Raised in odisha...Pursuing to write my feelings and emotions❤ Insta Handle : _nandita_2001 the_tale_of_my_heart

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  • nanditaranigiri 12w

    इन रास्तों में बहत सारि यादें हैं ,
    अब जब यहाँ से गुजरती हुँ ,
    तेरा और मेरा चेहरा संग दिखता है,
    हाथों में हाथ थामे जो हम
    घुमा करते थे ,
    ढेर सारी बातें किया करते थे ।

    कभी कभी सोचती हूँ ,
    काश लौट आएं वो दिन ,
    फिर अपने आपको समझा लेती हूँ ,
    यह कह कर की तू कभी मेरा था ही नहीं ,
    अगर होता तो कभी जाता ही नहीं ।।

  • nanditaranigiri 14w

    My lovely three..!!

    From the day uh broke my heart
    And left me alone..!!
    My life turns with each beat of my heart
    I changed with every blink of my eye...!!
    Everyday is a hurdle to me
    Everyday I fall nd my heart get injured..!!
    But not a single day of pain stops me to move forward..!!
    Cuz I got 3 healers to my pain
    Who alwz there to heal my every injury..!!
    Ya they re doctors by profession
    And re expert in curing emotional pain..!!
    Everyone re saying , 2020 is the worst year..!!
    And yup its a life changing year to me..!!
    Like the fani hits the chilika lake..
    Yeah..!! My heart cross over many
    But resides in 3 , Taken by 3 ,
    yup..!! Am blessed with best 3..❤

  • nanditaranigiri 14w

    बेपनाह ।

    तुम्हारी सादगी ने किया है ,
    मेरे दिल को बेहाल ,
    अब क्या बताएं दिल का हाल ,
    अंधेरे में जुगनू की रोशनी में भी ,
    दिखता है अब चेहरा तुम्हारा
    सायद यही है ,
    बेपनाह मोहब्बत का इशारा ।।

  • nanditaranigiri 14w

    सब फीकी हैं ।

    तेरे मुस्कान की रौनक ,
    हँसी बदियां को भी फीकी कर दे ।
    तेरे आंखों की चमक ,
    चंद्रमा किरणों को भी फीकी कर दे ।
    तेरे गुलाबी सी ओठ ,
    गुलाब की पंखुड़ियों को भी फीकी कर दें ।
    तेरे साथ मे मेरा साथ ,
    ऐसा हो कि दुनिया की सारी
    प्रेम कहानियों को भी फीकी कर दे ।।

  • nanditaranigiri 14w

    तेरे प्यार में ।

    तेरा यूँ हक जताना ,
    तेरा यूँ गले से लगा के रखना ,
    तेरा यूँ साथ निभाने का वादा करना ।।

    दिन ब दिन तेरे प्यार में यूँ ढल जाना ,
    आज उसी प्यार ने मुझे ,
    बिन फेरों के तेरा सुहागन बन डाला ।।

  • nanditaranigiri 14w

    Promises of Nature..!!

    With every thunder storm,
    Nature promises you with cheerful rain drops.
    With every moonless night ,
    Nature promises you with soothing moonlight night .
    With every autumn ,
    Nature promises you with blooming spring.
    With every failure ,
    Nature promises you with victory.
    With every pain,
    Nature promises you with pleasure.
    With every gloom,
    Nature promises you with bloom.

  • nanditaranigiri 14w


    I don’t know what it is ,
    That made me love you.
    Or what it is that made you,
    Hate me the way you do !
    I just remember the day when you told me
    U re the perfect match for me !
    I just remember the day ,
    When I put a smile on my face all over the day!
    But now nobody knows its empty ,
    The smile that I wear ,
    The real one is left in the past,
    Because uh have left me there !
    Since the time uh left me.
    I have lost all my cheer,
    My days are not the same ,
    My nights are gloomy !
    Nobody knows it’s painful
    They think that I am strong,
    They think that I have let you go,
    When uh left me behind !
    Nobody knows I Miss you,
    They think I feel set free,
    But I feel like I am bounded with chains,
    Trapped in the mystery.
    Nobody knows I need you,
    They say I can do it on my own,
    But they don’t know I am crying ,
    When I am alone !

  • nanditaranigiri 14w


    Uh came into my life when I was broken ,
    Uh heard my heart and left me unspoken !!
    Uh poured colours in my life ,
    And I wanted to be colourful throughout the
    But then came a hurdle ,
    And I became your biggest burden..!!
    I hurt uh with my wounded words..
    Uh hurt me back with silence and ignorance..!!
    Finally , ego and misunderstandings wins,
    While love failed!
    I felt my world had ended,
    It did seem to have crumbled ,
    Like a tsunami hit a shore !
    Now I was left frustrated,
    With pain and a broken heart !
    A broken girl ,
    That will never love again.
    That will never be happy again,
    Uh created a dead person within.
    Whose life can only return with you,
    That's what you left behind..!!

  • nanditaranigiri 14w

    You re my lyf..!!

    I never thought I would find someone,
    Who would take my breath away.
    Some one who love me for what I am
    No matter what the circumstances are..!!
    No matter what the miseries are..!!
    The only constant I always find by my side is

    The day uh entered in my life
    I never thought that
    uh will be going to be so special in my life..!!
    but uh prove me wrong
    By residing in my heart every day and night ..!!

  • nanditaranigiri 14w

    U re irreplaceable

    We met I fell for you
    It was hard to believe
    That you like me too
    The idea was hard to conceive..!!

    Whether it’s a miracle or destiny of God
    Whatever it may be ,
    But I felt like I am on the 9th cloud ,
    When uh told me those magical words..!!

    From that day uh took
    A very special place in my heart ,
    Which is irreplaceable …!!