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  • nazifa 1w

    Feminism through my lenses

    In a curious tone, I enquire her,
    "Why is gold forbidden for men in our religion?"
    "Perhaps because men themselves are gold!"
    Poisonous patriarchy smiled wickedly,
    As her answer mingled with the air.
    A husband chides his working wife
    Discovering the cost of the new cupboard
    Furious, she reminds him upright
    of her rights over her earnings
    Let alone consider her rights
    Over his debit card, his cashes!
    Patriarchy smiled harder this time.

    On seeking a leg piece during lunch,
    "Be not picky, girls eat any piece without fuss!"
    Comes a cold command.
    Patriarchy prevailed, wearing its pride!
    Lo! when did I claim to be a feminazi?
    See where I unapologetically stand
    Amid the fine line between patriarchy and feminism
    As vaguely mirrored by this religion.

    I believe in an ideology
    Where daughters are pearls precious
    Wife completes a half of his religion
    Having authority over her earnings
    A portion of her partners, deserving!
    Men and women are equally valued
    Rewarded for their values, practises
    Differently yet equally equipped
    With rights, and responsibilities!
    Where covering a woman's body
    Is in no way curtailing her liberty
    But an epitome of chastity
    Requirement for modesty!

    Don't bash me, calling a pseudo feminist!
    I never broke your mouth for being a patriarch!
    Neither am I a pious piece of diamond
    But allow me declare, position of a woman
    Precisely portrayed by the divine perfection!
    Which demeans not woman, nor man
    You shouldn't either, dear man,
    Or poor woman, who knows not
    Where on the pedestal she does stand!

  • nazifa 9w

    Scary 2020

    A tsunami unanticipated
    Life after life does it wipe
    Like in tales and movies
    Streets are silent as graveyards
    Bazaars are utterly desolate
    There is but an eerie scream
    Stealing solace of every mind
    Fatal ailment spreads like fire
    Causes demises uncountable
    Tragic tornado covers whole globe
    Anguish roars as you respirate
    One tinier than most organisms
    Murders the ruler of every organism!
    See how transience reminds of itself
    Faith shakes, seldom collapses
    Optimism is mocked and questioned
    Pessimism rules like Queen Victoria!
    I am home but feel homeless again
    A zephyr of hope smooches my skin
    The sky would release blessed rain
    As morrrow brings end to pain.

  • nazifa 9w

    Hope in crisis

    It's a dark, long and scary night
    Souls are submerged in fright
    Eyes fail to grasp any light
    My heart questions my might
    Is it the demise of inner knight?
    Must we confront this fight
    Being beggars of a morning bright
    Hope lingers, it'll be alright
    Wounded world would be alright
    Radiant will be rayless sight
    As mercy betters our plight.
    © Nazifa

  • nazifa 11w

    Wearing a camouflage of strength, when you hear the sound of your soul shattering, the weakening of your lips to further act, is in itself courageous and perseverance towards strength, for you reject reliance on those you falsely assure, and decide to rely on the radiance of your soul, and the one guiding your lost soul.
    © Nazifa

  • nazifa 12w

    "Expectations" become your devastating enemy when preached and not practised.
    Thought of "deep understanding" resides in heart like venom when showered and rarely received.

  • nazifa 12w

    With umpteen stains on body
    Strength does she embody
    Screaming to kill societal pressure,
    Survives courageously howsoever
    Adequacies to shine like a star
    Overflow from her soul like a river
    She is the mother, the nurturer, the giver!
    The epitome of unconditional care
    Worth a recognition forever-
    Of admiration and equal stature.

  • nazifa 12w

    The female

    This femininity is dipped in beauty
    Strength lingers in vulnerability
    Storms barely shatter the female
    Grey times turn her not pale
    A candle standing at the pinnacle
    She is indeed a living miracle.

    © Nazifa

  • nazifa 26w


    You tell me, loneliness is your companion
    And all that necessitate tears.
    You love to sojourn here
    As you visit me with glee
    Turning the walls of my heart gray!
    Your tough gifts, all tough to embrace
    Ache that sits on my chest
    Makes prayer echo through the ribs
    And I hold the hands of patience
    Longing for an eternal ease.

  • nazifa 26w

    I started fearing being placed on a pedestal
    When I was thrown away for shaking a little and it hurt so bad making me phobic of transient and convenient pinnacles.

  • nazifa 26w

    Mother utters

    Dear pure, cushiony baby
    When you dwelt in my belly
    Achingly I felt your head
    That agony was near to threat
    Now as I behold the part
    Bothering me from the start
    Strangely still I am so full of love
    For you're a boon from above
    Physical pain you caused
    Coolness of soul you've brought.