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  • natashajacobs 10w

    Writing History Now

    History her story
    See in the 21st century
    It should be written accurately
    But it will be a mystery
    Because of biased misery
    What happened to us and what was
    When white history does what it does
    Erase a whole society
    Make excuses for their piety
    Twist the story and interject
    All the lies in retrospect
    Protagonist and evil ones
    You'll tell this story to your sons
    That you did what needed to be done
    But only because black men run
    You wish I was talkin slavery days
    Cause THEN you could negate and say
    That wasn't even close to now
    We didn't contribute and don't know how!
    It got to be this way so we
    Play no part in it you see
    But perhaps you could just listen in
    The author makes the "good guy" win
    And we ain't have no pen to write
    We barely had the right to write
    But our ancestors with good foresight
    Taught us that we have to fight
    To have a place in history
    And clear up all the mystery
    See if you really want this land to heal
    Then open up and lets reveal
    The truth about the state we're in
    And why you need "America great again"
    Let us write the truth and maybe then
    We'll have a real place to begin
    To have discussion and realize
    The ones that you DID marginalize
    Need more than for you to sympathize
    We need a place where we can rise
    And be on an equal playing field
    Where we have no fear of badge and shield
    And Colin kapernicks that kneeled
    Will not be crucified because they wield
    The power to defend in peace
    What most certainly should have already ceased
    The black family being destroyed
    Breanna Taylor, Elijah McCain or George Floyd
    Im just saying what needs to be said
    Because I don't want another black soul dead
    Whether that be by prison, gun or oppression
    C' mon America lets learn this lesson
    We got more than the economy in recession
    Work together...make progression
    Cause this time history books will say
    Exactly what went on day by day
    And where do you want to be written in
    In opposition or in kin
    To brothers and sisters in brown skin

  • natashajacobs 17w


    A vase sits beautifully
    Unknowing of its fate
    Holding its dandies & petunias
    When someone arrives to make it "great"
    And handling it most aggressively
    Of course that vase did break
    But it didnt matter to someone
    Because "you're useful" for goodness sake
    And so bits of fragments fell
    Each shard representing a tear
    And vase didnt know what to do
    Because it was so instilled with fear
    Then one day someone stepped on a shard
    And screamed who put this here
    And blamed the vase for its state
    And made it perfectly clear
    That if it didnt pull it together
    There would be more hell to pay
    So sweep up each of these pieces
    And do NOT get in my way
    But! said the vase...
    I was in a glorious place
    You arrived and stole ME
    Dont you think you're way of base?
    And this angered the someone
    Because he wanted the vase to be quiet
    He didnt bring them here for this
    I must break them up before they riot
    If they're fragmented they cant unite
    And I'll have them under my thumb
    I will remind them that they're broken
    And make sure they dont remember where their from
    They should be so grateful
    Someone says with an angry fist
    We even let them hold our flowers
    We even let them exist
    So what are they so angry about?
    They're always putting up fights
    They said something about injustice
    And something else about equal rights
    Well listen that's up to you
    We'll do our part and let you be "free"
    Figure out how to make your own way
    And don't come crying to me
    And the vase said we were free
    You havent given us a thing
    We wont rest until we're equal
    We will raise our voice and sing
    Til all our pieces return to us
    From the depths that you did bury
    All the burdens...all the heartache
    We were certainly not meant to carry
    Yet we have made it out
    And we arent even sure how
    We never settled for less
    And we surely arent stopping now!
    We are not something you thrifted...
    Do you see what we're seeing?
    We are not a fragment
    We are whole magnificent being!

  • natashajacobs 17w


    The past were here

  • natashajacobs 20w


    Hey normal, what is normal?
    Why aint Norm keeping the norm?
    Why my sisters gotta change themselves
    & no one’s sounding the alarm
    Going under knives
    Like we’re some kind of bread
    Except that no one’s telling us
    about the ones that end up dead
    But fifty-inch hips & plump lips
    Are good as long as you get fame
    But, my sister, don’t you see it?
    We all starting to look the same
    And I refuse to give in
    To this race to conform
    know my words may hurt a bit, my sis
    They might create a storm
    But I got to speak the truth
    For the ones who look to me
    My little sis, you good
    You can let yourself be
    You can love yourself as is
    Whether curvy, thick or thin
    You don’t need plastic surgery
    Because diversity is in
    And you’re uniquely made
    There is no other you
    You don’t need cosmetic change
    Just need to change your point of view
    To see everything that you are
    and I don’t mean to be a preacher
    but think of what could be
    if we all start to change our features
    I just got a few quick questions
    Like at what point does it end?
    Will it ever be enough?
    And what message does it send?
    And I’m sorry that the world’s
    Standard of beauty did not include
    People that looked like us
    Until recently it moved
    And now we’re on the map
    and our skin is kind of in
    and now it’s great to be curvy
    when it used to be a sin
    So, you see the needle always
    Seems to falter back and forth
    that’s why you have to keep your wits
    and you have to know your worth
    I’m telling you, sis
    These magazines will have your mind twisted
    Fairer skin one week
    “Tan” the next, you missed it
    It’s a never-ending chase
    To keep up with a few beholders
    And who gave them the right?
    Who put it on their shoulders?
    To carry the weight of beauty
    And lift it as they please
    And classify and select
    As if we don’t hold the keys
    To promote beauty in all sizes
    And all different shades and hues
    How bout we make our way
    We’ll create the who’s who
    And a new norm will emerge
    And we just have to embrace
    Exactly who we are
    & stand firmly in our place
    And I promise you sis
    It will all be for the better
    We can change the world view
    If we all just stand together

  • natashajacobs 20w


    Brown skin girls
    Yea, I know who you are
    You’ve got grace, you’ve got class
    But it seem it don’t go far
    If you not a insta-model
    If you don’t show all you got
    You get a quart a likes
    ‘Cause you refuse to be a thot
    Brown skin boys
    You a part of what demeans
    Chasing what is easy,
    But you claim you want a queen
    It’s the same old story
    You could have a heart of gold
    But in the eyes of man
    There is nothing to behold
    Looks, talent, smarts, so what?
    Brains, beauty, shape
    You’re cut
    Cause you leave to the mind
    What belongs to you
    And you don’t except DMs
    You not looking for a “boo”
    You don’t need a follow
    Because, in fact, you lead
    Your profile ain’t all you are
    You aint worried ‘bout ya “feed”
    You know there’s more to life
    than pictures, frames and filters
    changing the narrative
    is exactly what you’re built for
    You make your own stacks
    Yea, your head is on right
    Yet, you hopping on live
    Getting into silly fights
    Over dudes that could careless
    Who don’t even know your worth
    It’s time to stop my sisters
    It’s time for a rebirth
    Brown skin girls
    Trust me, we deserve better
    Brown skin boys
    You got ta get it together
    If you wouldn’t want it for ya sister
    Then you probably should rethink
    How you treat your girl
    C’mon man, make the link
    It’s a cycle & a curse
    Who’s gonna be the one to move
    Who’s gonna help our daughters
    We gotta get in the groove
    Of uplifting our people
    And yea at home is where it starts
    You can’t have a double standard
    You gotta do your part
    Brown skin sisters
    Hold up, don’t give in
    We gotta work together
    If we really trying to win
    I know socials make you social
    And they keep the hearts flowing
    but it’s our inner beauty
    that should be the one to keep us going
    No amount of likes
    For your ass or your tits
    Is going to build you up
    Where the pain exists, sis
    Them swipes don’t see the real you
    Swiping tears away
    Them comments don’t heal you
    When you trying to make a way
    Subscribe to the thought
    That you’re an inspiration
    Leading young girls
    It takes some dedication
    They looking to you
    To set the standard and the tone
    So what you going to do
    Next time you pick up ya phone

  • natashajacobs 22w

    Moon Memories

    In the attic of my soul
    where memories reside
    in a dark, dark space
    lit by the moon outside
    shadowy nostalgia
    dance around
    but the memory I'm looking for
    has yet to be found
    so the moon, it comes closer
    because perhaps
    it might be in there somewhere
    it just might be trapped
    what's it to you?
    I ask from my bed
    why does it matter
    what roams in my head?
    When a memory is lost
    it stays in the dark of the night
    and I see that you feel for it
    with all of your might
    so I've come a little closer
    to spread my light
    & then maybe....
    you'll be able to recall
    all the memories you crave
    that have been in time's hall
    patiently waiting
    for their return
    to the crown of your head
    where memories burn


  • natashajacobs 22w

    Super Woman

    You say you want a shapely girl
    But your mind is out shape
    You steady trying to be her super man
    But she ain’t ask you to wear no cape
    She aint a damsel in distress
    She aint the one you need to save
    She’s her own superhero
    She’s got her own bat cave
    Her intellect leaps far
    Farther than a single bound
    So, catch up and stay up
    Or she probably won’t stick around
    She won’t reveal her power
    But, in battles it pulls her through
    She’s not looking to be a sidekick
    She knows the respect she’s due
    And when she ain’t wearing her mask
    She’s in a safe space
    She’s built herself a fortress
    A secret hiding place
    Where she can be herself
    Stripped of all her duties
    & if she lets you in
    You’ll see her inner beauty
    And if you treat her right
    Avenging won’t be on her mind
    She won’t call in the team
    And you won’t be in a bind
    Because her will is iron clad
    You might even say it’s stark
    You screw up, you slip up
    And the Knight becomes dark
    She throws out the signal
    And her team becomes a S.H.I.E.L.D
    And they won’t let your kryptonite
    Be the reason she can’t be healed
    She’s got enough to fight
    In the America she’s in
    Too dark to be the captain
    & the rules aren’t set for her to win
    They say she’s got a hulk of issues
    But, in fact, she started green
    Tainted by the cruel world
    Now she knows what color means
    When the enemy spews a web of lies
    Will you be spring into action?
    Or will you be low key?
    & let the lies gain traction?
    Because even though she’s super
    she has to hammer in her heart
    words of affirmation
    That tell her she’s set apart
    So, if you trying to be her end game
    Then you better come correct
    As an equal and a partner
    You can combine your intellect
    & that’s how you get a super woman
    You know her intricate design
    You stand beside her boldly
    You let her greatness shine