graveyard of false hopes and despair

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  • ninjana 1w


    Linguistic scars carved in these arms
    Who will hide itself, forever
    In the memories of unwanted child
    To the broken, trashed adult

    The only who could decipher
    May be the only who could save
    And collect all the pieces of her
    Shall be cherished, for eternity


  • ninjana 2w

    False hopes are aphrodisiacs made of despair


  • ninjana 4w

    She, who hated the warmth of humans
    Isolated, crawling inside the freezing temple
    Worshipped by who seeks breeze of peace
    Or those who want to escape reality
    The reality of the damned

    The hellish world of humans
    They are warm, or hot
    Full of rage and insanity
    Sodomy and gluttony
    Such things kills themselves


  • ninjana 7w

    "Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody"

    -Mark Twain

  • ninjana 11w

    Your smile is the only thing I could treasure

  • ninjana 12w

    Fake gods are delusions born from weaknessess of many

  • ninjana 12w

    I can't drown my demons
    They know how to swim

  • ninjana 12w

    Maybe I know somewhere, deep in my soul
    That love never lasts

  • ninjana 13w

    When people lose the things they cherish, they lose their reasons to live

  • ninjana 14w

    I am lost

    At the endless woods
    With thick fog and damp soil
    Lifeless trees and cold winds
    Black dress and barefoot
    Living up to our promises

    How can I find you, my light?