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  • nikunj37 2w

    Sudden thoughts---->>

    I don't why but today i just thought that when we are too busy in chasing our deams,Goals,Aims.. Everything that we are passionate about and we think after achieving that particular aspect of our dreams we will be happy and then we start enjoying life though no one satisfies with his or her aims or goals after achieving that because demading never ends.Now what the main thing that i want to tell you did you ever thought that what if life ends tomorrow and situations that we are going through no one can say what will happen next.So i just want to say Go and enjoy every part of life because in future if something happens ..You will just look back.
    Hence... Life is first for enjoyment and then for achieving things.

  • nikunj37 16w

    I left you
    You left me
    But things which were between us didn't left us

  • nikunj37 29w

    Just For a Second

    I waited for you every time in hour,Just a wish was there to see you for a minute But you were not there just for a second
    All i waited for hours,days,years-Seeming like every aspect has captured the stillness nothing was changing though besides everything was about to vanish-Aims,Aspects,Ambitions in fact sometimes its like only soul is alive.No ultimatum was there which can keep life demands in terms.
    But Just a hope was there that you will comeback
    Just for a Second.

  • nikunj37 32w

    People's attitude is based on how you treat them.

  • nikunj37 46w


    Your dreams might be like others but your way will be not,
    Your intense of approach to achieve everything in life might be like others but your situations will be not.
    Your era at some point of life might be like others but your effort to be consistent will be not like others.

  • nikunj37 57w

    When we say that we don't believe in astro.,soul and all kinds of mythologies because we think that we carry modern thoughts and we are modern enough but we never think that we might not eligible enough to understand all these kinds of stuff as somewhere you require knowledge that you have never learnt.

  • nikunj37 61w


    Sometimes light of life awakens those delightful moments with someone that it doesn't requires
    Presence of one's like how one's tough journey
    Being turn into success preceding that stuggle
    Period concluding that hardwork which has been
    Lightened by light of life

    It creates layer of consciousness around oneself
    That enforces one to get alert owing to fact that
    There might some positive or negative transit
    which going to happen in one's life like how one
    Change his or her love to someone from bad to good times In life lightened by light of life

    Sometimes it comes in one's dreams with the flow altering power of one subconscious and sometimes
    It just come and go substantially inorder to bring change in one's life lightened by Light of life.

  • nikunj37 74w

    Attitude should be there because of your smartness and knowledge because of yours quiteness.

  • nikunj37 75w

    #give and take

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    Sometimes we lost among people in order to recieve those positive feelings and vibes.
    Our expectations enforces us to receive more as we can but then we please ourselves and we continue are life with flow of more hopes.
    A moment always comes which notify us that the people among which we are lost are not indulge in us.

  • nikunj37 75w

    Grandfather just like you

    I just want to let you know
    You mean world to me
    Only a heart as dear as yours
    Would give unselfishly

    The many things you had done
    All the times you were there
    Help me know deep down inside
    How much you really cared

    Even though I might not say
    I appreciate all you had done
    Richly blessed what I every time feels
    Had a grandfather just like you.