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  • neverforever 3w

    I see I'm losing you
    Known it for a long long time
    I held out hope for you
    To keep you in my life

    But I see it now
    The pain was just worthless
    But I'd like to know how
    You made it this long

    Did you ever love me?
    Did you ever care?
    We're you just passing time?
    Is this why you're never there?

    I can do better now
    But just not for you
    My heart is worth it
    It's just a little broken now.

  • neverforever 13w


    I've been looking for that someone,
    that always and forever type of someone,
    that always kiss me goodbye type of someone,
    that always make me smile type of someone,
    that always there for me type of someone,
    that always lift me up type of someone,
    that someone who helps me breathe easier,
    that someone who holds my hand,
    that someone who lets me cry,
    that someone who sees my flaws,
    And that someone who loves me anyway.

  • neverforever 13w


    The first time you said "Hello"
    It was like a breath of fresh air.
    But what followed that was "beautiful"
    And that breath was stripped from my lungs
    The warmth upon my cheeks,
    Only shown what has begun.
    My heart was beating in my chest
    Or did it just skip a beat?
    My legs were stiff
    I couldn't move,
    Or do they feel like jelly?
    With your laugh,
    I felt the butterflies crash,
    All inside of me.
    I don't know what came over me,
    But something just felt right.
    So here we are,
    Filling our hearts,
    With the present that's been given to us.

  • neverforever 14w

    Your beauty is what makes men disappear from this world.

  • neverforever 17w


    What is life if it's not pain.
    Is it burning from the outside,
    Or is that coming from within?
    The fact of the matter is,
    That life without pain is dull and dreary,
    But living with constant pain,
    Is torture and dispair.
    Finding a middle ground,
    Something to stand on,
    Just isn't very possible,
    When it all just blends in.

  • neverforever 91w

    Today is the day we say our final goodbye.
    I still can't believe you had to die.
    I don't know why God chose you.
    Maybe he thought you were perfect, too?
    This Earth will miss your simple presence.
    We all hope our grief will lessen.
    I know we will always miss you...
    But I'm sure you have a very nice view.
    People will always remember.
    Forever and ever and ever...
    You mean so much to me.
    But now I know your soul is free.

  • neverforever 98w

    The physical embodiment of my love is lying next to me and will forever be.

  • neverforever 100w

    Growing up I gained a lot in life.
    Maturity. Respect. Life Lessons. And so much more...
    So much has happened in my life that if you told me just a couple months ago that I would be here today and my life would be like this I would have laughed in your face. A year ago if you told me that this is the way my life would be, I would have made different decisions. I would have done more. As a Senior in high school it just makes me wonder that if a simple little thing would have changed in my life, what life would be like. How much would be the same and how much would be different. If you hadn't met this certain person or said that one thing. And I can say that I have made a lot of stupid decisions in my life, and I will never deny that. But the way things are going, I don't care about any alternate world. This is my life. And I made every decision with my conscious mind. So this is the life I will continue to lead on. I will never have another life. So guys... Live life to the fullest and never let it kill your spark. You are the person you were meant to be. No one will ever change you. Only you can change yourself.

  • neverforever 103w

    Just been one of those days... ya know? The ones when you just wanna sit back, listen to music, light up a cigarette and enjoy the small things in life. A child's laugh or a puppy's bark. A single flower in the middle of a barren field. That's what life is about. The small things. It surely takes a lot of little things to make a big one but I'm sure if you make all those little things, things that you will enjoy and cherish in life, the big horrible thing you're dealing with, wont matter anymore. Because, believe me, I know there is a lot of really bad things in this world. Things I would not wish upon my worst enemy, if I had one. And ya know, we are all not that different. We have all of the same basic qualities. Psychologically people can be nothing like one another. But we all have hair, and skin, and eyes and nose... and probably the biggest thing that we all share is this beautiful, wonderful world we are living on that we take for granted. It gives us everything. Without it we would die,very single one of us. Now does that make us all different? In the end, we all die, we turn into skeletons, and we rot, underground, or turned into ashes. And we are forgotten about. You don't stop every day to think about the ancestors you have. The past is the past, why not just leave it there. I know how that works. And our great mother earth has seen all of it... All of our death and wars, murdering and suicide. Our own person self destruction, not physically, but mentally. No one is perfect. And yet we strive, every day, to be perfect. And if we aren't "close" then we get put down and critisized, yelled at and pushed. And if you are "perfect" then you had to do a whole hell of a lot to get there. Step on other people to get where you are. Place yourself on a pedestal. That no one could ever reach. You should never try to be better than someone else. Because no one is better than anyone else. We are all the same. No matter what gender, race or sexual preference. The only person you should aim to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

  • neverforever 103w

    Anyone can have faith for a good life when you're happy.
    It's the times when you are struggling that faith matters most.
    Not faith in religion,
    But faith in life, love and the pursuit of happiness that will never stop.
    We will never stand down.
    We may get knocked down but we will stand back up.
    We are the only one of us.
    I am the only person exactly like myself.
    There will never be anyone else exactly like me or you.
    So, go on, show the world what you are made of.
    Get back up when you're down.
    Do not ever let anyone tell you that you are not good enough.
    Because you can anything...
    With just a little bit of faith.