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  • neesafatin 9w


    Let me me crawl into your arm,
    Relieved your burden, make you feel warm.
    No matter how mess your heart ruined.
    I will always stay here, for you my friend.
    Don't worry about your future.
    Cause we are gonna rule it together for sure.


  • neesafatin 9w


    I wish I can escape this trap in my mind.

    The feelings of unappreciated is real. Like you'd feel sad and bad at the same time. You want to cry but your heart pounding, so you just keep those tears from flowing down and die slowly.

    each time I tell myself to move on, it's the time when I miss you the most.

    How can you be okay when every night you awake and cry? Like you don't know why but the tears just come out. You wanted to end all of it. But you just don't know how to start

    i wish today, years ago i walked away. but it was too late until i realise, i have nothing to lose anymore.

    then he came to save me, when all i want was to be lost.

    Hope will burn you like that.

  • neesafatin 9w

    Masa Sunyi

    Terimbas, kenangan itu betatah kembali
    Terbayang, segala tanda tanya berlegar berlari
    Terjerumus kembali aku dalam memori itu
    Yang aku berjanji tak mau ingat lagi
    Yang aku bersumpah mati melupuskan dihati
    Soalnya kenapa
    Kenapa malam ini? Di antara puluhan malam sepi
    Aku sunyi ia tak kembali.
    Tapi malam ini. Diriuh suasana malam yang aku berbahagia hati.
    Ingatan itu memukul daya ku.
    Aku benci pada fikiran ku.
    Aku lebih membenci pada hati ku.
    Kenapa aku bersumpah pada pembohongan.
    Aku tlah berbohong, yang aku tlah melupakan
    Tapi aku tahu, itu palsu.
    Kerana itu, masa lalu sering membadai saat aku semangat.
    Kerana, saat sunyi ku seakan hukuman tuhan padaku.
    Bantulah aku.

  • neesafatin 9w

    Life chapter

    Look into the skies.
    Never failed to play expertise.
    Have you ever imagined.
    If the skies is a broken engine?
    Time running slow,
    The clocks ticking though,
    Don't you ever imagined.
    The world with a time machine?

    It's a part of life, this is how we lived.
    Some think they're left behind
    But did they ever thank the wind?
    Never losing faith, over the bad days
    Cause you knew for sure it is not the end