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  • neon_heart07 2w

    I wish I'd seen it before .
    Before it was too late .
    Before you were too deep in those non reciprocated feelings .

    I can't believe I didn't see them in your eyes .
    Blindness wasn't the case , happiness was .
    I was so busy making plans for the future , they got unnoticed .

    The way your eyes held a softer gaze when they met mine ,
    The way you stole glances at me while everyone was laughing ,
    The way you soothed me when nervousness hit me with its best shot .
    I missed it all . . . All of it .

    I'm sorry I ran away from you ,
    From the confrontation .
    Even though you didn't say the words ,
    Hearing them through others wasn't better either .

    You said you didn't want to break our friendship ,
    You said you were fine .
    That you were okay .
    But now as I look at you , those chocolate brown eyes of yours spill it all .

    What about me ? My feelings ?
    I'd asked many times but ,
    But all my heart could say now is -
    " Our bond is special . He's special . You can't mess it up " .
    But I'm clearly ruining it all , ain't I ?

    We both know we're going different paths .
    I'm so so happy for you .
    And I'm so so sorry that I'm hurting you .
    That I'm cutting you out of my life .
    It's for the best and I know you understand .

    I should just say goodbye and go .
    But here I'm , standing on my toes to hug you .
    Probably for the last time .
    I don't wanna pull away , I don't wanna say goodbye .
    They are damn hard to say .

    But I have to and so I do .
    " Please don't hate me ? " I say even though I think you'd do .
    " I won't . I can't " you say smiling .
    I didn't know that my tears would betray me and roll off my cheek and that I'd happily let them .

    - Neon heart �� .


    This was long bruh !

    I want to tell you that it's kind of like a switch of point of view of my another work ' Goodbyes ' which is about a scene of farewell between a boy who loves more than he should and a girl who cares more than she should .

    Tbh I like the other POV because I think it's more well penned . But I like this one too and maybe I'll edit it later .

    So yeah . . . That's all I wanted to say .

    Have a nice day . #friendship #love #life #thoughts

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    I Wish

  • neon_heart07 2w

    I wish that our soul could handle it all .
    Heartbreaks , insults , accusations
    All of it !
    All of this cruel world we breathe in ,
    We survive in and ofcourse succumb in .

    I want our souls to have internal peace ,
    For this world doesn't has it .
    I want it to have the power to heal ourselves
    When nobody else does or even can .


    I know it's not poetic but ehh . . I like it . ��
    #makeawish #love #thoughts

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    Internal peace

  • neon_heart07 5w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Lost

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    Aren't we all lost in this hoax ?

  • neon_heart07 6w

    Instead of searching for a pair of warm hands to hold yours , smile and hug yourself .

    It sounds stupid but isn't it stupider to wait for a so called soulmate to heal your heart when you can teach it to be strong ? #life

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  • neon_heart07 8w


    TRUE !

    This quote is not mine though . I read it on Pinterest and wanted to share . That's it . ❤ #thoughts #inspiration #life #poetry #travel

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    Because kidnapping people and forcing them to act out your interesting make-believe worlds is technically illegal .

  • neon_heart07 10w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Constantly

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    LIFE : Constant fight against fate .

  • neon_heart07 10w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Incredible

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    Once incredible memories are now agony .

  • neon_heart07 14w

    Not mine . Saw it somewhere on the internet and wanted to share . #life

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    If it involves fake smiling .
    I'm not going.

  • neon_heart07 14w

    I never liked goodbyes.
    They're too hard to convey
    And even harder to accept.

    Accepting that someone who I've
    been growing fond of is leaving me .
    Someone who I immensely love .

    Love is a strong word but
    I think it describes my feelings
    which developed towards you .

    I saw hundreds of faces before
    but they didn't see mine and
    said " Are you okay ? "

    You seemed to listen , which you seldom do
    As your talklative persona takes over you
    But you heard my pain and decided to .

    You said that I need others
    That I needed my friends
    who dearly care .

    That I needed to speak to my parents
    who wanted nothing but me out of my grievance
    The one which I've been holding onto since my Dadi's death.

    It helped . Maybe you helped .
    By listening to my grief ,
    By directing me towards the leap .

    One which made me come out of my misery
    And see the truth .
    One which made me feel free than before .

    I wish I'd said before it was too late
    That " Thank you for being there for me . Will you allow me to be there for you too ? "

    But I couldn't and here I'm , seeing you walking
    Away from me with each step towards your house
    After the last day we've spent together.

    You turn and run towards me to hug ,
    I know you wish that this wasn't happening
    That I didn't have feelings for you , That we were just good friends .

    I wish that too . Not about having feelings for you but that
    You wouldn't have found out
    And we could still be in touch .

    I know it's wrong but I really want you to stay .
    Even if I know how much this opportunity means to you.
    Even if I know that I don't have the right to ask you so .

    All I could do now is hug you back
    And live with memories of our time together
    Which I deeply cherish .

    I wish I could hold you like this forever .
    Thinking of a forever where you & I can be together
    Not continents apart .

    Not continents apart .

    - Neon heart .


    Wow ! This is long .

    Just wanted to write about a scene of farewell between two people where the boy loves more than he should and the girl cares more than she should . #love #life #friendship #thoughts

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  • neon_heart07 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Sentimental

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    My tears matter too . . .