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  • neon_nuance_says 2d

    The remix

    Soon as I get home
    I'm just glad to be alone
    I don't have to wear a mask
    The bra is coming off fast
    I'm lighting my incense and my candles
    The water for my bath is as hot as my skin can handle
    Meals need time to cook
    At home it doesn't matter to anyone but me how I look
    Turn on a few of my favorite records
    The kettle for tea is sure to whistle any second
    Peep what's happening on the timeline
    Same ole shit, everybody lying
    I have just enough energy for a good workout
    I do this myself, not for clout
    Im trying hard not to concern myself with how others feel
    Cause, baby this self-love is so real
    Slipping into my favorite robe
    Reading something thats good for my soul
    I have new offerings for my altar
    To ensure my higher self will not falter
    My body melts and fuses into my bed
    Lucid dreams paint vivid pictures of whats ahead
    Another evening that was well spent
    Signing off, soon as I get get home....Adjacent

  • neon_nuance_says 3d

    90's groove

    You send me swingin'
    The way you have my body singing
    Your love feels vintage
    Like a classic ride in mint condition
    Your touch fosters healing
    I dont know what to call this feeling
    If only you could see
    How sweet your love is to me
    Feels like 90's R&B
    Tastes sweeter than any candy
    The sounds made from the clash of our bodies
    Making love to you is my favorite hobby

  • neon_nuance_says 1w

    Check yourself

    I thought flies gravitated to shit
    Well im sweet as honey so that can’t be it
    There’s something about your vibe that I don’t get
    Your need to diminish the light of others is toxic
    Chin up buttercup or the crown slips
    Your issue is with yourself and that I cannot fix
    I’m no mean girl, so here you may sit
    Are you bothered by my hips?
    Perhaps my plump lips?
    Please know my light cannot be eclipsed
    Nor can this butterfly’s wings be clipped
    Your hate is malignant like a cyst
    I could snap my fingers like Thanos and you wouldn’t exist
    That just means you’d be dead to me, casket
    I don’t go out of style I’m a Classic
    Maturity is what you are lacking
    I thought real attracts real not plastic
    If you think this is about you, just ask me

  • neon_nuance_says 4w


    You will never be free until you profess
    To be reduced to a color should make you upset
    Do you know who you are?
    When you arrived in this realm, there were reports of a shooting star
    Awakened from the deepest slumber
    Of this world and all others, you are it’s greatest wonder
    From conception you’ve been injected
    Blockers to mislead you and spread the infection
    Welcome to the age of enlightenment
    To truly see the light requires much darkness
    Do not allow yourself to be a guinea pig
    This not only goes for you but for your kids
    Big Brother has always been in full effect
    We see you too and we’re coming for your necks!
    You have no magic without us
    Even with the recipe your shit still sucks
    To be clear I have no desire to be equal
    You know damn well my DNA is mystical
    Energy vampires sucking melanated beings dry
    We’re not interested in His story, it’s all a bunch of lies
    Clever thief hiding knowledge in books
    In the one place, you swore we wouldn’t look
    Silly rabbit tricks are for kids
    If we’re your mothers and fathers, what does that make you then?

  • neon_nuance_says 5w

    Special affair

    Do you dare?
    You have been summoned to my lair
    To taste of my sweet nectar without a care
    To squeeze these melons as I lay bare
    Usually its not polite to stare
    but this kind of intimacy is rare
    Wild hearts race like a stallion and mare
    You keep the pace, without a snare
    A most special affair
    Where moans sound more like prayers
    Oh, God, yes, right there
    With legs suspended in the air
    You lick everything, as if there’s none to spare
    I’ll sit on it like it’s a chair
    Like a joystick, Ill reverse it, I swear
    Anything to take you there
    In love making all is fair

  • neon_nuance_says 6w


    As the sun's beautiful rays move through the trees with such grace
    I feel my heart race with a quickened pace as the sun kisses my face

  • neon_nuance_says 7w

    In the know

    I walk on floors of lapis lazuli
    In sharp contrast of the pink peonies
    Playfully on display
    In all corridors and hallways
    Cathedral ceilings that reach into the cosmos
    Views of colorful planets from every window
    Draped in sheer, magnificent gowns
    An elaborate headdress covers my crown
    My movements are so fluid
    That they could never be diluted
    In the day, the hanging gardens bring such delight
    I never tire of beholding the moon’s reflection in the dark waters at night
    The waves send me into the deepest slumber
    To other realms filled with wonders to discover

  • neon_nuance_says 9w

    21 questions

    Do you prefer sheer or lace?
    What causes your heart to race?
    Is it the thrill of the chase?
    Do you prefer to be face to face?
    All of my body’s lines are yours to trace

    Would you care for some afternoon delight?
    Or do you come alive at night?
    Shall I pretend to put up a fight?
    Shall we use a blindfold to restrict our sight?
    I want to explore all of the things that you like

    What’s your favorite position?
    Is there a price for admission?
    Do you desire submission?
    Can we make this a competition?
    and act as if our bodies are on exhibition

    If you sip, do you prefer clear or dark?
    Can I leave a mark?
    Do you consider sex as a form of art?
    Where would you like us to start?
    Id pose until my legs give out

    Do you get off from the moans?
    Can I use your face as my throne?
    Shall I put on a show?
    Are you down for a video?
    Did I miss something? Let me know

  • neon_nuance_says 10w

    Poetry personified
    Could it be her smile
    Effortless style
    A sophisticated wild
    Leaving hearts beguiled


  • neon_nuance_says 11w

    I refuse to subscribe to your views on morality
    You want me to be ashamed of my body
    I don’t care what you think you may see
    As with most things there’s polarity
    You can simply close your eyes
    Or would you prefer to hide
    Your rules I have no desire to abide by
    The freedom I seek only requires one ally
    Higher aspirations are what I seek
    Your opinions are yours to keep
    I have been awakened from a very deep sleep
    Your attempts were unsuccessful, I am out of your reach
    When you reside in your truths
    Your soul belongs to you
    You put your energy to better use
    You can create something better than an excuse