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  • nan1692 10w


    They say it’s a heartbreak but the whole body feels broken

  • nan1692 11w


    So you are STILL hesitant between me and others , I hope you see there is only one obvious choice here

  • nan1692 12w


    Sometimes we have to set fire to the things we love
    Watch them burn and walk away

  • nan1692 17w


    If you chose not to love her then, you can’t love her NOW

  • nan1692 18w

    One last

    I’d rather have my last breath in your arms

  • nan1692 32w

    Did we get this far only to get this far?

  • nan1692 32w

    What if

    What if in a parallel universe
    We are in the house of our dreams
    Feeling the wind in my hair and face as we drive through the trees
    Singing our hearts out
    Smelling the ocean, brushing the sand away
    Kissing under the stars
    Dancing the night away as you hold me close
    Intoxicated by the passion that consumes us
    Having a furry friend spilling our drinks and filling our hearts
    Only what if ?

  • nan1692 34w


    To be wrapped up in your arms and feel safe is all I ever wanted

  • nan1692 34w


    Give everything so at least you don’t have to regret

  • nan1692 59w


    I am miles away from home and comfort
    With no expectations I started a new life
    You met me at this time in my life
    Where rock bottoms were just metaphors
    Nothing had the power to shake me again
    You did, you shook the dead in me , made me perceive life in ways I didn’t know of
    You gave me strength and weakness all together
    We connected in ways , enough words can’t justify
    I pray everyday to never lose something so pure
    But I guess I already lost the day you said you are still unsure