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  • nilanyra 4w

    When you find joy in your enemy's misery that's not revenge.
    The term is called Psycho.

  • nilanyra 9w

    Poetry isn't a thing to just scribble words.
    It is a combination of emotions and art which blends with words.

  • nilanyra 10w

    Success is good and failure is bad but perseverance is that finest success which makes the withdrawal of bad in failure.

  • nilanyra 17w

    When everything goes wrong, then don't lose hope.
    There is always a tiny part of miracle waiting for the right time to happen.

  • nilanyra 17w

    Life behaves like a shadow
    It changes shapes and becomes dim and bright according to time.
    Life is like it with all glories and omissions
    Until we have to wait for the right time to become the bright.

  • nilanyra 19w


    Even those tiny heart has big dreams
    Even those busy bees wants some rest
    Even those old legs want to walk for miles
    Even those tress want to sit and sing
    Even those mermaid wants to come out and dance in the sunshine
    But there is just a BUT which always stops.

  • nilanyra 21w

    If god is the creator of our life it doesn't mean that he is responsible for our tribulation.

  • nilanyra 25w

    Love is just like the essence of rain, that one can never hate.

  • nilanyra 34w

    Nobody can accompany you than yourself.
    Your own company without any judgement is the best company ever.

  • nilanyra 42w

    Priorities never change unless they exploit it.