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  • nanyaerondu 3h

    Alive and Grateful

    Jolting to consciousness.
    I find I breathe deeply the air.
    I shut my eyes and shake my head.
    Tears stream down my chin.
    Heart swells with gratitude.
    Hands gripped tight to an imaginary.
    Mouth fails to form words but mutterings.
    I'm flummoxed a dime a dozen.
    I am alive and well.
    His Grace is sufficient for me.
    And I'm forever grateful for that.
    God made all things possible.
    I am alive and grateful.

  • nanyaerondu 1d

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    Do not quench the Spirit;
    (1Thessalonians 5:19)

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  • nanyaerondu 1d


    Today I did see how powerful my yearning for wordsmithery is.
    I want to be that woman that changes the world with poetry.
    I want to be a poet laureate that rocks the present existence of this world.
    Commanding mastery and precision of words.
    Oh how I just want to write and keep writing.
    It blows my mind and heats the passion in my heart.
    I want to be that wordsmith that reeks of positivity.
    Let me pour them out!

  • nanyaerondu 2d


    All I can ever envision in this, is éclat!
    The exceptional beauty and distinctiveness.
    Sightless to the difference in pigmentation.
    Dazzled by the uniqueness in vision.
    I exclaim éclat!
    It sure dazzles!

  • nanyaerondu 3d

    He Gifts Peace

    I woke up to a palpitating heart.
    I woke up to a pounding head.
    I woke up to a confused mind.
    I woke up with worries plaguing my thoughts.
    I tried to decipher the root cause.
    But I found nothing tangible to blame it on.
    I tried to go back to sleep but it seems something keeps singing in my brain.
    I am restless and my heart helpless.
    So I ring heaven and seek help.
    I try hard and shut my eyes tight.
    I grapple and dabble with words aright.
    I plead my case to God.
    I remember and lean on His word.
    He tells my heart "Peace be still "
    He gifts peace that brings understanding to my being.
    God is my true peace.

  • nanyaerondu 3d

    I Dreamt Of You (2)

    Tears streak my chin.
    As I recall the desperation in your eyes.
    The hysteric I hear in your voice.
    You grappling with an aching heart.
    A dime a dozen reaching out for me.
    As much as you put the walls up in reality.
    Your heart keeps reaching for me without your knowledge.
    Your blindness to the beauty that exist beyond your reality.
    Your heart knows even as you struggle to mute it.
    It speaks regardless of your incessant silence.
    I dreamt of you again.

  • nanyaerondu 3d

    Dew drops

    The droplets that fascinates.
    Shutting my eyes in illusion.
    My imagination draws a picture of you.
    Words fail me as I pen this.
    All I can think of, is the dew.
    You remind me of dew drops.
    You emerge in calmness.
    In the morning you subtly raise your head.
    When you think I can't see you, your gentle nature peeks out.
    I can only find you in the gentleness I see in this chaotic realm.
    You're like the morning dew that soothes .
    When dissolution that reeks of heated talks threatens your peace, you withdraw.
    Denying us of your beauty and coolness.
    The coolness that gently and subtly soothes all that aches.
    When I try to picture you, all I see is dew drops.

  • nanyaerondu 5d

    Young And On Fire

    Proverbs 26:20 Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out:
    How fired up are you for God today?
    How much do you yearn and burn for Him?
    How passionate and fiery are you for the kingdom of God?
    This is a call to war and conquer territories.
    Youth On Fire has emerged a new to ignite your heart and keep it aflame for God.
    For indeed where there's no wood the fire burns out.
    Depart not, dwell there in, yield your heart and let the word of God fan it's embers.
    Anticipate! We reemerge with more wood to keep the fire burning.
    #Young And On Fire International#
    #We are back and burning#

  • nanyaerondu 5d


    Your phantom keeps hovering.
    The more I try to get away from you.
    You keep drawing me out toward you.
    Unknowingly you beckon on me in silence.
    The cadence of your heart palpitates mine in synchronisation.
    We keep fighting the bond, but our hearts pulls rapidly to each other.
    We pretend the other is not existent but we fail to quench the flames that keeps burning.
    We shut our ears against the cry and plea in silence.
    We are something so special that can't be rivaled.
    We are a pair of its kind incomparable.
    Our story will give hope and it'll light up the world.
    We have a purpose together to fulfill.
    We have a war so fierce to battle in unison.
    We sharpen each other unknowingly.
    We make each other better and radiating His presence.
    We're a force that can't be reckoned with.
    There's something rare and powerful brewing in us.
    We are the puissant meant to conquer territories.
    How do we fail to hear the Master's call.
    How do we not feel the Master's Magic in us.
    No matter how hard we try to deny the passion embedded in us as a team, the more it consumes us.
    It's beyond our control and whatever we might think this is.
    We have been called to serve!
    We have been called to war!
    We're unstoppable together!
    We are the burning flames that never dies down.
    The choice is not ours but God's.
    God's calling!
    His Ambassadors!

  • nanyaerondu 1w


    You are...
    I-ingenious in everything.
    N-nervy in all you do.
    N-nonpareil in nature.
    H-halcyon at heart.
    V-vivacious no dull moment.
    I-Idiosyncratic my darling.
    A-affable always with your amazing smile.
    You are such sweet soul and I admire your strength and ebullient spirit.
    I might be mute a dime a dozen but I see you and cheer for you in silence.
    I love you Innhvia and never forget that.