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    4 pm was living it's last breaths!
    And we were slowly entering into the inceptive seconds of 5 o'clock.
    He suddenly grabbed my hand and asked;
    What if I turn into a drunkard?
    I replied;Then I will be your intoxicating wine!
    He asked; What if my Saki throws you away?
    I replied;The whole maikhana will be filled with me.
    He asked;But you are going to be someone else's Saghar!
    You will also get a new saki (I said)
    Your Henna will also get a new name (He replied)
    But the colour will always be yours (I mumbled after few minutes of silence)
    Your name will also get a new destination! (I said abruptly)
    But I will always wander for you (He replied with a sigh)
    I will continue writing my Ghazals for you! (Shedding a tear, I replied)
    And fake the reason in front of me (He said In a lighter vein)
    I wish I wouldn't have done that! (I replied and started crying)
    Hey don't cry! You can't afford to loose an avid reader.(He said with a smile)
    Let's me admire you one last time and loose my self in the depth of your soul (My silence screamed)
    You can surely kill me with your words Zalima!
    Please don't be silent (He replied)
    May good bless you with a beautiful life Mr Mazloom! (I said)
    It's our last meeting and you are going to be someone else's part of life from tomorrow(He said)
    You will always beat inside me (I said)
    Our conversations will always bloom in your poems (He said)
    I will plant my heart in the soil of paper and water the flowers of verses with tears (I replied)
    Goodbye life (He said)
    Adieu breath (I replied)


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    Aur aaj purey das saal baad mai Muhabat se mili kuch batein ki,kuch shikwe kiye,kuch giley dil mai hi dabey rahe.Kya haina mai ab zyada baat nahi karti aur Muhabbat toh aaj mere samne se issqadar guzar gayi ki mujhe pehchana bhi nahi,jab maine awaz di tab peeche mud kar kaha kon ho mera naam pocha aur maine muskurate huve kaha mai Aashiq hu!

    Muhabbat boli:-Acha tum ho bohut badal gaye ho mai toh tumhe pechan tak nahi payi.

    Maine kaha:-Konsa zalim mazlomu ko yaad rakhta hai.

    Muhabbat boli:-Dekho itne arse baad mile ho ab toh mujhse nafrat karna chod do.

    Maine kaha:-Konsi nafrat?

    Muhabbat boli:-Wah! Kamal hai zalim bhi kehti aur nafrat bhi nahi karti.

    Maine kaha:-Zalim toh wo bhi tha jis se tumne mujhe milaya,magar uss se toh aaj tak nafrat nahi huvi.

    Muhabbat boli:-Uss se nafrat kaise karti ussi ke naam se toh tum mujhe janti ho

    Maine kaha:-Ha magar tum bhi uss k siwa kisi aur k pas nahi mili warna nafrat karna konsi badi baat thi.

    Muhabbat boli:-Kya haina tumhe tabah karna tha uss k siwa koi zarya hi nahi tha

    Maine kaha:-Bilkul sahi! Kya aaj bhi tum yunhi dilo ko tabah karti ho.

    Mohhabat boli:-Nahi dilu ko nahi mai toh wajood ko mita deti hu.

    Maine kaha:-Kya milta hai iss sab se tumhe?

    Muhabbat boli:- Wah! Khud ko aashiq bhi kehte ho aur nafah aur faide ki baat bhi karti ho.

    Maine kaha:-Tumse kon jeet paya hai bas itna bata do ki jis ki wajah se mai tumse aashna huvi ho uss ko toh bakhsh diya na tumne?

    Muhabbat boli:-Ha itni bhi zalim nahi hu! Bas tum mere liye aashiq ho aur uss k liye bewafa

    Maine kaha:-Mubarak! wallah mubarak! Kya baat hai mai uss k liye kuch toh hu chalo bewafa hi sahi

    Muhabbat boli:-Dekho mai tumhare sar chad ke bol rahi hu.

    Maine kaha:-Tum nahi! Wo

    Muhabbat boli:-Ha bilkul wohi toh warna konsa nata hai tumhara mujhse

    Maine kaha:-Ha koi rishta nahi! Bas tumhi se tumhari shikayat karne ko ji chahta hai.

    Muhabbat boli:-Mohabat hu tumhari shayari nahi ki mujhe hi badnaam karo aur mujh se hi naam karo

    Maine kaha:-Wo bhi toh tumhari hi dain hai

    Muhabbat boli:-Tumhe tumhari shayari mubarak mai chalti hu.Kya haina duniya mai abhi bohut se hunar mand baithe hai unhe zara apna taruf de deti hu

    Maine muskura kar kaha:-Abhi aur kitne hai tumhare nishane par?

    Muhabat boli:-Itna kafi hai ki tum nahi ho baki apne kaam se kaam rakho

    Maine kaha:- Acha! Mujhe but bana kar ab bidat kehti ho

    Muhabbat boli:-Tumse toh fakat rozgar chalta hai, Hakikat mai toh sirf Khuda hi basta hai

    @zubair_@basra_irshad @barixa @bariya_hamid @in_shaa @sayim_m @zariie @iammusaafiir @bazm_e_shaezy @musa_ghaznavi


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    Tumhari ungliyo se ab gaisu nahi sambhalte jana!
    Yunhi toh kais palkon pe nahi bikharte jaana!

    Meri zulfon ke saath bhi zaroor koi masla hoga
    Yunhi toh ye baal hairaan nahi ulajhte jana!

    Tum mera haal_e_dil kya samjhoo ge
    Tum toh aik shair bhi nahi samajhte jaana!

    Tum mere saath hotey,phir to koi aur baat thi
    Najaaney kitne dil yunhi sulagte jaana!

    Guftgu na sahi tum zarra aik nazzar karte
    Yeh gehrey daagh ulffat ke nikharte jana!

    Suna hai Tukdu se tumko ab ulffat hai bohut
    Hum toh bikharte hi hai aur bikharte jaana!

    Ye dil yunhi bhar gaya tamannao ki bheed se
    Tum aatey toh kitne armaan nikkalte jaana!

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    @zubair_@basra_irshad @barixa @bariya_hamid @iammusaafiir @zariie @in_shaa @sayim_m @musa_ghaznavi @bazm_e_shaezy

    I would have surely triggered some freaking *Thekedars* of the society because it's fine to rape a girl but when she raises her voice she is given names like "Besharam, Baigairat,Badzaat,Behaya" and what not haha! Kudos to our double standards ��

    Impotency is when they rape;
    And manhood is when they respect


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    I was a flower of the fragrant spring
    You tore me apart and broke my string
    Vrigin or not why do you think a lot?
    You mister impotent! see what misery it brought
    My cries went high up into the sky
    You are going to perish,vanish and die
    You will lay amidst the particles of soil
    I will throw you away like a used foil
    Your sexual desires duh! And that mid brain side
    Then Go and masturbate without any fake pride
    Wearing the armour of courage
    Confident I pledge,
    To ruin your existence and soul
    That's my ultimate goal
    With My jeans my shorts
    Abayas and even lihafs
    I am never safe
    Even with my cape
    My hijab and scarf
    Curse you dwarf
    Casanova,womaniser,bastard and jerk
    It's you Mr freaking devil's clerk
    All you can do is to RAPE
    And I will destroy your size and shape
    What law and justice!
    They were invisible when he stared at her breasts
    Ah!that vagabond forgot a rule
    A rose is also filled with thorns cruel
    Feminism and fire flows in my blood
    I will ruin you with my disastrous flood
    I am cursing your creature pardon me lord!
    But i am his death oh my god!
    Let's try to cry and fake a lie
    Because no one cares about when did I die!