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  • nifesthoughts 19w

    The painter

    Let me paint you a girl,
    Whose life was shattered in just a night,
    A bitter moment she remembers and never recovers,
    How he bit harshly to her neck she still recalls,
    Shh!he whispers this wouldn't hurt,
    Her clothes were torn like papers it did hurt,
    What was mere hours felt like a stop in time..
    The tears she cried he didn't see.

    Let me paint you a girl,
    Stripped naked for his own pleasure,
    The things he did was of great measure,
    Strong hands over her mouth, she dare not bawl,
    Unrelenting bitterness was all she smelt,
    She was just 13 she couldn't fight,
    But she embraced the wicked night.

    Let me paint you a girl,
    Told to be quite she never spoke,
    Up till date no one knows, threatened to kill if she ever told,
    Her own blood she saw, she still didn't know,
    Things that happened that night she rather not speak,
    She cried till dawn, memories were never old,
    The trauma she had she almost died.

    Let me paint you a girl,
    That one who never stops crying,
    The one who always wished for death,
    The girl with the sad story you never heard,
    The girl still whose dawn hasn't come!
    The girl who was RAPED!

    Shhh! I never told.
    Shhh! I never wrote.
    Shhh! I never painted.

    #stopRAPE! #stopRAPE!! #stopRAPE!!!

  • nifesthoughts 19w


    Oh I wish,
    Oh I wish,
    That I didn't have a heart,
    I wish just stones where in them.

  • nifesthoughts 20w

    No title

    Stop holding back
    Unleash yourself
    Someone needs that you, you're hiding
    You are made for greatness
    Show yourself to the world,
    Shine bright like the star.

  • nifesthoughts 20w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Transparent

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    Your heart as clear as the deep blue sea

  • nifesthoughts 20w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Nostalgic

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    You'll ever remain a memory so nostalgic to me.

  • nifesthoughts 23w


    Oh Lord!
    We need your help
    Is mankind coming to an end?
    Or is this just a plaugue that'll pass by?
    Oh God!
    Show us mercy
    For fears has gripped our hearts
    As those on their own, and no help awaits.
    Humanity is fading lord,
    Is this your will?
    Or is it a trick from the devil?
    Help us lord!
    For the battle isn't us to fight,
    Intervene for us, as we are weak,
    Come to our aid, and ease our pain
    For a million times we've washed our hands,
    And yet a million times people die.
    We cry out to you lord!
    As the battle is yours to conquer.
    Heal our land lord,
    And let the sun shine again.

  • nifesthoughts 23w


    It was the shadow we never saw,
    It crept in so sure,
    It started as a joke we laughed at,
    Now getting serious we cry at,
    Humans caged in for their own good,
    Many saying this is not good,
    Tears wailing in the people's eyes,
    Fears living in the humans heart's,
    Mum!what's happening? the children asks
    No answers given up till date,
    Who's gonna come to our aid?
    Who's gonna take this away?
    Who'll unlock our cages?
    And make us fly as birds again?
    Till then we wait.
    For our saviour yet to come.

  • nifesthoughts 24w

    The scary rain.

    I was scared of the rain,
    Cause I sinned yet again,
    The thunders spoked to me,
    Warned and talked to me,
    Hid my head in the pillows,
    Cause I didn't heed to his words,
    It was just a rain,
    But I was scared again,
    I thought he had come, and he'll leave me behind,
    Cause I had sinned again.

  • nifesthoughts 26w


    Corona is what the disease is called,
    Fears on the people's hearts hearing it's name,
    Life was perfectly fine until it came in,
    But I ask a question,
    Is it bigger than us?
    We have a weapon bigger that no one ever runs to pick,
    We have God, who's wish for us is of good and not evil,
    Let's run to the one who created all things,
    Let's beg father to make this end.
    We have power in our hands, but we know not how to use.
    The Virus is a joke that we cry about.
    God is bigger than this battle.
    Let's close eyes and pray, for I believe God would heal.

  • nifesthoughts 34w

    How I feel.

    Listen to my heart,
    It'll tell you how I feel.
    Carefully listen to my lyrics
    You'll understand my heart
    And it'll tell you how I feel,
    Read the words I write
    Then you'll understand my Lyrics
    And it'll understand my heart
    And it'll tell you how I feel.