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  • ngaipibulte 4d

    I'm you

    Honey,I love you,
    I love your scars and your stitches,
    your beautifully embroidered marks on your thighs,
    and the twerp you are at all times,
    darling,I love how your joints give up suddenly and make you fall down so elegantly.
    I love how you fight with your bodyaches and stand strong every single day..
    I love that your nose plays different music every single night,
    its tiredsome but 'damn sinusitis' we both know, it won't help.
    I love how you can endure migraine as if you're a wonder lady,
    deary,I love it when your hair tangled every morning.
    and how you have the patience to grow it long.
    But all the more dear,
    I love how you treat your body better when you learn that it deserves love..
    Darling I love you,at all times,
    For I'm You,and I love me..

  • ngaipibulte 10w

    By unknown writer

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    Tell me the secret about love,
    Tell me how to be in love and not get hurt,
    tell me how to grow it strong,
    and tell me how to stay in love..

    Well,love is a stupid thing,
    it digs you out and rip your broken pieces again.
    Yet still its beautiful without explanation,
    there's no answers to make it lasting,
    there's no secret to grow it strong..
    It'll hurt you one way or the other,
    but it'll comfort you one day again..
    So let it flow,just go on..
    They'll leave,if they're meant to leave,
    and stay if they're bound to be with you...

  • ngaipibulte 12w

    Five weird things that I like

    1.dry leaves
    2.the smell of books
    3.biting nails
    4.tearing up papers
    5.dressing up only at home

  • ngaipibulte 12w

    A quote I try to live by

    Winners never quit and
    Quitters never win.
    ~Vince Lombardi


  • ngaipibulte 12w

    Something I am currently worrying about

    I currently worry about the world,how plans changes in a blink of an eye,
    and when can I ever meet my loved ones so far away..

  • ngaipibulte 13w

    Something I miss

    I miss the scent of my grandpa,his touch,his prayers,sweet smiles and the joy of being with him..
    I really miss him,I miss him so much.

  • ngaipibulte 13w

    I hope my future-

    I hope my future will make me fully understand the 'Why's' of today..
    I hope I become a better version of myself.
    I hope I make my parents proud.
    I hope I'll work out my commitments.

  • ngaipibulte 13w

    My Fears

    I have so many fears-
    fear of thunder and lighting,
    fear of unable to sleep at night,
    fear of being shout at,
    fear of not being enough,
    fear of not being loved,
    and fear of being left alone..
    But all my fears are gone,
    after I accept Jesus christ,
    For he has called me by name,
    and I'm a beloved child of his

  • ngaipibulte 13w

    Five items I lust after

    2.Black pen
    4.knitting needles and yarn

  • ngaipibulte 14w

    My family

    We are many in number but its lonely when one left home,
    we have our own flaws but we correct one another,
    though sometimes,correction with no affection.
    We shout at each other one minute and laugh together the next minute,
    we seldom share our problems to each other but everyone can feel it when something's wrong,
    we pray together and eat on the same table,
    my family is not extraordinary,its not special,
    we acted up against each other many times but we can't leave each other,
    that's what makes up my family,