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  • nandyy 9w


    When u can't control
    what's happening
    Challenge your self to
    Control the way you respond
    to what's happening
    That's where your
    Power is....

  • nandyy 11w


    U have to understand
    That people come and go
    That's Life...
    Stop holding on to those who have
    let go of you long ago...

  • nandyy 12w


    Talk to your broken heart ones

    They will teach you
    What is real, how to live alone.

    How to finish
    And how to start all over again.

  • nandyy 18w

    Judging everyone on the basis of few bad experiences of your life doesn't make you a good person....
    it makes you a judgemental asshole....

  • nandyy 18w

    The Right One
    Will Stay and Make
    Things Work


  • nandyy 26w

    Urs 1st Gift

    That special feeling will never fade
    coz it's not a seasonal feeling..
    That feeling when u bought first gift for me is still in my eyes
    Is still special for today and forever!!

  • nandyy 29w

    V Both

    Caring and Sharing all they knew
    What are they??
    Lovers or Friends?? Noooo
    A special bond with no name.

    But, as time passed
    Nothing stayed same
    Caring and sharing faded
    Mistakes raised their voices
    Misunderstanding grown..

    But her special feeling nvr lasts for him still she belive him and waits to get those beautiful days which she had wid him

  • nandyy 30w

    "Have The Guts
    To Be True To
    Nothing More"

    Robin Sharma

  • nandyy 34w

    Who am i to you?
    she replied.... wid a smile
    Your my dearest friend and deepest love forever!!


  • nandyy 34w

    Nobody has your back
    like your Mama..
    Love her while she's
    Still alive..