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  • nik_osta 9w

    My Sassy Girl

    You are my sunshine on a cloudy day
    She's is the queen of her world.
    Whenever she is with me I feel like I can conquer the world.
    She's sassy, saucy and a little bit of bossy.
    Now you are My sassy girl
    For whom I am falling for.

    Nhi ye koi aisi wesi girl she is my sassy girl.
    For whom I am falling for.

  • nik_osta 9w


    You are the sun I am the moon.
    Without you I was like a goon.
    Your rays of hope pull me out from doom.
    Every time you started croon,
    Feels like someone begin a melody tune.
    Even in the absence of noone
    I can preceive your fume.
    Whenever i go to tomb
    I thank god to keep you in my loom.
    I got you in month of June
    It makes my heart boom.

  • nik_osta 9w

    Pisces Girl

    She's real but deeply emotional,
    She's sensitive but listens to you very attentive,
    She believes in kindness but keeps that untold,
    She's curious but never asks you anything,
    She's brave and wonderous but define her own limit ∞ .
    She's the ability to love you can never imagine.
    She's the artist, the thinker, the poem, and the dream.

  • nik_osta 12w


    Tender look in yours eyes my habit.
    Bliss in your arms my habit.
    You'r my favourite habit.

  • nik_osta 13w


    In LOVE

    Its a word does not signifies anything if you care for them.

    In Remembrance of warm hugs passionate kisses its just a pointless word.

    In solitary found a word... Without meaning.