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  • nancykaur 3w


    Fabric makes fabric
    Style urself
    Groom urself
    Flaunt urself
    Go lavish
    Go rich
    Be happy if it makes u so.

  • nancykaur 4w


    Lost lost lost
    Lost was I in my world of drawing utility
    Lost was I in chasing my desires
    More and more I did my land
    I added my cars and buses
    On_surface benefits ,
    Even in_surface benefits
    I wanted all .
    All that my eyes were set upon
    All my heart cried for.
    But forgot .oh yes I forgot
    To refill and spare the source
    from where my desires were drawn.

  • nancykaur 7w

    #My happy place

    Happy is the place where I can breathe free
    the only place where stars and wind talk to me
    the place where a step on the soil lifts my hopes high
    where all the words I utter r given and received by heart.
    Every individual I meet raises warmth and fond memories
    the only place I crave to b back.
    It is nowhere other than Durgapur

  • nancykaur 7w


    haath se chootteeja

    rahi hai jindagi
    Main sochoon ye maaneykaiize
    Bigdi hi Jaa rahi hai jindagi
    Kya Kabhi fir ye kaid se niklegi?
    Sannata dar hai Chaya Charo or
    Har taraf hi mauton ki ginti Ka hai shor
    Money fame of no use

    Insaniyat honsley dam Tod rahey
    Ab to sai hi aas jagaye

  • nancykaur 9w

    Nature's cry

    Stop the race of accumulation
    Tarry o man,
    Take time,think,feel
    Ur relations need time,

    Let Ur body rejuvenate
    Let them speak their heart
    Let Ur soul outpour.
    But no we could not hear the yell.
    Alas! Nature tremors and scrolls
    Now no refresh and restore
    Accumulated redeemed
    Bonded fragmented .
    Life devalued as never ever
    Death like silence and fear prevails
    Who and how many next?
    Is every hearts fear.

  • nancykaur 9w


    Chaand pe chaand ne
    Pehra bithaya

    Har shaam chupke se MERI khidki pe Aaya
    Hum me socha shaam khidki se unka didaar karengey
    Par Chanda ke badaltey andaazo se
    Man Kabhi ubhar hi n paya
    Hum sochtey ,hum Ney isey mama banaya

    Par aslu me mama to isney himey banaya

  • nancykaur 10w


    Regrets of past ruins present.

  • nancykaur 11w


    Sham se Chand MERI khidki par pehredari par hai

  • nancykaur 12w

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  • nancykaur 13w

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