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  • nidifice_dweller 2w

    There are times
    When I feel so old and jaded and exhausted
    That I don't need success, fame, romance or love
    I simply want peace

  • nidifice_dweller 6w

    I'd rather be called stupid for trying,
    Rather than a coward for not trying.

  • nidifice_dweller 7w


    Ask me three questions
    I will answer truthfully

  • nidifice_dweller 7w

    Staying true to yourself is success


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    Honing one's idiosyncratic talents is success.

  • nidifice_dweller 8w

    Life is hard...
    But it is yours.
    Yours to love or hate,
    Yours to live or waste,
    So take pride in the fleeting
    Miracle that is your being.


  • nidifice_dweller 9w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Prism

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    Her downfall was her prism of intense emotions

  • nidifice_dweller 9w

    Pearls in an oyster

    The scholar pursues perfection all his life
    But somehow, in the end, always falls short.

    It is the artist who knows that
    Perfection lies hidden in the imperfections.


  • nidifice_dweller 9w

    #livingoasis #mentalhealth

    (This post is dedicated to those who have fought against inscrutable pain, anxiety attacks, autoimmune diseases, asthma etc. I am proud of you all. People always underestimate the strength and valor it takes to deal with the struggle going on inside your own body. )

    Do not think of pain as one of the agonies of the flesh...there is untapped strength in torment. Every time you die a little because of such agonies... a new facet of you is born. And it will always be thus. The soul inside us is unfathomable and beyond time, because it is thought to be made up of aether, the quintessence (Greek for the "fifth element").

    So the next time you go through such an ordeal...remember, you are being given a new, better, stronger YOU.
    I realize that the process can be excruciating, but trust me when I say this...the outcome is always worth it.
    It is okay if you have a hard time believing these words, I've been there too. The feeling of positivity is as elusive as a butterfly. It has to come to you. And when it does, hold on tight for as long as you can.

    Reach for your soul. It will give you strength and solace. The kind you will never find anywhere else but inside you.

    Since time immemorial, one fact has remained veracious...


    Neither suffering nor happiness
    Neither tears nor smiles
    Neither love nor hate

    Then why must you concern yourself about things that aren't permanent.

    Carpe diem.

    Enjoy life.

    I wish you lead a happy, salubrious life.♡

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    To you
    You, who survived...
    One day at a time.
    You, who endured
    One ordeal at a time.


  • nidifice_dweller 10w

    "Nothing lasts forever"

    So we shall one day
    Bid adieu to these despondent
    And brumous times...
    And life will thrive once again.


  • nidifice_dweller 13w

    Do not alter your dream to match your reality,

    Alter your reality to match your dream.