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  • nicwrotethat 3w


    The point was to divide us and make us angry. Well played. However, it has also rallied those of us who value ALL human lives. Thank you Trump, for showing us exactly whose minds need to be changed or left behind.


  • nicwrotethat 6w

    No, but for real though... ALLOW yourself to be happy!
    Seek and acknowledge those moments.
    Marinate in them.
    Soak in the peace, joy, and comfort.
    Share it, if you feel you should.
    Appreciate it and remember that you ARE happy.
    That which you are seeking, is already yours.
    Love you! Make sure that you are loving you too!


  • nicwrotethat 8w


    An angel with witch tendencies
    I'll reverberate along your melodies
    Roll hip deep, and vibrate above your frequencies
    You should probably tune in to me
    Flowing through the atmosphere effortlessly
    Make you fall hard, you're afraid of me
    It's plain to see
    My heart is pure, there's real love in me


  • nicwrotethat 10w


    Do you want these things because you are told you should and you see others with them?
    Or do you want them because they provide some type of spiritual fulfillment?
    Do they encourage your peace and happiness?
    Or do they help you put on a show to distract from your fears and flaws?
    Ask yourself these questions to determine whether your desires come from within or if they've been pre-packaged for your consumption.


  • nicwrotethat 10w

    Heightened Musings

    I am not these things! I HAVE these things. I already HAVE everything I want.

    Remember that we are not this world. We are not these tangible things. This is just where part of our consciousness exists right now, for this experience. We are so much more. This is why we are so powerful, whether we realize it or not.

    You may see people and wonder, what made this person even think they could do this? How the fuck did they do this!?

    They remembered how powerful they are or they never forgot.


  • nicwrotethat 11w

    Duncan Hinez

    Why are you looking at me like that?
    Do I make you want to lick the spoon?
    I guarantee it's a sweetness you'll want to savor
    Just a little thick on the tongue, my flavor

    Stir it up some more so I can see it
    Then I'll pour it on to what's smooth and hard
    You'll bend and mold me
    And I will meld to you
    Gliding down your slick and luminous skin
    I submit to your strength and precision

    Already heating up, our chemistry is unstoppable
    And while you relentlessly rearrange my atoms
    I transform, surrounding a hot and gooey center
    Perfectly satisfying your appetite for chocolate, right after dinner

  • nicwrotethat 11w

    I am someone else
    I am no one else
    Yet, I am more myself
    Than I have ever been


  • nicwrotethat 14w

    To Whomever Needs This

    The power is within you
    There is no need to seek outside of yourself
    Tap in to the part of the Universe/God inside of you
    Intend it to be so
    Intake the positive energies of your highest good
    Become a consistent flow of it
    Be grateful
    Transform any negativity that is in or around you into positive energies
    You're welcome

  • nicwrotethat 14w

    Image credit: William Ho
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Astral Orgasm

    Like the persistent waves
    You lap away at my earth
    Pulling me inside of you and swallowing my desires
    Undoing my resurrection multiple grains and worlds at a time


  • nicwrotethat 15w

    River Bull

    Be careful not to mistake my acquiescence
    For your own mastery of manipulation
    Contrary to your preconceived notions
    I actually prefer to go with the flow
    My complicity rides on the back of my own conclusions
    Not some intricate curtain used to shield my view of your self-serving machinations