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  • niruta_sharma_33 17h

    Hey!I'm nature;Save me!

    Hey! I'm nature;You know me right?
    I sacrifice my everything for you humans to survive!
    But what do you do to me in return!
    You treat me as if i'm not needed for your survival!
    My trees are cut everday to fullfill your needs;
    Okay!That's fine!But Why don't you think of planting some new plants?
    Will you survive if I will've no more trees left?

    Hey! I'm nature and i'm suffering!
    My children whose habitat is forest;They are suffering
    Some are now homeless coz of ill behaviour of you humans!
    You cut down trees;Clear off the forest;kill the animals;
    And that's for your self-benefit!
    Air,water,surrounding everything is polluted by you everyday;
    But Ever thought of keeping me safe or pollution free?
    Okay you may think about this;But when will you follow this method of keeping me safe?
    And do you realize how much i'm harmed by your daily activities?

    Hey!I'm nature;Without me your existence is imposible!
    And you know it right?
    But why do you ignore me and my problems?
    You ignorance is harming me;And,
    Harming me is to harm yourself.
    If i'm destroyed by your daily activities;You too won't exist!

    Hey i'm nature and i request you to save me!
    Not for my gain but for you to live a better life!
    For you and your next generations;
    Utilise me in a proper way;So that you won't face any difficulty in future!
    Fix my problems not for my gain;But for you to achieve nature's incredible gift!
    Plant trees not to make my scenery beautiful;
    But for your own survival as trees are neccesary part of it!
    Save meNot for my gain but for your better living!


  • niruta_sharma_33 4d


    Remember?The days when we played together holding each others hand.
    Now a situation arised where we are locked inside to save our motherland.
    The vehicles moved with lots of noise on the ground.
    Presently there is silence spreaded all around due to lockdown.
    The streets were all covered by humans then;
    Unless a deadliest disease named corona marked a stopage on them.
    Originated in the Wuhan district of China;
    It eventually spreaded all over the world and people now are going through dillema.

    The doctors and healthworkers are always busy with the patients.
    While the policemen are working hard to stop people from further spreading the virus infection.
    In this outbreak;Some are with their families living happily together.
    But those poor street children are starving from hunger.

    This disease was just a starting;
    Lots of incidence took place which increased the human suffering.
    Be it leakage of oil on river or the fire that burnt many houses;
    Both caused great damage,Also lives and property loses.

    Days,weeks and even months passed by;
    The situation of the world is getting worse day by day.
    Human population is decreasing;Wildlife is coming to an end;
    Resources are exhausting;People are now jobless and no money in hand.

    The Mother Earth is sufffering a great loss during this period;
    But these sufferings won't last long if we support each other.
    Just like earlier days,Vehicles will move;people will share joys together;❤
    Everything will be fine and the whole World will "SMILE FOREVER!"


  • niruta_sharma_33 4w

    This is just a poem����I have no feelings connected to it����I am not in love tho!!��

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    You,You and only You❤

    Maybe i can't express my love for you;
    But I know that i still do.
    Maybe I can't show my affection towards you;
    But I know my heart still belongs to you.
    Maybe I can't make you feel special;
    But I know that my care for you is real.

    I may not know to start a conversation;
    I may not know to gift you;
    Or maybe confession isn't easy for me to do;
    But trust me,My love is just You,You and only You!
    Your presence around me drives me crazy;
    Thought of being apart is enough to make me unhappy!
    Every Laughs,Joys and Tears;I've stored,
    Thinking those days makes me smile like an idiot!

    Stalking you became my habbit,though i never say;
    I'm falling for you more and more each day.
    Though you may not realize these;
    Or I may not express my feelings for you;
    But I just know that;I still do love you;
    And Everytime i will choose;YOU,YOU AND ONLY YOU❤

  • niruta_sharma_33 6w

    Seven stars

    Struggle,Struggle,Stuggle;But never give up,
    That's what group of seven boys messaged us
    Try,Try,Try;But never loose hope,
    That's how a group of seven inspired us
    Ignore,Ignore,Ignore your defects;But also learn to overcome it.
    That's what a group of seven taught us
    Though these group is hated by many; they never thought of giving up;
    This struggle is an inspiration to us
    Perfect example for "Hardwork never goes in vain" is found in them
    And these group of seven is none other then ARMY's
    Ray of hope;
    Getting hatred from many youngstars;Changed to being the biggest boy band
    Leader even after being hated for his looks,Standed up with the other members
    Encouraged the other members and helped them to fight their defects;
    This is an inspiration to all the leaders
    Seven years of their togetherness passed;
    Seven years of struggles and joys passed;
    These seven tried their best;Ignoring the cheesy haters;
    Though they face dissapointment;Hatred;Anger etc earlier;
    Now they have won world-wide fame;
    As time doesn't always remain the same;
    Let the time pass;but this bond of us will remain unchanged
    You are our idolAnd we Armies will always support you.
    We purple you

  • niruta_sharma_33 6w

    Growing older!

    It was midnight when i got up due to a nightmare;
    I tried to sleep again but i could hear terrible sounds everywhere.
    Hid inside a blanket;Then the heartbeat was only that i could hear,
    Out of fear,I searched my granny;But soon realized that she was no more near.
    I cried overnight and woke up in the morning as if nothing was wrong;
    This made me realize that i have actually grown!
    Crying for chocolates turned to crying for never ending pain;
    Selfless hard-work turned to working only for gain!
    Always trying to fix the broken pencils changed to having a broken heart later;
    This made me realize that i have grown older!
    Cried near parents so that they could fullfil my wish;
    Unluckily it changed;Pain is hidden from them these days;
    Sharing tiny things with everyone and being child-like everytime;
    Later turned to being like a young body with a matured mind.
    This made me realize that i'm growing older!
    Friends made fun with each other;Now fun is made of each other;
    Leaving all those funs with friends;Everyone now runs for career;
    This made me realize that WE are growing older!
    Every step and phrase of life reminds me;
    "Time doesn't wait for anyone;
    Be strong and learn to move alone;
    Be aware of the consequences that you gonna face;
    Remember each day;YOU ARE GROWING OLDER!"

  • niruta_sharma_33 6w

    Shhhh...��Stop breathing:WHAT WILL SOCIETY THINK?

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    What will Society Think!

    Girl,Stop wearing jeans,What will the society think!
    Hey,Don't you feel shy while wearing this shorts?
    Night hangouts aren't for girls;What will society think!
    Stop hanging out with male friends;What will society think!
    Be like a young body with a matured mind,
    Stop this childish behaviour:What will society think!
    Hey,Change your dressing sense,Wear dress that covers up your body.
    Don't you know how cruel the outside world is?
    Change your this dressing style;What will society think!
    I'm fed up of hearing this word.
    How can a girl be judged by her clothes?
    If clothes mattered then why the infant not spared by those cruels?
    Why the lady who wore dress that covered her body not spared?
    Why a small child who trusted those cruels not spared?
    Not all girls whose has male friends are to be considered as characterless;
    And obviously not all boys are as inhuman as those few!
    Now it's fearful for females to move around in the street alone because no one knows who is the next victim.
    She can't move along with her friends because of the thought "What will society think?"
    I long to move freely on the street alone or with my friends but a fear strucks me "What if i 'm the next?"
    Can't move with my male friends;Coz of the fear of "What will society think?"
    Society problem arises here again!


  • niruta_sharma_33 7w


    She confessed,He rejected.
    She waited,He ignored.
    She tried commiting suicide,He didn't care.
    But then,
    Mother's love and Father's support,
    Gave her a new life again

  • niruta_sharma_33 7w


    Long time no meet.
    She missed his smile,He missed her voice.
    Days,weeks and even months passed.
    Both longed to see each other.
    But fate didn't let this happen for long.
    Somehow one day,They met surprisingly,
    They looked at each other but couldn't speak.
    Both tried but Finally EGO won

  • niruta_sharma_33 7w

    Happy fathers day

    DadYou have given me the best things in life: your time, your care, and your love. I am truly grateful to have you in my life. Happy Father's Day!
    "There's is no possible way I can pay you back for all that you have done for me growing up,but i greatly appreciate all your hard work raising me."
    Happy fathers day to all the father on earth
    Love you

  • niruta_sharma_33 9w

    Broken Heart!

    The past emotions are hard to remove from my heart,
    As i had never thought one day we would be apart.
    I wished our love lasts forever,
    But you turned to be a fake lover.
    You said you love me looking at my eye,
    But it was a cold-hearted lie.
    Thinking about you fills my eyes with tears,
    And no one is there for my feelings to be shared.
    Seeing our love others felt jealous,
    But now i am left alone to fix the broken heart pieces.
    My mind says me to move on,
    As you have gone leaving me alone.
    But my broken heart still wants to wait for you,
    And my eyes still longing to see you.
    This hurts like a wound cut by a knife,
    But i will try to move on in my life.