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  • nish4u 3w

    Thoughts are deep as ocean
    One who dives deep feels the current


  • nish4u 13w


    Budding blossom blooming bright
    Buzzing bees bolting blurt
    Purple blossoms bailing bright
    Blowing breeze beating clouds
    Bluish sky swirling black
    Blurring fog Blushing sun
    Babies on the way return

  • nish4u 20w


    Love is not to be loved
    It should be celebrated.


  • nish4u 23w

    Do care..

    Everyone has trouble.
    Listeners are not
    Mere a beast of burden
    To move loads by themselves,
    Listener needs a listener too.


  • nish4u 26w


    Land dried, fishes fried,
    Animals died, humans cried
    Still the taken waters are not received back
    That makes karma an unfavorable aphorism.

    Cried a desperate altruistic
    For care in return.

  • nish4u 29w

    Love lasts forever
    Not by forgiving the mistakes
    But it made strong
    By forgetting it


  • nish4u 40w

    All treasures are not gold and silver

    I believed treasures are myth
    Until my eyes met hers,
    I saw the desires left
    Unsolved and stays as mystery
    But still the blush Shows
    The path to revile the riddle.


  • nish4u 43w

    I could say anything
    To convince you
    But I think of the words
    That would create impact on you
    And I am the one
    Responsible for it,
    So I conceive.


  • nish4u 46w

    Time helps but the refrain thought restricts to heal the broken pieces☯️.
    So the time⌚ needs the help of the selfto conquer⚔️ the thoughts️ through your essence㊙️. CONTRIVE


  • nish4u 54w


    The caged lark sings,
    Possessed enjoys the melody and
    Compassionate witnesses the melancholy.