I put unsaid feelings into words

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  • nimaw22 8w

    Ever met someone you have spent so much time with makes no sense,
    And there’s the other that makes you feel like you have known them for years within numbered days?


  • nimaw22 9w

    How many times were you okay, not being okay?

  • nimaw22 10w

    Words are enough to break things up,
    Be careful of what you’re mouthing about

  • nimaw22 11w

    I’ll look at the door every day
    Hopping you’ll come
    I know you won’t
    But hope will keep me alive

  • nimaw22 11w

    There are times when the love doesn’t mean anything,
    You cannot change it but replace it.

  • nimaw22 11w

    We reach a point in life where everything is off your favor.
    Stay strong, favored days are coming

  • nimaw22 16w

    Sometime all you need is a good sleep and a good tea right when you wake up.

  • nimaw22 36w

    People said it right
    “Fix a broken person and they will love you the way you deserve.”
    I felt it

  • nimaw22 40w

    People are either happy with your happiness,
    Or they act like they’re actually happy.

  • nimaw22 41w

    Your momma didn’t carry you for 9 months to cry over a person that hurts you,
    Know the worth of your momma’s 9 months of suffering.