye, I would have never said that to you,
    I wish we could have stayed together forever ❤️

  • namita_pandey 14w


    It's hard to resist myself from calling you when all I want is to talk to you so desparately,
    It's easy to call you and tell how much I miss you, but it's heavenly feeling to get a call from you to tell me how much you missed me.
    And that's all I need to be on cloud nine

  • namita_pandey 15w

    Secret Love

    You and I may not be destined to be together, but our souls are connected forever,
    I am the fire, whose warmth you crave for,
    You are the blissful shower I crave for,
    The spark of love ignited in our hearts will take an eternity to extinguish,
    No mortal being can do us apart,
    You are mine and I am yours forever, till the eternal life ❤️