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  • namrata454 1w

    Distance yourself a bit from everything..
    Then nothing can hold you back in falling in love with everything!!!

  • namrata454 5w

    A thousand lessons.
    The biggest experience!

    There comes..
    Once in a lifetime kinda year....
    2020 for us all!!!


  • namrata454 7w

    Well, its okay to feel bad feel lonely and scared!. Life is vulnerable sometimes..its okay if anyone you share your thoughts with, misinterpretes the same..its okay.. being judged..its okay..its your life and you know how you are and what you deserve exactly the case with the other person as well! Every individual is unique and special in their respective ways..don't let your life affected much by other's opinion. Specially in these vulnerable times..make sure to spend time some quality time with yourselves..just you and your thoughts..nothing else! Always remember, no matter what at the end you are the only one who will understand you truely and deeply. You are the the centre of creation of everything around you! Don't let yourself down in anyway. Love yourself..stay happy!

  • namrata454 15w

    Truely said:
    We can't never hurt someone we don't love..
    We always hurt the the one we love...
    And those are the one's most affected by our behaviour...!!!

    Still, these become normal with the due course of the time...but the emotions don't, the relations won't!!!!


  • namrata454 16w

    Revolt over Request!

    Stop making candle marches in the country
    Which has seen the greatest battle of the history because of the insult of a woman!

    Stop making the country which has built the impossible breach even possible in the knowledge of the mankind, to rescue a woman abducted by the devils!

    Stop requesting for the justice in the country..
    Which has seen the bravest possible women in the world to save their land and respect!!!!

    I request you pleasee..pleasee stop begging for justice...stop requesting for something is the birth right of every woman in the country!
    Just stop it now!!!

    Rape does not which needs justice, Death as a penalty to each and every accused is what every woman deserves!

    Revolt over Request is what the present world is in utter need of!

  • namrata454 17w

    Please remember..
    I am always with you,
    I am looking after you.

  • namrata454 21w

    Hey you...yes you!!!....
    Happy?...I wish you all the blessings you craved for! Continue scrolling.. :)

    Sad...depressed.. confused?
    Stop a moment please!

    Now just close your eyes...and take a deep breath!
    Think of this one moment..this particular breath..this surrounding around you..
    Are you happy?
    Then why stuck..why not take a decision and move on in the path which was your childhood dream... your childhood love....why ...why ... why!
    Look back.. you will realise everything has happened the way it had to...your thoughts and fears had never stopped a situation not to happen..its goes on..dont try to question it..exploring the answers would take you more than this lifetime..m I correct?

    Then why stop?
    Go ahead.....Life has many ways!! Explore your dreams...
    Feel the life ..feel its beauty!

  • namrata454 22w

    Just a normal one...a everyday process which always gets ignored..penned in simple words!! Let me know if thats worth reading!

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    She used to care .
    She used to care alot...
    The reason being that is..
    She considered everyone sensible!
    Sensible to consider a being as a living thing..
    Sensible to consider the emotions of the other person..
    Sensible to know even others matter!!! by day....things started proving her wrong ....not just by words but deeds too...
    (the mystery being no one knows...whether this was just her perception or the actual reality!)

    Offcourse she tried to..she tried understanding....she even tried questioning...why this happened..was this really her she responsible for everything????

    Then came the day.....when everything seems like a mess... everything was making her feel extremely suffocated... moreover its like..she was losing herself in all these processes!
    There she was left with only one option..putting a .FULLSTOP. to stop noticing...stop reacting.. stop analysing!!

    Again I say no one knows whats right or wrong..I even dont know what should have been done in this case..its just that she is peaceful ...which is all that matters now!

  • namrata454 22w

    Even nights become monotonous..
    If dreams do not personify!!!

    If only you could know what I mean


  • namrata454 24w

    Gone are those days...
    When emotions were so strong...
    when feelings subsisted!!!!

    I miss the time..
    When vibes mattered...
    I miss the time more..
    When eyes used to convey more than words.!!!

    Life happened...time forwarded..
    And yeah..I have changed...
    I have definitely changed in a way...
    Where only words matter...
    Factual things matter rather than the