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  • newbiekamal 17w

    ❤️Sometimes it's hard to get words out of heart... And other times... I don't even need a paper, words get scribbled on my soul.

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    The heart has it all what it takes to be the scarlet warrior,
    beholder of the shining armor of fortitude... It sail among waves of affliction and misery.

    You ask if I have fallen down already but the mountain is just not tall enough to make the heart bled out.

    It's there still thumping... Still ALIVE.

  • newbiekamal 73w


  • newbiekamal 73w

    *cannot tell HIM.. Sorry for the typo ��
    Part 3

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  • newbiekamal 73w

    Part =2

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  • newbiekamal 74w

    " To ella ~ hey beautiful, did you missed me.. I did... A lot. Honestly it's so tough to distract my self from your thoughts even if you are in front of me. And I miss you even when you are in front of me.. My heart really aches when you turn around after noticing me and avoid me the most you can . I don't know what it is stopping you from opening up but I'm a positive young man and I'm here to wait and try patiently as long as it takes. I will make you believe in me.... In my love one day. I hope you are smiling right now and if not then you better be cause I can only be happy thinking of your smiling face ..... Your crazy lover ~ Evan "

    I read that same note again written 6 years ago. Another tear drop trickled down my left eye. My hands trembled as I read those words aloud. I hated myself for ever letting evan in my life. I heard steps coming toward me in distance, I immediately placed that note in the diary and threw it in my bag.
    " Hey Cinderella, cmon cheer up girl" Ron said standing in the doorway.

  • newbiekamal 79w


    The loner me was happy before meeting the joy of outer world.
    Not being prepared is neither an excuse nor a choice
    But never let go.. Hand of those who brought you there..
    They loved going to parties and so did I... Went to the parties.
    Wore the colors that people liked.
    Became one of them.
    Now is loner me still happy???
    I don't care if you think watching water pouring from clouds is boring
    But I LoVe sound of rain falling from heaven.
    You might think books are boring
    But I live those stories with those characters role-playing in my head.
    The dark colors or light ones.... It doesn't matter because it's a vibe that travel through your heart to mind.
    And your heart is pure..... The purest thing anyone has ever seen
    So yeah loner me has no problem going out but the charm of a golden sunset is still unbeatable...

  • newbiekamal 96w

    It's been so long that one day you feel ...
    This is not worth it , I should just leave it
    But don't
    Keep trying, believe in yourself
    Coz if it ain't worth it then you wouldn't have tried for it .
    We need to stay strong and those are the only words that speak volume .....


  • newbiekamal 113w

    These freaking alone nights ......
    They dare to say it represent boredom heights
    Like pleaseeeee fam
    it is what I call for what u Dont give a damn
    U busy workers are just jealous
    For I enjoy lights of stars which unite souls
    Those sounds of breeze passing by
    Have u ever noticed beauty of the sky
    That trickling feeling that dark sparkling sky has to offer
    I bet u cram lines from internet to express the feelings you suffer
    Of course I enjoy watching colour Changing sun alone
    And it never is out of fashion to collect stone
    At least I'm not stressed of suspicious talks
    I can enjoy long road walks
    Unlike u I'm not having a heart break Every now and then
    Coz my heart belong to that only one
    out there who also enjoy these freaking lonely nights me

    So all in all

    being single is what I freakin love
    Coz I'm not one for all but the dove
    Who belongs to it's only pair
    Wether away or near

    To :
    All judgemental people
    Who think being single is case of my face
    Well partly they are right but also dude I work in "checking out " department and I love it here ...
    To my "U R THE ONE " forever hang in there buddy mum's growing me up good

  • newbiekamal 116w

    The thing is you can start from anywhere you want .....
    But intro still be missing for you ...

    Accept yourself ....and join others from where it started ...

    Peace ^~^


  • newbiekamal 117w

    "keep looking up and no one can stop u from winning "
    Don't let this stupid phrase fool u , sometimes when u look up , up there is sun and u ain't gonna win , accept it , so sit back tight and wait for moon to come up and then #act #win #shut the hell up others .

    Not everyone is supposed to be at top at the same time ,so wait for ur circumstance , looking up at sun will only damage u coz its not ur thing , so u gotta have some patience, plans build up , work keep going and right time at ur hand to hit up .

    Smash success in face