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  • nifesthoughts 4w

    I miss you

    My hands misses the touch of its pen,
    Haven't thought about you for so long now,
    The thought of how you make me feel,
    How you ease my pain,
    The noise I make through my thought,
    All because I think of you,
    And put down my thoughts.
    It's been a while my friend,
    Since I last wrote a thought
    That bothers my mind all long.
    I miss you my dear friend,
    I so miss my pen on papers.

  • nifesthoughts 8w


    How many times do we have to tell you animals!
    Don't you have any regrets each day of what you do!
    I can't do anything to save my kind, but I write to your kind everyday it's so sad!
    Why can't I walk on the street without being scared?
    That's Cause I see you there.

    You pin me down!
    Your hands over my mouth, no way to breath in air.
    You become so wild and dangerous I so fear,
    And like an animal you hurt me harshly!

    Don't you see
    Can't you see, how bad I want this to end?!
    Look at me! Don't you understand?
    I hate what you do to me!
    You irritate me with your acts, and I can't do anything to fight.
    Which is why I write to you everyday,
    Hoping that someday, one-day, you'll listen to my voice!
    And that when you do! You change for good.


  • nifesthoughts 8w

    I love you. I hate you.

    Love that turned hate,
    The story I should never tell,
    The love we once shared,
    The one I'll never dare,
    Love that became fear,
    How did it happen dear?!

  • nifesthoughts 9w


    Let me tell you a story,
    Of a sad world we live in,
    It'll be quick,
    It'll be brief,
    When I'm done, memorize,
    Ponder on them, and lend me your thoughts,
    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Don't be scared!
    I'll tell you that, but really be terrified.
    For the world we live in is in danger!

  • nifesthoughts 9w


    It's so dark in here,
    Help me!
    I'm sinking,
    I can't breathe.

  • nifesthoughts 10w

    Tear drops

    Hey, if I cry just leave me,
    Don't ask why just go,
    I know why I'm crying,
    It's because I'm hurt,
    Don't tell me to stop,
    Let the tear drop!

  • nifesthoughts 12w

    I'll Write

    When no one wants to hear me out I just write,
    When they don't care, I care for myself through writings,
    They think I don't speak the truth, then I'll write till someone does!
    They think I'm sane well I don't think I am!

    What I think is,
    They don't wanna read my writtings cause I speak the truth!
    I'll keep writing till every words are heard!
    Till you're remorsed
    Till you're dead.
    ©Angrythoughts by Nife

  • nifesthoughts 12w

    Grateful rennis

    I've done things
    Some of which I'm sorry for
    And some, well I don't regret
    But yet the sun still shines on me
    And yet again the rain pours on me
    I'm a sinner who's surely gonna sin again
    Still I see the day and the night
    And yes I'm still breathing
    This sinner is grateful to him who made all this possible.

  • nifesthoughts 13w


    You my love give me butterflies

  • nifesthoughts 13w


    Smile joor