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  • nazirah 8w

    Chose yourself over yourself.

    They are still going to leave,

    on seeing your empty hands

    or comparatively empty.


  • nazirah 19w

    Dear A Upto A...

    Flattering eyes not as big
    As of mine,
    May be ,they scatter more
    Brown eliciting shine.

    Surely A stands for an Angel
    And not for me
    Doubt not I may be the shiny metal
    But she served as an anvil for thee.

    She was chosen over
    Convincingly as eye_catching esteem,
    Her extreme right tone make me
    Daresay one her dimple other the moonbeam

    I assume her the most beautiful
    And get jealous of her apparel
    As she wasn't the abstract
    She was "the possible".

    While I got stuck with the betweens
    She was, always "the first"
    She won long before I start
    It was realistic and not coerced..

    He was in love with pearl colored crimson
    I was spelled only the poison
    I anyway always stepped with terms
    While she was already the step one.

    For I kept hovering over and over
    "What with him was the first together?"
    Well I can't hate her for that very luck
    Probably she had gotten the first flower.

    My adoration not just stopped at his first,
    I ll intensely love him,his first,and even his last
    Undeniably beauteous of aesthetic choice
    my love! I ll love for what did she surpassed?


  • nazirah 43w

    A layman knows the worth,
    To squeeze one's heart out.
    A writer embellish even his pain,
    And make poems of battles ,he fought.


  • nazirah 51w

    I learn_

    What need is there to vocalize
    Any of the words,

    If they can't care over
    The need of your illustration..


  • nazirah 57w

    Reasons are sound
    In both the cases,

    So my presence bothers
    You more
    Then my absence..


  • nazirah 57w

    @writersnetwork @wordvoyage @letsrepost @letswrite000 @insightaquib1 @injured_pieces
    @seeeker #pain

    Pain is only explained by itself, infact there exist no explanation.. helplessness may be used as a substitute but verily no synonym is able to describe it...
    And may be thy try to grade it's intensity

    But there exists no scale
    There exists no scale for
    The very ache,
    The wounds it create,
    The parts it break,
    The lost smile,
    Tales they forsake,
    That silver line ,
    The plastic shine,
    The lamenting eyes,
    Well! I am fine.
    The feeble beats,
    Sorrowful tweets,
    All she needs,
    The humble seeds.
    But broken heart,
    And shattered glass,
    Are not indisputably
    Far apart...

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    So darling, tear off my veins,

    I want to know

    Does your negligence serve any less?

  • nazirah 59w

    I relentlessly make
    Castle on that part of
    The rim,
    Where tides undeniably
    Fail to resist
    Destroying it,
    And hope is so
    For nor the waves will
    Neither the sand will


  • nazirah 60w

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @letswrite000 @petrichor_in_the_fall @abdulbasit369 @wordvoyage @nihitbhatia @mustafizur @insightaquib1 #deadbeats #love

    Vital Obsequies..

    Are you tired of this routine?
    You hold my beats,
    Solitarily in your command.
    My heart with clots is trying so hard.

    Cut down the wall and
    Break down the bony ribs,
    Delve in, your claws and
    Snatch it out,it no longer fits.

    Then darling burry it in
    The bottom of the sea,
    For when crawling gets it out,
    Drowning won't let it flee.

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    And for the one last move,

    Call me from the farthest shore,

    If you feel breeze touching your soul

    Certainly, i will be no more...


  • nazirah 61w

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @letswrite000 @letsrepost @wordvoyage @nihitbhatia #hold on

    Hold on

    For my eyes are snuffed and dry,
    And you say that they lie!
    I am sailing in a sea of despair,
    Then forgive me and let me cry.

    The waves are scattering me,
    My every wound is bleeding,see
    I am dying but no dead,
    Please set my soul free.

    For, this fog is all around,
    I m not able to guess your sound,,
    Are you moving steps away?
    Or am I shattered all around..?

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    Crumbled,i am gathering me,
    My hope is outstretching me,
    But you are splitting my tiny branches
    Hold on, for once darling "Pardon Me".


  • nazirah 61w

    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @letswrite000 @words_flow @writerstolli @wordvoyage @mirakeeworld
    #love #life

    People believe that the chemistry between the sun and Moon is like _"they die for each other" but poles apart I not only believe that they do live for each other but also live with each other,,,,for even in the cruel dark hours it led the moon to shine... well no judgements are needed's pretty simple that dawn and dusk witnesses the "GREY LINE"...

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    Dear moon,

    My beloved is really inspired by your
    Love story.
    Please tell him that every creature
    Have there own unique one.