~15~ I'm the universe..the more u try to find me, the more u'll be in mess..✨

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  • neha_020 3d

    ~My nightly scares~

    Midnight screws
    With a creepy lights
    From the scars of the moon
    To all the way dark sites
    Along the roar of silence
    Sounds knock on the door at tip of three
    Dap of the footsteps echoing my ears
    While walking alone at the hallway round
    A dark shadow with a beautiful grace
    Moving around my lane
    Stepped close towards me whispering
    //"Lemme take you to the kindest world with colourful colour shades of black and dark...
    Enjoying the pinch of spot light crown...
    None to draw you down...none to break you up
    So... lemme take you gurl to explore the world around"//
    Whispers all around made me fall for her words like clown
    Uncontrollable actions controlled by the eye of shadow grace
    Made me walk on her footprints sound
    Happily myself at walking along by
    Dreaming of blissful world
    She took me to the place, sense of unknown turned
    When myself realised up to looking awake
    I was found in the "HELL" of "HEAVEN"
    The darkness of shadow grace took me along
    And drowned my body where I was just a spirit of soul converted alone.....

    @mirakee @writersnetwork a read if possible?✨

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    ~My nightly scares~

    My body was took in assurance of mine...
    Knowingly was happy expected to step into the blissful world....but unknowningly stepped in a truth of no more..
    As it was a death with a peaceful close sleep
    Not a life with a ruined solitary deep..✨


  • neha_020 6w

    Dragging myself to wrong zones
    Handful of gains to bare lanes
    Experiences of world drafting the past
    Leaning in the world coming round
    The way u were YESTERDAY....
    Just as an ordinary rising star
    Keeping me in touch as your whole moon
    The way u are NOW...
    Running far for endless everything...
    Still don't care with what you are holding to
    Fooling around that things never changed
    The way u will be leading TOMORROW...
    With that shiny star can lead u far from us
    And I'll be a disappearing soul beside

    Why these changing zones.!?
    Why are unknown faces of known coming through.!?
    Why don't this guiltiness pop up within true gestures?
    Don't u feel the changing phases of moon u do.!?
    With all the times...
    Me fading all through down ways
    Looked upon every switching grey's
    Throughout the life did thought the lessons
    If ever I'll enjoy the seven colours of life or just will be ending up seeking for the fade once..

    Now I'm afraid...
    I'm afraid..just as everyone changes their cruel faces.
    What if someday these stars would leave their shine behind
    I'm afraid...that what if I loose all the beauty of rainbow
    I'm afraid...if so ever animals too make their ways ending loyalty
    Yess I'm afraid if my shadow makes me fall down the streets..
    I'm afraid...if ever my tears and raindrops will have no difference
    Afraid of flowers ending their gloomy texture
    Never the less...not only this world
    Afraid of my own self too..!��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Hope u give it a read..!

    Thank u @writersnetwork for ur read ❤

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    Sometimes I want to be blind deaf to the world around... letting go all the changing seasons..and living like a small bud inside
    If ever I lose my petals...I still know how to stand as stem..


  • neha_020 8w

    Landing to an erroneous feeling
    Seeking for the darkest shadow
    Believe your eyes, believe what sense
    For that never ending souls again
    Switching in memories
    It's U, it's ME and it's US
    Raising to all the thoughts repeatedly
    Happily living in the core of manly wild
    But the fact... "I'm dead"
    It's just the 'SLEEP....WAKE....WALK'
    Walking through ourselves, being one
    Unknowingly unaware
    Of the bliss or bleeding surrounding round
    With the dead beautiful dread souls
    Or with the living persons alive...
    MYSELF thinking me live
    But my body floats through the dark river
    Starring as am walking by paths
    Crying, roaring, feeling my own death to floats
    Ends with an mysterious track
    If being deadly live is a boon
    Or is a dreadful crave..


    Well... everything in the world is not permanent for sure as well it's also not temporary....
    It's being us what we could think of something...if uh say it is..yeah then " I BELIEVE IT IS" for if u say it's not then.."DON'T EVER THINK OF IT COZ IT'S NOT"....✨

    Just an random poem.✨
    Got this inspiration of writing on this topic form series..... "THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR" ��

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    hope u give it a read��

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    DEATH doesn't mean GONE...


  • neha_020 11w

    ~If I was a mermaid~

    The blue emerald queen
    Admiring my own waves
    Switching my own lane to sun
    Dealing to the depthness of the dawn
    Fluently running my tail
    Dropping all the magical colours around
    Making the whole ocean dance
    With a wishing tornado found
    Whole filled with my salty tears
    Amending it with the thoughts of new
    And conquering the waves competing through
    An immortal loving soul
    Sailing in my own dreams of oceanic vibes
    Owning my crown with the pearls she lies
    And carrying all the darkness she cries
    Being in my own sense
    Attached to my own beneath world
    Miles away to the depthness deep
    As an water nymph kid..!


    @mirakee. @writersnetwork
    #WritingContest #creativearena #mermaid

    Thank u @writersnetwork for ur kind read����

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    If I were a mermaid...I had touched the water in conquering soul with a darkness alive..❤


  • neha_020 12w

    ~Diversed sides~ (Crazy gurl)

    With her messy little hair and cringiness in her foot steps... laughing around and messing with her own self
    She just steps into her Castle room with an odd attitude & with an other site looking personality which she herself knows better....|| she's just an free queen in her castle...a leader bee in her comb....the seven phase of the rainbow.....a book mark in the huge novel....naughty as a with an attitude...a little goddess of her parents and devil in herself..||

    Doing all the crazy stuffs as she gets her way...none to bother, none to dare....lives like a butterfly in her own free world....Not living with a dream of stepping on a huge stage making herself fame.... instead she lives in her own stage where she defeats herself being stupid, crazy, cool, creepy, lazy, fancy, untidy, messy, random, free...where the audience just tend to appreciate to all her showcases...
    And that's *HERSELF*..yess that's the only her own small little room and being comfy at her phase in the mirror...her confidence of conquering all she wants....

    Hehe...has loads of clothes.. wardrobe full of mess...but still.. always tries to the different once.. making herself more comfy and stupid...
    Meh *DADDY'S GURL.. RIGHT??...* Yeah then.."stop picking that same from my closets...*
    I'm the one jumps to different closets and conquering my dad's wardrobe..and demanding it all... that's kind of meh..��

    She owes herself like like queen..*don't just dare to disturb her*...
    Dropping herself to the ground at any how she wants.. || huh!'s my place, my castle, my dreamhouse, my world,...I'll sit and stand anyhow..u r none to judge me dear..||

    But..she is still mature enough...she'll be a specific color at dot time...she is crazy but innocent in front of doors..she acts stupid but knows to behave at particular time...she is messy but as at the same time as decent as a book..
    A girl has diverse phases dear...she owes one thing to herself and the other to the world.... Don't dare to judge by her character..she can be what she wants..
    (And ofc she is mature enough but her carziness and kiddoness Will never end..)!


    //U don't have to try so hard..
    U don't have to give it all away..
    U just have to get up, get up, get up
    U don't have to change a single thing//❤

    Song: "Try" *by Colbie Calliat (this song hits re...every girl should listen this I guess❤)

    @mirakee. @writersnetwork. Hope u'll give it a read��


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    Two phase
    Of a
    One go..!


  • neha_020 13w


    Morning bell rings
    An eye to the window pane
    Constant musical vibe
    Connecting me to the hearts of every lane...
    Winking my eyes peacefully
    Sensing aura of dancing breeze
    Dismissing all the low spirits
    And accepting morning positive magic induce ease...
    Stable smile on every passing phase
    Humming a song with my own random way
    Making my hands dance through all the instruments
    Giving rise to different tone for the day...
    A peace giving touch of sun kiss
    Comes into sight as bright view
    Playing with it as a small kid
    And finding all the rhythmic colours in perfect queue

    #morningvibes #musicaltones ����
    @writersnetwork. @mirakee

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    Singing through my thoughts, giving all the emotions and liveliness and passing the words on the stage making them dance as I wish....❤


  • neha_020 16w

    I'm just a random star
    You can take me in countings
    Or can see my glimpse
    Can never feel me

    I'm just an ocean
    You can mix with my brightness
    Or can relate with my deepness
    Can never reach my horizon

    I'm just a thorn of flowers
    You can see me as destroyer of your beauty
    Or can be hurt by me
    Can never see my protection

    I'm just a part of sunlight
    You can find your way through me
    Or can be your hope in darkness
    Can never feel the seven colours hidden into it

    I'm just a pendulum
    You can see me twirling randomly
    Or can be the lifetime partner
    Can never feel my importance

    I'm just a past memory
    You can live in it's rhythm
    Or can ignore what it goes
    Can never feel the pain behind it

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #random #pod ❤❤

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    You can just be at the outcome of some particular thing...but can never see what's going in their inner soul.....
    Everything has it's depth.....

  • neha_020 17w

    @s_m_s_. @childauthor_345 @toshuu. @_j_s_k_. @babumosaiiiii.
    Humare Hindi lekhan ke aur shayari ke kalakar......humne pehele baar kuch Hindi mai likha hai....pata nhi kaisa hai����....

    Hope aapko achaa lage....agar kuch galati ho gayi ho tho plz bata dijiyega.....taaki aage se Hindi jyada achee se improve kar pau......

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    Hum bhi lafz bayaan karte hai
    Kabhi unse waqif ho jaya karo
    Aankhein bhi bohot kuch keh jati hai
    Kabhi unki bhi gehrai samajne ka kasht liya karo
    Dekhte hi dekhte sabh unke maarg mai vyast hai
    Par hum khud apni chah kho baithte hai
    Kabhi hume bhi khushi ke raah pe chod aaya Karo......


  • neha_020 17w


    What is trust?? unwanted feeling??....or an unusual one....
    Is trust something that never gives u satisfaction...that breaks u every now and then and separates u from everyone....

    Firstly, always a question arises.... Whom do we TRUST man?????....
    To the person who always talks with me....the person who always says "yeah gurl, l trust u"??.....or the people who surround me??......the person who I'm unknown to?....or else Can I trust u???

    For me.....I'll never trust the person who always says "yeah I trust u".....coz what's the sense in just letting these polite words come from your speech.....OR u want me to trust u blindly and should I regret myself for the rest of my 'LIFE'....yeah!! R u serious?

    The main thing I believe in this cause my 'PARENTS' never told that they trusted me... every time I hear is that....." We can't trust u... you'll make a mess.... we'll not be there for u every time, make your own decisions, no sympathy for u...just do your work".....
    Hearing this I just tend to laugh sometimes....these words may hurt the most but they just try to say a big lie on our damn face that doesn't seems to be true..... every single word they say is just to make us stronger......
    Lastly parents utter these in a rude way....but they always tend to do the opposite of that......coz "I always see my parents at my back to support me"..... tell me whom should I trust.....if you really mean it that u trust someone, is there an expectation of believing u....(maybe yes, but I still don't....TRUST is just a feeling of dream, that is never true)....

    Not everyone is the same...but just don't break anyone's trust.....Try to understand the true meaning of #trust ......

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #trust #expectations

    Edit : Thank u @writersnetwork for your kind read����

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    The word that makes u bonded with your soul
    Releases u from the cage of sadness
    But when that feeling crosses your body with an useless hope
    U just end up being shattered everywhere.....


  • neha_020 18w


    A door seeking through at
    Finding myself at an unknown world
    Stepping in thru it with a happy soul
    But I just ended up seeing around.....
    There's a darkness surrounded by me
    Just left with me in a spot dim light
    Myself have being stopped at the time
    N everything is just passing through my bare hands
    Shouting for help!! Shouting for comfort!!
    Every stranger look runs through me
    But never comes for a back hold
    Feels every single soul passing by me
    Try to run through them, trying to touch them
    And everything just flies like an magical vibe
    Thinking nobody cares...
    World is just a glass of dark water
    Later cried hard, for my stupidity
    This world is not in the darkness
    I am the darkest soul stepping in
    Non can touch me or feel me
    I have already left my way behind
    Saying goodbye to the colours
    N have entered in unknown world
    Where there is nothing but darkness all around.....

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #darkness #soul #alone #lonelysoul

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    Unknown me