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  • neverendingstory61 1w

    That unusual conversation made my day
    With a sweet fragrance you came to my way
    From a stranger to a favourite you are my happiest journey.

    Friendship with love care and affection that all you gave to me is my favourite combination.

  • neverendingstory61 6w

    Vibes of love from you to me
    Like the dream I see
    I still awake for your late arrivals
    And find you leave
    That night of love was the waste of time
    I got just memories.

  • neverendingstory61 7w

    "Life is a short period of joy and happiness there is a ending with maturity and experience."

  • neverendingstory61 7w

    "The high wind of time will be flush away everything the only thing that will left here is just the memories of sorrow."

  • neverendingstory61 10w


    5 saal baad phirse woh diary ko kholi thi. Kuchh hasin lamhein kaid the usse diary mein. Aur kuchh zakhm ke nishaniya. Apne apko padh rahithi mein aur dekh rahithi khudki ek purani parchhayi ko. Kuchh panein khali the wahan toh kuchh panon mein hasi ke kuchh guljariyan.
    Kuchh galtiyon ke wajeh se woh jo daag ke nishan reh gye the usse diary ke panon mein woh v mujhse mil hi gye. Daag toh bs woh ek hi panein pe laga tha lekin woh apne sath sath kuchh aur panon ko v apna jhalak de Gaye the. Usse daag ko mitane ki koshish toh ki m par woh aur gehre hogye.
    Unne panon ke baad v aur bohot kuchh mere intazzar m the. Mein agar usse panon m hi apna diary band krdeti toh sayad woh panein kavi mujhe nhi chhrd pate.

  • neverendingstory61 10w

    Dear crush,

    I see you in my dreams. I want you in my life
    but it is impossible because you are just a dream. I always give a smile when I see you and you always treat me as an unknown. "You are different from everyone" this line makes you extraordinary in my life. Your look and personality attracts me every single day and that smile kills me . I call you just because hear your voice when there is no topic I say "wrongly I did". But that "hello" starts our conversation.
    I don't know what's the relation between you and me but your presency gives me a different role in my life. That's definitely not love that I do but its something special attraction for your look.

  • neverendingstory61 10w

    Tootein hue rishtein ko sabarun kaise
    Ab woh dhaga v toh toot chuka h.

  • neverendingstory61 11w

    I found my fregrance
    In the winds of yours.

  • neverendingstory61 13w


    I saw you for the last time in that cafe, Where we had met each other for the first time. We were same but the new was that some extra persons have added in our life.
    And they became our everything.
    We had knew that we never made a mistake. But being a good and truthful person we lost our peaceful life. The responsibilities being our burden and we can never go ahead to cross this border.
    The time was passing quickly a young lady was informing him to leave the place. But that eyes weren't wanting to lose their favorite face.
    The young lady became irritated and finally she said "We must miss our flight!!" He came to himself, holding her wife he left that place.

  • neverendingstory61 13w

    Want some rest.

    Busy with this world
    Body wants some rest
    To sleep and see a dream
    That makes me happy
    Which is better than reality.

    I want some time
    To spend with me
    Which is better than a
    Person's presency in life

    I want some rest
    To find myself
    Which is hidden in this
    Beautiful face.

    I want some rest.