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  • niidhi 11w

    Till last breathe she kept the promise...

    A girl with long hair, red Cherry like lips, wearing a short dress, just was passing nearby the seaside area, in dark windy stormy night, she was fully drunken and was unable to walk properly then to she kept on passing many hurdles like bushes, shrubs and long trees in spite of any worries that she had got wounded from a tree very badly just because she was unconscious after having a full bottle of vodka. From the place she was passing, at the same place nearby, was sitting a group of boys having party at night. Suddenly, a boy from that group saw a car coming nearby the girl at a very fast pace, so he came running to the girl and just holds her wrist and pulls her very forcefully towards him so that she won't meet with an accident and through the force the girl falls on the shoulder of that unknown boy.The boy feels very embarrassing but he asks for the key of car from his friend and in spite of attending the party he takes the girl to his home and makes her lie on his comfortable and carefree shoulder, that whole night the boy keeps on glaring upon the girl, suddenly the watch stuck 5:00a.m. and the girl woked up and starts shouting upon the boy that how come I came here who are you?? Why you was sleeping whole night beside me??The girl kept on showing anger to the boy about his deeds and atlast before leaving the house just asks for his number and leaves the house without even thanking him for saving her life. The days kept on passing and the boy kept on waiting for the girls call but she didn't call him a single time also.
    After a few days she narrated whole story to one of his friend and his friend just said that he is none he is my senior and he loves u a lot, the day you were drunken he took you to his home and since the same day he had fallen in love with you,the girl literally got shocked and called the boy and thanked him. That was the day they both started talking to each other whole night every time, every second of the day. Both of them were in the same college but were not aware of each other so this was the situation which made them both know about each other deeply. They both started meeting each other in the college hours daily and the girl didn't believe in promises but one day the boy was just speaking to the girl that promise me if I will die then also you will smile in the same way as today you are smiling.The girl just laughed and said, "pagal agar tujhe kuch ho gaya to uske 10 dino baad mai bhi tere pass aa jaungii warna tumhare seene mai tumhari dhadkan bankar kon dhadkega".The boy cries listening to the girl.....Finally a day came when a communicable disease named covid 19 started troubling the people across whole world so the college also announced that it will be closed till we get rid of this disease so that day was the last day they met each other. So, they both started doing video calls, voice calls, sms, sitting idol at home during quarentine and the boy as he was a class senior to him sometimes use to teach the girl.So a twist came into the life of the girl a day came when boy was not picking up the call and even was not calling her to make her study, but she kept on calling in the boys cellphone and suddenly his younger brother picked up the call and says didi you don't know that bhaiya had a heart problem so he died today morning and just had left a letter for you that keep the promise on always gonna laugh in every hardships that day was the day when the girl was full of sadness but she didn't let even a single drop fall from her eyes.She literally tried a lot to meet him last time but she didn't got permission and just saw his dead body last time in video call just because of the quarentine going on. She had left with nothing in her life and just started recalling the past days how they both use to fight how she shouted upon him unknowingly and many more situations. It was the 9 th day of his boyfriend's death and suddenly a news came to her that a friend of hers wants kidney which she can take only from her only otherwise she will lose a hope to be alive, so she just imagined the situation that her friend also has boyfriend so she just thought as now my situation is I m very alone without him so if I won't help her donating my kidney same will the situation of my friend's boyfriend so why won't I??If I m suffering from the same why won't I will give her.. So she donates her kidney at night of his boyfriend's 9th day of death and she loses hold to her life next morning. After her death she just goes to his boyfriend in the same graveyard and says him I told you na mere bin apki dhadkan kaisi dhadkegi so it's the 10th day of your death and see your girlfriend is ready with the promise from today we are ghost friends.This is how the girl kept the promise of the boy till her last breathe.....

  • niidhi 13w

    My first king...

    The one who at first wrapped me into his arms when I was a tiny creature is dad,
    The one who gives all his happiness and never let her princess be sad,is dad,
    I m just a small kid now then too he always says,
    You are my life's the most proudest hat,

    Yet I have given him nothing,
    Then 2oo he says u r my everything,
    I have taken him nowhere,
    Then 2oo he says you have taken me to the world's bestest place,
    I have visited never ever,

    He never demands me that if I m giving u diamond,
    You have to pay off back gold,
    As I cared 4 u during your childhood days,
    U 2oo have 2oo care 4 me in the same way when I will grew old,
    He is the one who always scolds me for the bad,
    And motivates me for the good,
    Never let me go down or step back,
    At every stages just motivates me and says,
    You are your daddy's lil angel dear,
    And I will just say that you should.....
    I love you papa.....

  • niidhi 14w

    One sided love

    I met you with the help of facebook by chance,
    Had fallen in love with you at one glance,
    You are no less than my heartbeat,
    And believe me I feel your memories are passing through my body,
    Each time my blood pass,

    Want to keep you wrapped in my arms tightly forever,
    So that there could not be any space to pass even the air,
    Want to kiss u in a way,
    That nobody has done you before ever,

    Want nothing from you, just want trust and mutual understanding,
    Just want a call each evening,
    And the real fact it's my greatest wish,
    Never want your fame,
    Mah boy just want your surname....
    Will you Mr.???

  • niidhi 14w

    Don't know why you think you are not just an important part of my life,
    And not a day I daily smile and say that I miss you.....

  • niidhi 14w

    Sometimes feels so lonely that wanna hug somebody tightly and cry a lot...

  • niidhi 14w

    Beloved Crush......

    I just like you beyond your expectation and imagination,
    Why I have a crush on you inspite of 135 crore of people,
    For this I don't have any reason,
    Believe me I don't belong to a category of girls,
    Who changes themselves and boys 2oo as per the season,

    In hot sunny weather, I can become your shelter,
    In cold chilly days, I can become your sweater,
    Promise you, you will never need a blanket,
    Will always become the bestest winter heater,

    It's sure that I like you,
    May be but it isn't sure till yet that I love you,
    But I am always sure that as a soulmate i want you,
    And just a thing want to ask from u,
    Do you??

  • niidhi 14w

    Precious surprise....

    Today is the day,when you are stepping to a new arena of life,
    May you get billions of blessings from various sides,
    Being a sister, just want that may you touch the wonderful success of height,
    May all the darkened sides of your life get shedded, And
    May your life get full of brilliant colourful lights,

    Wanted nothing,but have got a
    Soul more pure than holy water,
    A gift more precious than gold,
    And a surprise more brightest than diamond,
    Want nothing companied now, got a brother next to Raymond,

    2day is a day 2 cut an amazing piece of cake,
    May all the upcoming journey of your life become as precious as today's,
    May all the hurdles of your life get vanish,
    And you get the most successful way,
    You are the one who sometimes act like big b,sometimes like a friend,
    But whatever it is bandar
    Happy birthday.....

  • niidhi 14w

    The day curtain of memories fallen...

    A day came to my life when I was full of colors,
    With no idea that my life has become colourless,
    I was playing between various fragments,
    Despite of knowing that my life has become odourless,
    Was breathing the pure air between those bright colors,
    Inspite of knowing that my life in actual sense has become breathless,

    Hand with phone,wanted to make a call,
    But don't know, why did I control,
    I even didn't have a single bit of idea,
    That my body is getting apart from my beloved soul,

    Day after tomorrow got the message,
    I was just like my heart is hollow,
    With a broad river like passage,

    That was a single second of time,
    Which made me understand,
    What you give to others you get back very badly,
    Nothing was left to share with anyone,
    And that was the only day when the love curtain of my life had fallen very sadly....

  • niidhi 14w

    Maine kisi se kaha yarr getting bored during lockdown what 2 do??
    Usne bade pyar se keh diya timepass karna kisi k sath it's best thing 2 entertainment oneself....
    Yahi h duniya...

  • niidhi 14w

    Kehne ko log keh dete hai I am always with you,
    Par rehne ko to sahi se ek second bhi ni rehte..